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  1. Glamis Lindean, Selkirk Biggar Bo'ness hill climb
  2. I do this at the mo because my ears are blocked up. It's the only way I can hear the convo.
  3. Ironside van equals costly as TV tie in.
  4. Just over a week to Japfest. I hope the Silvia makes it!
  5. The staff in my local Halfords are totally sound.
  6. And so you should. Bloody hippies!
  7. Linen shirt, white chinos, beige espadrilles and definitely no socks.
  8. Breaking up with a woman is not pleasant. Still, better to be honest than to have the issue drag on for ages with things unsaid.
  9. Sharting is good for the soul.
  10. Honda back from garage and all sorted but I noticed a little ding with oil mark on passenger door. I know for a fact it was fine when I put it in. Phoned the manager and got the expected response; ''I'm not aware of that and I'll ask all the guys.'' Like anyone will admit to dinging my car by accident with a carelessly placed wrench or spanner. Dicks!
  11. Courtesy of our friend, Noseypoke.
  12. Hey guys. I have had the driveshafts (including bearing and intermediary half shaft) replaced on both sides and that infernal knocking noise seems to have been cured, too. Just for your reference if the problem comes up for anyone in the future. Flipping passenger side driveshaft was fecked it seems.
  13. Nice. I take it you sold it on?
  14. This is UmBongo's mum imploring you to help him out. He cannot sleep properly at the mo and was unable to finish his breakfast Weetabix yesterday. He is very stressed out because he cannot find parts for his old clunker, a Silvia S12. Can any of you chaps recommend a company that may be able to help out with parts for his car? Even fairly basic items like drop links and so on are difficult to locate.
  15. I treated myself to this last week. Unusually for eBay it wasn't Buy It Now at £24.99 so I got it for a tenner. The dude wrapped it in brown paper with no carton. Feck knows how it made it to me intact.
  16. 1991 A Vauxhall dealer somewhere in England. Jake Fandan is choosing the spec for his new motor vehicle, a Vauxhall Nova. Salesman: 'What colour would you like your car to be, sir?' Fandan: 'Grey.' Salesman: 'And the interior, sir?' Fandan: 'A kind of beigey grey, please. It will match my grey polyester suit from C&A.' Salesman: 'Yes, sir. Righty-ho, sir.' Nice car. My pal had a white SR in the 90's. It seemed fast at the time...
  17. This is awful news. What goes on in the mind of someone who knows he is going to leave the house and kill kids at a pop concert? Sadly, it was only a matter of time before one of these maniacs slipped through the security service net.
  18. Edinboro in the 70s' The dog looks singularly unimpressed with it's existence.
  19. My Highway Officer pals say that it doesn't count unless it happened on the A1: Britain's Longest Road.
  20. The Silvia's going in for it's ss exhaust tomorrow and is gonna cost £££. It will sound much more throbby, though. The guy said that it was a very small pipe for a turbo.
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