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  1. Rust Collector has been a little preoccupied with more important stuff this week.
  2. This was the for sale thread, I ended up buying it so my eldest had some cash. It has been well used in the time since doing 81 miles between the two MOTs and the round trip to the MOT station is 28 miles! As with everything it is always for sale, except the Minor and probably the Insight!
  3. It's only taking up space as nobody on here wanted to buy it last year and I couldn't face the public!
  4. With the Insight being my reliable daily transport for getting to and from the place I get paid to be at I thought it wise to have a back up plan other than the Diesel Civic so this was dug out and driven somewhere It has done huge* mileage since last year's pass. Good enough for me.
  5. Just done an overdue catch up on this. Excellent work and plodding away is making progress.
  6. Door card off again. It was rattling when not fully up, helps if the two nuts holding the glass to the motor bracket are present. Much better now.
  7. With the summer coming to an end I thought it was time to address the non functioning drivers window. I had previously taken the door card off and delighted in the six wires that ran to the motor! Electrics are very simple on window motors when there are two wires, unfortunately this was not the case. Wtf is all that for! Anyway I went on Insightcentral and followed a link in the frequently asked questions bit. This led to taking all the bolts that hold the motor and window in place. Then I stripped the motor, cleaned the commutator and the brushes and put it back together. With the plug on the side of the motor removed I used the power probe to test and it worked! Then I lubricated the channels and reassembled everything. Even the one touch works so @sdkrc switch fix worked well. So for the first time in a little while, possibly two years, this is possible. Chuffed to bits with that!
  8. Just bear in mind that the MOT was on the 18th of August. The MOT has advisories for rusty coul springs and nothing else. The brake pipes are not covered in dirt but plenty of rust. Hopefully the tester is a mate of the seller and gets concerned about his future. My tester can sometimes be on the generous side of lenient but he knows from experience that it gets sorted straight away and doesn't get listed on eBay before I'm home!
  9. Liked for the someone sending you one
  10. I think @juular and @MrsJuular don't have enough projects on the go and some mild* interest in 2CVs after their hard work recently.
  11. I've been commuting in the Insight for the last two weeks. I've been trying my best to keep to the lean burn as much as possible. It has been fun in a pathetic sad bastard way but I'm pleased with the numbers.
  12. From this I'm assuming that the battery pack is original. It is a bit unbalanced at present so I'm guessing some of the cells are not doing great.
  13. If you wouldn't mind doing some extra pictures that would be ace as almost anything on Insightcenteral is ages old and pictures are no longer visible.
  14. Excellent planning* Hope the post night shift doesn't affect the joyous experience too much!
  15. Stilsons are designed to bight in and I've managed to shift stuff that wouldn't budge any other way.
  16. Got access to Stilsons? They have worked well for me in the past where Vice grips just slip.
  17. Absolutely love this. I think the ship that I may have been able to catch sailed about 15 years ago though.
  18. If the Focus is being detrimental to your life the get it fucked off. Don't let self imposed obligations to inanimate objects impact your life.
  19. Fantastic report. Love seeing these write ups of lots of miles with my level of prep work.
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