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  1. These two are parked up at a block of pensioner flats beside me, neither have moved this year from what I can see however the Skoda is taxed until Sept and the MX 5’s MOT only ran out a couple of weeks ago,
  2. Was this yours at one time @DodgyBastard
  3. Any more details on this one?
  4. Fantastic, looking forward to seeing your trip updates. I’ve made the very same journey a few times in Capris I’ve bought down south over the years, not something I’ve done recently though unfortunately. Safe trip, if you need anything when you’re up here, give me a shout!
  5. How far North are you coming? Must admit I would love to be going for a decent road trip in my one. Capri looks fantastic too.
  6. Roofline looks more CS like so a 2000CS is maybe not a bad shout 👍👍
  7. I think that could be an E9, here’s a pic of my old one for comparison
  8. Have you contacted/spoken with Dougie who has the Once Driven Forever Smitten YouTube Channel? I know you mentioned watching his vids before, he has been messing with 1.8 engines Cavs quite recently and might have the answer to getting a Pass? Just a thought.
  9. Bleeding coolant systems on these older M20B20 (and M30B35) engines can be a challenge. I have used this guide before with success on both my 735i (M30) and also “tailored” the same procedure to my Z1 (M20B25) when I changed the timing belt and water pump last year, it does work and saves a load of faffing. https://www.mye28.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=58368
  10. There will be more knowledgeable folk than me that will comment and have much better ideas however I would try clamping the long section carefully in your vice just below the joint and use the silencer as leverage and see if the silencer section will move/start to spin. Obviously you have to be careful that you don’t crush the pipe too much but a nip up in the vice might just be enough to grip it and release the joint.
  11. I am very very surprised to hear you can’t locate parts for your E28. As mentioned above, Walloth & Nesch carry a large and varied product line for all older BMWs and have also remanufactured many parts that are available off the shelf too, BMW themselves still stock a vast variety of parts for all models, interior trim is hard to come by but mechanical, running gear and body panels in particular are all mostly still available direct. I never failed to locate new panels and mechanical parts for my E3s, E9s, E28 and the E32 735i that I ran as a daily up until quite recently, I can even still get every body panel for my Z1 if required directly from BMW.. I will agree that some parts can be expensive however they are mostly all still readily available as I’ve found in the 25 years I’ve owned older Beemers.. EDIT - Ivo at e28.nl is also a very good source of parts for older BMWs, the E28 is his speciality though, top bloke too.
  12. I’m not sure where you live in the Central Belt but my friends place in Carluke would most certainly weld the Cav for you, he would most likely collect it too.
  13. Very nice, I remember driving your first one almost 15 years ago......
  14. The Ghia wheels you have that need the flat washer nuts are the same as fitted to early Mk2 Capri, the “spokes” are sharper edged too, the later Ghia wheel used the taper nuts with the spokes being smoother compared to the earlier ones.
  15. I’m a committed Capri licker so can define exactly when I first remember one clearly (May 1976, neighbours new black 2.0S) but Mk1 (and Mk2) Escorts were more common as street furniture even then so I paid less notice of them. My uncle had a purple velvet 1100XL RFS146M that he bought at 4/5 years old I think and had it for a long time, he had the engine out a couple of times, one occasion was to replace piston rings from memory, the car would have been ten years old by then maybe. Both of my cousins learned to drive in it and it went around the clock at least once. It was given away in the late 90s to a young lad as a project but that never happened. There was a mildly customised red K reg Mk1 that was parked up on the driveway of a pensioner’s house on my paper round in the mid-80s that did pique my interest though, jacked up a little bit with front quarter bumpers, Corbeau seats, rear window louvre, road style wheels and a fair bit of rust! It was there for a few years and then disappeared, can’t say I ever saw it on the road again. EDIT - looked incredibly like a red version of the blue one in davocano’s thread. Living local to Crimond stock car track, there were always several Mk1s both racing and there as spectators cars. One memorable one was owned by a superstox driver, a wide arched Mk1 with a tasty pinto in it I think, sounded like a pinto on twin carbs to me. The arches were not like the usual bubble arches but were more like a works set up along the lines of the Cologne arches that you used to see on Mk1 Capris, anyway it looked fantastic. @Essex V6 had a gold 1300E, he can relay the antics he got up to in that yoke.....
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