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  1. RIP Dave lad,you will be missed
  2. is this the one that was on retro rides?my daughters got an mr2 on the drive i could stick that on the back,no MOT isnt a problem,just need to insure it
  3. Should be able to help you out mate,but how would we get it to Leicester?is it road legal?
  4. Found the leads,if you want them let me have your address and l,ll post them out
  5. Ive got a new set of plug leads you can have,if i can find them
  6. Does anybody know if there is a fuel cut off switch(inertia)on these its a 1.4i 1995 cheers
  7. need a set of 5 stud wheels and tyres condition not important as long as they hold air,they are for a royale Leicestershire area ,
  8. what size engine is it,need a coil pack for a 1.4
  9. not bridged,got a lead on another engine
  10. ready to go,should have narrowed the beams but CBA
  11. Got home about 7pm,81/2 hours driving im knacked,great to meet you today mate,would accept more freebies
  12. B.I you are a true gent,very nice gesture
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