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  1. There seemed to be multiple Kia Pride thermostat housings on a Google search e.g. https://www.eurocarparts.com/search/209545190?type=shopping I can't remember if you need the 2 bolt or 3 bolt pattern (I think my Pride was a 2 bolt job) or if the water hose is straight out or a side mount, but I saw multiple variants in the search results.
  2. No compatable Kia part I assume either.
  3. I wish, done it 3 times, always good, but the Slothlet is still a bit to young for that sort of weekend.
  4. He had one of the big door stickers and it was a Renault Kangoo so fairly classic Uber vehicle.
  5. And an Escort in a pear tree* *Tree may not have pears
  6. Was walking back from a meal out when I hear the sound of a vehicle with a flat tyre behind me. It passes by and pulls up about 50m ahead, left rear as flat as a supermodel. As I walk past, I spot the big Uber sticker and realise that the idiot at the wheel was there to pick up his fare. I mean Uber have some low standards, but that is taking the piss.
  7. Spotted by Mrs Sloth in Coalford today.
  8. Been to memorial service at church then come home to read all this. I am doubly sad. I have some of the sheets as paper still, but others were scanned and binned. Will that spring clear out come to haunt me in the years to come In all the auctions at Cannock 3 cars tempted me to bid on them. A Proton Satira GTi with a hole in the driver's seat, a red Alfa 147 2.0 and something that was bright yellow, Japanese and had a 1.3 turbo, but I can't remember the make or model offhand. All 3 were in the £300 to £400 bracket at the hammer.
  9. If somebody had just said. The line is how fast you are going, the differential is your acceleration or braking and the integral is how far you have traveled then calculous would have been far easier for me to grasp as a student.
  10. I remember when the front pipe on my Laguna 1 cracked somewhere near the manifold joint. It started as nicely rorty and seamed happier to rev. As the pipe failed further, it got too loud and very unpleasant.
  11. Just started. I have a lightened Vauxhall Viva. Fil, da powor.
  12. Rover SD1. You could do a lot with that V8 and have endless fun* playing chase the gremlin with the rest of the vehicle.
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