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  1. I may have missed it but has anyone asked the UK Mitsubishi Owners Club or posted on any related FB Pages asking about these Lonsdales? It was the reference to the guy called Dale that @Formula Autos mentions earlier that made me think of Owners Clubs or FB Pages, with Dale being a serial Mitsubishi licker, there may be more of the older guard in these groups that know something about these and may even have info on any potential survivors? Ok, the main body of their Clubs and FB Groups will be EVO fanbois and such like but you just never know.
  2. This W Reg 2.8i was owned by my friend Al and I at different stages of its life, when I bought it at 14 years old the V5 stated 11 previous owners making me number 12 however we reckoned with our combined knowledge of the car that I was nearer being its 20th owner. It had at least three owners after me I think and was then scrapped in 2000/2001.
  3. Good catch with the diff cover, usually the first indication that it’s rotted out is when the diff explodes….. Car looks fantastic 👍🏻
  4. Jersey registered Moggy ‘vert spotted in Hamburg earlier today
  5. Anyone want these as a lot before they go to the tip? They were claimed but never collected so up for grabs again Happy to post at cost if required no problem
  6. BMW Style 38s are a great looking wheel especially on an E39, I saw a rough E39 in Germany last year with these on and it looked ace.
  7. Must be 30 years since I’ve seen one of these, local Aberdeen registration too
  8. My three Tourings owned between 2015 and 2020 1993 E34 M5 Touring 2000 E39 Alpina V8 Touring 2007 E61 M5 V10 Touring
  9. Over the years, I have really enjoyed your vids DW, you often go places and do things with vehicles that I can only dream of, please keep posting. Lately though, I have found it painful watching some of the vids where you have been gainfully trying to fix things (Rover 75 and Multiplex in particular) and getting nowhere, painful in the respect that I wish I could help in some way as often you get disheartened and overwhelmed with all of these broken vehicles, I can totally relate to that. I understand that your tinkering then generates content for your channel too but some of the recent stuff is hard to watch. I used to own over ten cars back in 2018/2019 (thirteen I think doing a quick count up), mostly older (pre-2000) Beemers that were all worth a bit of coin each and all needing something done to get them road legal, I got to the point that the only vehicle I had in working order was my Defender and even that had a snapped handbrake cable for a few weeks. I called time as I was fed up being broke all the time, the final straw being when trying to fit my E32 735i in to the last remaining space left on my drive, I reversed its towbar into the side on my Z1 and cracked the side panel..... I sold almost all of them, not a decision I got to quickly and my wife was very understanding too. Five of them went away together one day on an auction house's transporter, my wife said she visibly saw the sense of relief on my face as we watched them go. Around this time I also had a nasty bout of shingles most likely brought on by stress, the situation I had gotten into with all of these cars had probably added to bringing the shingles on. Look after yourself DW
  10. Free are the following items, unsure if any of them work. I have amassed theseover the last 10-20 years, the skip beckons if no-one wants them. Sony CD Changer with cd cassette, mounts and cables Kenwood KDC-C601 CD Changer with cd cassette and cable - this one weighs a ton! Kenwood KDC-C465 CD Changer with cd cassette, mounts, handbook and cable Kenwood KRC-378R Cassette Player withy detachable front, case and handbook. No back loom for this one though unfortunately or I would have used this in my Capri Sony MP3 Player with chassis and rear looms Collect from Aberdeen, I could most likely get them as far south as Dundee in the next couple of weeks or can post at cost if required. Here are some pics, upside down as usual, apologies
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