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  1. Talking to a old friend today we got onto the topic of cheap and cheerful motoring What is the best car you ve had the pleasure of owning for £800 quid or under . Ave had a couple 1. Peugeot 406 coupe had the 2ltr petrol in it and 155000 when I got her best 2 years of care free motoring I have had and in my opinion one of the most stunning cars ever made . 2. Vauxhall nova 1.4 sr bought when I was 17 for 100 notes drove it till the engine blew 5 weeks later oops. 3. Renault megane rt auto with the 1.6 16v . 500 quid when my big pug broke only had 27000 on the clock one old person owner from new Auto box was awful but fun with its sports button
  2. Used to be able to get 38 to 47 mpg out of my 2.0 pug coupe on the mway But I had a punto 1.2 16v that only got bout 33 on the mway due to the go pedal have to be shoved to the floor to pass a mobility scooter And my volvo s40 is a 1.8 can do between 30 to 35 about town driving like a pussy But it done 55mpg all the way from Glasgow to Manchester
  3. Great buy . I had the pleasure of driving the estate with v6 from Edinburgh back to were I live It had great power on the motorway also found it uncomfy but at the time I had a 406 coupe which was the best car I have owned for comfort . Only problem my mate had with it was the central locking went crazy from time to time randomly setting of the alarm
  4. Great to see one of the last great British family motors on the road and giving enjoyment
  5. That's a good looking panzer tank
  6. the AX GT i had was lovely and rapid . can imagine a VTS engine cheese wedge has gave the hot hatch boys a scare or 3
  7. always had a soft spot for the micra . talking to anyone that ran and owned one it done its job very well as a small city car . The little green pea looks like a bargain
  8. thanks for the warm welcome guys
  9. Yes as mr davidfowler2000 says about time plus after Xmas a nice old volvo to join this one
  10. Voltastic

    Hello all

    Hi all New to the forum thought I would say hi Owned a lot of autoshite in the past and looking for some classic volvo I currently own a 2009 late 58 plate volvo s40 In the past I have had French shit from an AX GT to a 2ltr sport megane and most recent a rather mince 1.6 auto mk2 megane also a crap 55 plate 1.2 poverty spec punto and a rather lovely 406 coupe
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