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  1. A lovely guy to speak to. My condolences to all his family.
  2. Wind broke a window next door and turned our Holly tree into a Holly bush. Been meaning to get rid of that tree for a while so yippee.
  3. Gone already. People in Norwich know a shite bargain when they see it.
  4. The Skoda is fine for Birmingham and Leeds. I commute into Birmingham city centre 4 days a week and by far the quickest way into the city is to cycle. The only time that I drive in is if I am picking up Mrs Sloth or dropping her off and then only well away from the rush hour. The A38 can make a useful cut through, especially if the ring road is screwed somewhere from an accident or roadworks. The council should be a lot more aware of the mess that closing that road to a load of traffic will make.
  5. My alarm bells would be more ringing from the lack of a towing eye cover on the ovlov. I know some of the Volvo 2 litre engines like to suddenly lose their coolant and cook themselves, I don't know if that model is so afflicted.
  6. The seven categories for today were: Rainbow Ray - Car must be a proper colour (not white, black, silver, grey) Leather Seat Larry - Car must have leather seats Go West (or East) - Car of non-euro origin Brexit Barry - Car where the badge was first used in the UK (so no Fords) Mrs Sloth's Suburban - 5 doors and a sub 1600cc motor Potluck Paula - Anything goes Nearly New Nigel - Plate year of 60 or newer Now for the actual results from 19th to 1st. Yep this is now a big numbers event. 19th - Beko - Lots 40, 56, 70, 41, 47, 94, 32 - Total £660
  7. Currently sorting out the Slothlet for bed. I will go through the auction scores once zzzzzzs have been achieved.
  8. If you are looking to move it on at any point then I have a friend that already has an A reg BX and would love to have another one.
  9. Anybody having more than one of those burgers a day is running an unnecessary risk with their life expectancy.
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