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  1. For the window try giving the inside of the door a good hard wack as this sometimes frees them off. Watch the header tank issue as it could boil up causing omg hgf. They are great fun. I loved mind even if it was crap on fuel!
  2. I just wanted to say I saw this beauty in the metal at Silverstone and I really cannot see what the auctions are saying! It looked perfect in my eyes but alas my budget is nowhere near this level. Good luck with the next sale.
  3. Glad you made it back ok. With regards to locking the doors I don't think I ever did in 10 years as you can simply reach in and unlock it from the inside. Look forward to seeing your updates - I think you will be the perfect new owner for her!
  4. Yeah thats totally what this car is about to me, you COULD restore it and make it another trailer queen show car but I love the fact that its never been off the road for any significant time. Yes it has the odd bit of surface rust but its solid where it matters and it drives so so well. I keep toying with keeping it but I know if I did: 1. my wife would kill me 2. it would just deteriorate to the point it would need a full restoration as its sitting under my carport doing nothing really and I have to make a point of driving it. It needs to be driven!
  5. Not very! It feels nippy around town but it's not that happy at much over 60 to be honest
  6. yes they can be a little tight but thankfully I'm a short arse so its never been a problem for me! I'm located just outside wisbech, cambs. Thanks
  7. 1974 MG Midget 1275 Chrome Bumper RWA Here is my old MG, she’s a little tired around the edges but she has never been fully restored and mechanically she is 100% and she drives so well. I’m only selling as with a 7 month old son I have just do not have the time to use. This MG has been in my family since 2005 when my mum purchased her from another long term owner and when she became too much for my mum to use I stepped in and took over her ownership. The Round wheel arch (RWA) model is quite rare as I believe they were only made for a short time before production switched to the rubber bumpe
  8. I enjoyed mine loads but the brakes aren't the most confidence inspiring though - maybe that was just mine? Nice and simple design when the go wrong ????
  9. I have no space or need for it but I'll have a random please
  10. Is it being bridged or fixed?
  11. Just caught up on this thread. Good work bub on getting this sorted out. Glad to see its still going though.
  12. Yeah I always felt like oh shit that car in front is slowing down push brake pedal erm not stopping, push harder, still nothing, STOP. And repeat on each journey! Great little van though.
  13. Jesus I didn't realise that was so bad! Glad you caught it in time. Used to the brakes yet?
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