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  1. I always really liked these especially the later ones. A neighbour of my parents took delivery of a brand new Chrysler 2 Litre in a lovely metallic green with vinyl roof on 1st January 1979. Compared to my dads K reg Mini 1000 it was like a spaceship to me! just checked and the road tax expired on BSS407T on 1st September 1984 so only five and a half years on the road. I did see it later on in the 80s parked up in the local scrapyard, I was devastated!!! I can’t find an exact photo match for that car, it would be like the one in this brochure/advert.
  2. I think Vectra estates of this era have aged very well, would that be Satin Red?
  3. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1256581
  4. Our household is at seven just now, Two are legal, two could be made legal, two are in bits and one is away being fettled. I had thirteen around a year ago, twelve at the back of the house and one out on the street. I do have a history of amassing cars and then getting rid again however having thirteen was stressing me out no end. Seven is still about three too many though so I’ll have to sort that out.
  5. We must have just missed you, we stayed overnight last Saturday at the Museum Hotel. I have a photo of that blue Mitsubishi in the car park too!
  6. I had this very issue on an old BMW E39, spent a fortune on new front wheel bearings and it was the nearly new tyres making the noise. I wasn’t vexed at all about it, honest
  7. There will be a threaded hole on your cylinder head, it’ll be on the rear end of the head at the passenger side facing the bulkhead. if I remember correctly. The wire will have a crimped ring at each end with a “loose” black insulating cover on it.
  8. I think that every Capri I’ve owned has a small earth strap that runs from the rear of block to a self tapper-type hole in the centre of the heater box steelwork I can’t see if there is one on your car in the pics. Could also try running a jump lead from the block to the body somewhere just to eliminate earths? One 2.8i I had was using the clutch cable as an earth as the connection between the block and battery negative was loose, needless to say it melted the cable and gear selection impossible!!
  9. Seats look right for the car by the way, as its a later 1600L isn't it? Unusual to see that it hasn't "inherited" a set of 2.8 seats to be honest!!
  10. There is a way around this without cutting the bezels, fiddly but doable. With the front lights off from the car, remove the outer light/headlight by slackening (not fully removing) the three screws that hold the headlight retaining ring and rotate the ring clockwise, allowing the light and ring to come away from the backing plate. Fit the backing plate onto the headlamp bowl first (4 screws) and then offer up the headlight/retaining ring/bezel in one go, headlight nearest the car, retaining ring on the light and bezel last like a sandwich. You have to put them in that order as the retain
  11. How good does that 440 look?
  12. These are all parked up in a lane that has many privately-owned single garages, apart from the ones beside the Volvo and Tigra where three have been knocked into one but retaining the three doors. In the fifteen years I’ve lived beside this lane, there has always been a fair selection of tat parked up. All of these seem rooted apart from the Tigra and the white Land Cruiser parked in front of the X Types
  13. Mot ran out in December, still showing as taxed though.
  14. These ones are parked on the access road to a local police station.
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