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  1. My guitar teacher at school had one in the very same colour. For that reason I have always liked them. I may attend this auction and I may bid for this fine machine, or the Fiasco Festival, the Renault 9, the Daihatsu Charade, the MR2, the Escort van or possibly even the NIssan Sunny.

    This auction company requires a £500 cash deposit if one registers to bid. That seems a bit unusual to me.

  2. Thanks for all replies, Obi Wanks, much appreciated..


    Strut mounts replaced but steering rack bushes not. Passenger side caliper is a bit sticky, too.


    Will mention this to mechanics.


    The thing is, the garage have been over it like a rash several times, including on slider plates, and not found the cause.


    Very frustrating.

  3. https://www.gumtree.com/p/caravans/abi-marauder-400-d-caravan/1236326660


    I've always wanted something with a name like 'The Marauder', so I have. It sounds so cool...




    I am selling my ABI Marauder 400 D caravan. It is 4 berth (two double beds).
    It has loads of storage and lovely cooking area. Everything is in full working order .The fridge works off gas or electric when hooked up.I am also including in the sale awning, the electric hook up cable ,wash hand basin,cooker, grill. roller water barrel, pump, hose and drainage container and picnic table and porta potty loo. There is a gas bottle, but it needs refilling.
    Its a lovely light van to tow so you won't need a big heavy car to tow. Lovely cosy caravan in beautiful condition inside and out. £850 ono.

    I can assure any interested parties that there is no piss smell emanating from the carpets or soft furnishings whatsoever.
    Viewing welcome.

  4. https://www.gumtree.com/p/wheel-rims-tyres/honda-civic-type-r-fn2-5-x-stud-alloys-hydro-dipped-/1233617399


    Hydro Dipped 2 x Weeks ago for £320.......did not suit Red car at all. Need to create space in my flat as I got brand new 5 x spoke Wolfrace Graphite alloys fitted instead. Might fit another style/colour of car.


    Aye, any car owned by Stevie Wonder or David Blunkett.




    This knob-rocket should be launched for doing this to a poor, unsuspecting set of wheels. I would be too embarrassed to sell these things.

  5. Didn't make it to Eskilstuna. Hope you did Parky


    Here in Malmo, summer is still here, the sun is out, so what can a poor boy do? No, not sing for a rock n roll band, but go around setting fire to parked cars during the night. Yes its car burning season again. Victims include a Sierra and Volvo 740. Sad, especially if they were your daily drivers and now you've got to piss about with the insurance. The police say it may be suspicious...mind you they say that after gangland shootings as well


    attachicon.gifDSC_0984 - Copy.JPG






    On the plus side, someone has bought a Routemaster bus and is driving it round the city. Having a Routemaster would be on my bucket list above bungee jumping or swinmming with dolphins.


    attachicon.gifDSC_0896 - Copy.JPG


    Car burning is a fairly recent phenomenon in Sweden. I wonder why?

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