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  1. Not quite, RGS Hutchison at Persley Quarry in Aberdeen still allows you to remove your own parts. Its a few years now since the cars were stacked but its still open for the public to wander around.
  2. Some additional info added to the Lot listing by ACA ”This 1481cc FSO Polonez is a garage find, having been dry-stored since its owner passed away. It was registered in March 1988 and has had two registered keepers overall. Its odometer shows 89,923 miles and there's no record of an MoT back to 2005, when online MoT records began. The car isn't currently running. Documentation accompanying the FSO includes the current and past V5Cs, MoT certificates from 1991 to 2002, and service book with entries up to 75,650 miles in June 1996, including an engine rebuild at 60,193 miles.”
  3. I think the yard owner needs recognition for not slinging it through the side windows
  4. Just the thought of gala pie gives me the boak and has the potential to increase poo counts significantly, gaaadz min. Good luck!
  5. A new fuel tank will pay dividends in the end even if you’re original one looks ok inside, ask me how I know….
  6. The early Mk2 sender is on the side that faces the diff isn't it whereas the ones I have been working with are mounted to the passenger side of the tank. I would be surprised if the fuel pick-up doesn't have the filter on it.
  7. Two things to consider Dan before throwing in the towel on the fueling side. There is a cylindrical filter fitted to the fuel pick-up into the tank that's attached to the sender assembly, I have had these clog up after running a while to the point that the car just cuts out. I have had this on a 3.0 Ghia with a twin-choke 38DGAS carb fitted and found the problem when I changed the fuel tank out which was grotty inside. However, appearances can be deceptive as I have just changed the fuel tank on my 2.8i Capri as part of eliminating poor running issues, ok so it has the Injection gubbins attached but same basics apply. My old tank appears spotless inside (its the original one from 1984 I believe), but the fuel that came out of it was cloudy and after allowing it to settle for a few days, the bottom of each clear plastic container the fuel was in was covered in dirt. A new tank is £200 so well worth considering if you're still running the old one. These suggestions may have been posted before, apologies if they have
  8. Clever use of a bollard as an anti- theft device for whatever is in the back of this van!
  9. Not the Volvo, the one on top of it that you can see the whole back end of ? EDIT - I think it’s a Mk3 Cortina,
  10. Is that something American above the Honda van on the top of the pile? The rear end certainly looks like a big wafty barge from the "Ford Timelord" era
  11. This appeared at a busy junction around a week ago which seems to coincide with the last change of keeper, a collection caper gone wrong?
  12. Theses bolt heads are exposed in all Capris but as has been said, they are black so not readily noticeable. my own Mk2 Capri has the black-headed bolts fitted. On the later Mk3's, there is a spreader bar with the bigger bolt mounted further forward in the sill instead of the single mount at the B post
  13. Incredibly, this Civic is still sat there, hasn’t moved since last spotted
  14. This Corsa has been sat in the car park of my local Sainsbury’s for quite a while, MOT expired in March 2021, potentially one owner too going by the DVLA info
  15. Haven’t seen one of these for a while
  16. Going by the dirt line beside it, this Civic has been sat there for a while
  17. I may have missed it but has anyone asked the UK Mitsubishi Owners Club or posted on any related FB Pages asking about these Lonsdales? It was the reference to the guy called Dale that @Formula Autos mentions earlier that made me think of Owners Clubs or FB Pages, with Dale being a serial Mitsubishi licker, there may be more of the older guard in these groups that know something about these and may even have info on any potential survivors? Ok, the main body of their Clubs and FB Groups will be EVO fanbois and such like but you just never know.
  18. This W Reg 2.8i was owned by my friend Al and I at different stages of its life, when I bought it at 14 years old the V5 stated 11 previous owners making me number 12 however we reckoned with our combined knowledge of the car that I was nearer being its 20th owner. It had at least three owners after me I think and was then scrapped in 2000/2001.
  19. Good catch with the diff cover, usually the first indication that it’s rotted out is when the diff explodes….. Car looks fantastic 👍🏻
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