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    Asimo reacted to messerschmitt owner in Ford Streetka - new car bought - not a ka, road trip Saturday!   
    if that came in the sub £1500 budget, it'd be on the driveway ...
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    Asimo got a reaction from mouseflakes in What decade or era   
    1970 - 1974
    So much choice: front engine, rear engine, Fwd/Rwd or a proper Range Rover. Air cooled, wankel or whatever as long as it wasn't a turbo-diesel.
    Riley, Wolseley, MG, Morris or Austin badges are all available if Sir does not select the Vanden-Plas.
    Fords available in large, medium and small plus Transit and Capri.
    XJ6 /12, 911, MG V8, Lotus Elan,
    Volkswagens with wet or dry engines at either end,
    Citroen SM / GS / DS / Cx..............
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    Asimo reacted to hairnet in eBay tat volume 3.   
    everyone watching it like the white 405 then
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    Asimo got a reaction from eddyramrod in eBay tat volume 3.   
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    Asimo reacted to Spiny Norman in The grumpy thread   
    If the radio has an M at the start of its serial number I think they're available online if you know the right website to go to. If it's a V I think you're fecked and it needs a Ford dealer, but I could be wrong.
    +1 on the state of the roads, don't get me started, Glasgow has some of the most decaying roads in the whole of the EU apparently. There are several roads I drive on regularly where you have to devote FAR too much attention to dodging the 6" deep+ craters rather than watching for pedestrians & other assorted nutters. And yes, they still have the cheek to spend money not on fixing them, but installing more of these f***Ing speed bumps.
    I'm sure it's no co-incidence that my last car broke both front springs.
    EDIT: this seems to be the software for the Ford radio decoder. http://www.freefordradiocode.co.uk/fordm.html
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    Asimo got a reaction from Peter Patina in Why moderns are pish   
    After a Maxi, all other hatchbacks seem a bit limited.

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    Asimo reacted to Ratdat in eBay tat volume 3.   
    That wood fix it.
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    Asimo got a reaction from Bren in Ford Streetka - new car bought - not a ka, road trip Saturday!   
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    Asimo reacted to messerschmitt owner in eBay tat volume 3.   
    fame, it seems!
    Sold yesterday in the easiest transaction ever. Man comes with cash, hands it to me and asks me to drive round the corner to load onto his recovery truck.

    IMG_0120 by messerschmitt owner, on Flickr

    IMG_0128 by messerschmitt owner, on Flickr
    Gone to be properly restored.
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    Asimo got a reaction from Twiggy in Ford Streetka - new car bought - not a ka, road trip Saturday!   
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    Asimo got a reaction from warren t claim in Modern Buying Advice   
    A bit different, buying for Taxi duty.
    As a Taxi customer, I do hate using cars with no room in the back for my head or legs! The space between the B pillar and the front of the back seat is rarely enough to easily swing my size 10s through and back doors can be really low on headroom even if headroom is ok once seated.
    For short rides I much prefer van based things, they are much better to easily get in and out of and see out of. I feel horribly trapped in the back of a Mondeo unless the driver is tiny and has her seat right forward and the headrest right down.
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    Asimo reacted to quicksilver in Bus Shite   
    How about this then?

    38 tonnes of armour plated, bomb proof 6x4 Foden built for Maggie Thatcher at vast cost to the taxpayer. Would make GR18 school bus.
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    Asimo reacted to KruJoe in eBay tat volume 3.   
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    Asimo reacted to Jim Bell in Shitting in the shallow end.   
    Or :Tales from the Sub £400 Bracket - My Life And Poor Life Choices.
    I remember being driven as a child. Driven everywhere.
    Usually in a two-bob heap that took two days labour to get going, and cost three days a week to keep going. It was the nineteen seventies. Kojack was the main man (him and Magnum P.I.) and most weeks only had three days in them anyway due to a shortage of brown-outs.
    The music was funky, the food was brown and so was my god damned track suit. I used to look up from my He-Mans, out of the window at my auld man setting timing in the rain and think "What a prick."
    "I'll never be like him Skeletor. Never." - Skeletor agreed with stoic ambivilence.
    Wind forward sixty seven years and its the new Millennium.
    I find I have £400 from selling old Star Wars figures (had a few good Ewoks) and I'm not sure what to do with it.
    Ive heard good things about drugs, such as E tablets and smoking heroin, but I'd also like to be able to get around, as well as be poor and unatractive to women.
    I know. I'll buy a Volvo.
    And I did.



    A stunning 340 GL B14, resplendent in flat Irish racing Green.
    I bought it from Pete, who is very probably on here. I bought it blind and shipped it on a wagon up north for a closer look. It was a good one. It offered sumptuous tweed-like upholstery which supported me fully in me every endevour, and never failed in any way. It was so good in fact, that I bought it twice.
    The first purchase was around £300, the second time round was probably a bit nearer £400 as the Rear Wheel Drive Volvo tax had been introduced by scenesters by that time.
    Astounded at the value and absolute amazeballsness to be found for such a meagre amount, I pledged to USUALLY ONLY SPEND ABOUT £400 ALWAYS AGAIN.
    Some drunk woman sideswiped the 340. It survived but suffered moreso following. With added short springs, smoked lights, stickers, a failed 4age swap and eventual breaking (I think) but it opened my eyes wide to what could be achieved with just a medium sized trouser pocket bulge.
    And £400.
    more shite to follow
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    Asimo got a reaction from AMC Rebel in Tales from the Two Poster.   
    I hate the radio on at work. I would pay hundreds for silence!
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    Asimo reacted to Barry Cade in Tales from the Two Poster.   
    Now that I have a DAB equipped motor, and over 7 stations to choose from, I tend to listen to either Kraftwerk or Pink Floyd on my aye pod.
    Funniest thing is, my bosses spend squillions of quids on advertising on the local station, but are not allowed to listen to it without paying .. Ironic.
    Today was mostly tyre fitting, indespersed with telephony messages from a fellow workmate in another branch, who has just purchased a most excellent Fiat X1/9, 1300 flavour, and from the first year of production. I am not at all thinking of having another. I'm not.
    I AM NOT.

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    Asimo reacted to Angrydicky in Tales from the Two Poster.   
    This +1000.
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    Asimo got a reaction from Bobthebeard in Tales from the Two Poster.   
    I hate the radio on at work. I would pay hundreds for silence!
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    Asimo reacted to Hertz in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Nice looking old bus this, T & T'd as well. I really like the wheels on these, I think they are one of the best suited to a car eva..

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    Asimo got a reaction from M'coli in Tales from the Two Poster.   
    I hate the radio on at work. I would pay hundreds for silence!
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    Asimo reacted to EssDeeWon in One careful owner and many unhelpful sellers   
    I would have to go back and show the Merc salesman, could not resist!
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