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  1. That looks like a decent result for something over 200,000 miles. Looks to have been well looked after.
  2. A few things have been happening here. First off I was looking for a petrol more door car to use as transport instead of the Civic. I had been checking the local area and a Polo appeared with 12 months MOT. It was very local as it took about 3 minutes to walk around the corner and see it. There was no history with it but it drove nicely. I priced up the bits for doing the cambelt and said not for me due to wanting to get the cambelt done first and the extra money was a no at present. He responded with an agreeable counter offer so I walked round the corner and collected the keys. A quick check of the cambelt that is fitted shows it in good condition so no need to change it! This was the Sunday. Fast forward to the Wednesday and I get a message from @Jim Bell saying congratulations on winning the Astra. I stuck the Civic up for sale and @Flat4 stepped in for that. A couple of weeks later a willing assistant in the shape of @320touring and the Astra was collected. This was the Friday when the county of Angus, where I live, was basically fucked by the storm. The west coast was lovely and sunny. We headed down and collected this magnificent machine. It was parked up at a train station near @320touring and I carried on home. A few days later I was back. Since then I have been using it carefully due to the sticking front brake. One side compared to the other. This was after about half a mile after pressing the brake. A caliper was ordered and last night job was replacement. Old New Bit of vaseline on the threads of the bleed nipple to seal the threads while bleeding. This is rather new as well. Seems to be sorted but time will tell. Currently about 400 miles in and it is a decent car. That's enough for now.
  3. Tickman

    New car day

    File it under press the recirc button when stationary like I did for the duration of ownership.
  4. 250mm of rain in about 24 hours. Lots of Angus is fucked after it.
  5. Been a bit wet up here, these two pictures are a day apart taken from the same place.
  6. Congratulations, don't think anything else is needed to be said
  7. I've always used Google search to find stuff in forums as the search on all of them is shit. No reason for here to be better!
  8. I'm getting that and the 'hanging' that @Nyphur mentioned above
  9. Excellent news. Wonder what is next...
  10. I wonder why it is being a shit and not behaving, it has always just worked using the choke. Glad that the ticket sales have covered your costs and hopefully some for the hassle.
  11. As the past three years have proven it is probably a hollow threat!
  12. I'm threatening to do some work on it.
  13. Grumbly wheel bearing day so this was brought in. This is getting nearer to the usual weather for working in the workshop. This is an after picture, I said never again when I did the one on the red C1 but it wasn't too bad. I then did a reshuffle and a little more tidy up so this got put here. Looking quite empty with just the Minor and Marianne's old bike in there with the rest of the junk. Brake judder on the Aygo is still a thing to a full strip and clean is going to have to happen, probably tomorrow...
  14. I had a P reg 1.8 estate, we sold it and bought the Morris Minor as we needed a reliable car...
  15. This thing was tremendous having a passenger run in Weardale. Feels just like the millennium falcon going to hyperspace. 10/10 would grin like an idiot again. Special thanks go to @DVee8 for the loan of the very necessary eye protection!
  16. Took the 205 to work today, it is freeing off nicely with even just a little bit of use. Have decided that it should get sold and the money go towards the Insight battery replacement. I shall update the very old for sale thread. Got this as I pulled in at work.
  17. Aygo blower motor replacement was today's fun* Dash top off, 10 minutes. Find the motor 15 minutes, YouTube has a special thank you here. Test the old motor in position 10 minutes, power probes are great. Remove clutch pedal 30 minutes. Remove old motor 20 minutes, this included dropping the steering column. Remove wiring loom in the way of the new motor going in, old motor came out in more than one bit. 15 minutes. New motor fitting 20 minutes, clutch pedal back on 10 minutes, all random bits removed back on 10 minutes, dash top refitted 15 minutes, speakers were a bit fiddly as it has tweeters in the A pillars. Connect the battery and test the motor 5 minutes. The little pocket on the right is crucial to getting the motor in and out. If they had given 10mm more room then it would have been a LOT easier. Quick check of the brakes, squeeky brake report, shows the brakes are ok but the front left wheel bearing is grumbling, yay.
  18. I received pictures from Chuck regarding the exhaust on the Rexton deciding to loose integrity so today was the day to see what was involved. It was pulled in so I could get the Insight out. I wasn't going to rely on the lift to get it in the air so once the insight was moved we positioned it here and up it went. We then jacked the back up and put axel stands in place. This is what greeted us. That's not getting patched with the dog food can I brought... A quick look around the workshop and a check of the pipe size produced the old downpipe from the 940 proving me right that you should never throw anything away. The flange was removed from the silencer and some pieces of pipe were stuck together. Quite happy with how they were going together we carried on. The two pipes were offset and the spare pipe I had was very offset so it became a cut and weld fest but eventually we got this. Which is solid, has a hanger and doesn't bang off the floor or the prop. Cost of temporary* repair was £0
  19. The grid charger for the insight does not have facility to run the fan in the pack so I thought I'd have a look to see what was in there and see if I could wire something in. It is all a bit above my head but easy enough to sort a connection for the 12V fan. Then I freed off the sticky front brake on the 205 and brought it home while the Insight has a day of rest. Here is a fantastic* picture of the 205. Think this is one to keep for the future for sale thread.
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