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  1. I have owned three E39s, 528i saloon, M5 and Alpina V8 Touring all at different times, not together. They were all very needy and I seemed to never be clear of faults with any of them, no sooner had I fixed something, another issue would show itself. Maybe I just bought three lemons....I tried really hard to like them as every other E39 owner I know can’t fault the things but have ended up disliking them intensely. ! I am a 5 series perv having also owned an E28 and several E34s,. My present stable includes an E34 and E61.
  2. I must be the only person on the world that hates E39s with a passion and I’m an obsessive BMW licker too...... Dont do it, you’ll thank me later
  3. Anyone near Hayes that could pick up a set of 15”wheels without tyres for me and keep hold for a few weeks, that’s if if I win then on Thursday! Expenses and goodwill rewarded of course!
  4. The seats were fitted to a 1972 2500 so should be compatible with your car. I'm looking to shift all of the parts as one lot, if you can do that they are yours.
  5. Maybe a little bit better? I don't have the photos on this PC however I have added the links to Gumtree on my post, there are decent photos on the listings https://www.gumtree.com/p/car-replacement-parts/free-for-uplift-bmw-e3-saloon-parts/1353721647
  6. Having a clear out of some BMW & Jag stuff, these parts available free as in the following lots - LOT 1 - BMW E23 735i Exhaust middle sections x 2, radiator, front springs, rear shocks , instrument binnacles and some smaller parts Gumtree link for photos - https://www.gumtree.com/p/car-replacement-parts/free-for-uplift-bmw-e23-735i-spare-parts-job-lot/1351802381 LOT 2 - BMW E3 Saloon Four doors inc. frames and glass, boot lid, radiator, front bumper, chrome belt and roof trim, front and rear blue velour seats and three boxes of smaller parts Gumtree link for photos - https://www.gumtree.com/p/car-replacement-parts/free-for-uplift-bmw-e3-saloon-parts/1353721647 LOT 3 - Jaguar XJ6/Daimler Sovereign Series 2 /Series 3 Pair of wings, pair of Series 3 back lights. Gumtree link for photos - https://www.gumtree.com/p/car-replacement-parts/free-for-uplift-jaguar-xj6-daimler-sovereign-series-2-3-used-front-wings-series-3-rear-lights/1354576801 I can send photos of everything, the lots are all on Gumtree just now also FOC but I think it's the fact everything is in Aberdeen is putting everyone off. I'm not keen on splitting the lots but I will help as much as I can to get the parts where they need to go. I did offer to take the E3 parts down as far as Penrith for one guy who said he would contribute towards my fuel cost but nothing came of it. I'm more than willing to do this or come further down if it helps rehome these parts. I just don't want to throw any of it out but that's what will happen if it's all still here at the end of this month unfortunately.
  7. Nice work, I found working on my old Boxster was pretty straightforward. You can also easily change the headlights from RHD to LHD by moving a lever that's in the same compartment as the bulbs. I did this on my Boxster while waiting to disembark from the Harwich-Eisjberg ferry one time!
  8. It's worthwhile checking the engine/box to body earths too? i did have running problems very similar to your Golfs with a Capri 2.8i with the K-Jet system a few years ago. It would idle no bother but would stall when trying to move away, the car had been laid up 4/5 years from memory. After much head scratching, it turned out that the metal return pipe at the fuel tank was almost completely clogged up, which was limiting any fuel coming back from the metering unit into the tank. Maybe worth a check.
  9. Does anyone have a use for a pair of Series 2 or 3 Jaguar XJ6/Daimler Sovereign front wings? Both are in decent, straight useable condition. I also have a mintola pair of Series 3 rear lights taking up space too. Located in Aberdeen, can send photos to anyone interested?
  10. I've had a multi-car policy with RH for over 20 years, there's no cost to remove/add cars either. Their "landline" number is 01277 206911 to avoid premium call costs
  11. I've had a few capris over the years, great cars. My only advice would be to save as much of its original panels as possible. I have only seen one or two instances in thirty years of being around capris where aftermarket wings have been made to fit as well as Ford panels, and these only looked decent at all shut lines after a lot of hours tinkering with them. Even a good second hand Ford item is better even if only to sacrifice fto repair your own wings. Has anyone mentioned the roofskin? Very difficult to repair corrosion.beside the sunroof, this area seems to rust more on later cars like that Laser. Earlier Mk2/3 cars rusted at the hinges more than ar the sunroof itself. Looking forward to updates
  12. This blue 525e was mine before Cort bought it. I used it as a daily driver for the 2+ years/20K miles I owned it, solid as a rock and had an M5 front bumper on it from new in addition to the blue cloth sports seats but had keep fit windows and sunroof though. The 16" wheels on it from an E38 gave a wide choice of tyres too. As RBJ says, 35 mpg was a reality on longer runs, wish I had kept it now!
  13. That E32 is a 750 too, excellent spottage!
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