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  1. If you are looking to move it on at any point then I have a friend that already has an A reg BX and would love to have another one.
  2. Anybody having more than one of those burgers a day is running an unnecessary risk with their life expectancy.
  3. Suzuki Whizzkid It works, but it's no where near being MOT legal.
  4. The odd thing is that as I understand it, he was sacked for giving financial advice for which he was not qualified and was told not to do. The whole vegan and pension fund thing is a smokescreen which has nothing to do with the reason that he has lost his job. The guy seems honest but a bit delusional about the reality of life.
  5. The auction runs from 11:00 to 13:00. We meet at the truckers rest for breakfast then get to the auction site at 10:40ish
  6. Ok. it was used regularly until mid 2018. Since parked up. I do more miles on a bike than in a car now. It needs a new battery and will need windscreen washers fixing for an MOT. The emissions were also on the limit in the last MOT so expect a possible sensor replacement. Else pretty good to go though the brakes are pants even after a rear pad and disk replacement. The mileage is under 90k and it has the 140 hp direct injection engine. You will get close to 40 mpg to the tank. It is more of a mini GT car rather than a sports car in feel. If anybody wants it for £150 them pm me and if you need a buy now, pay later option then I am good with that. The car is in Birmingham. Dollywobbler has a review of it on his YouTube channel.
  7. Everything sells, but the auction is very brand and plate conscious. A newer VW that is tatty as hell will make more money than an older tidy Renault. Long MOT helps. What's the year and mileage?
  8. Wow, I haven't seen the Sultans of Ping since their support act was Radiohead.
  9. There's a lad lives a few doors down the road from me has a Rover 25 (currently not MOT'd) and an MX5 with a homebuilt super charger conversion. He was struggling with starting the MX5 today, seems like a lazy alternator leading to a weak battery. I gave him a jump start and offered the loan of my trickle charger. It's nice to be able to help a fellow home tinkerer in their time of need.
  10. Motoring news: TVR reveals it's new sports car and Halfords try to extend their range of random shit that motorists never knew they needed.
  11. That's a nice find. I used to have the 3rd edition Runequest version of the game that GW published in the UK. Never did much with it though.
  12. The slothlet has a Mini that I rescued from the tip.
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