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  1. @HillmanImp the one I have doesn't have a cd player in so can't comment on that. With Bluetooth if I play stuff on the phone and go through the source choices I get to BT Stream and it just works. Does your model have streaming and not just calls?
  2. Understandable, I keep applying more 'ignore' to the issues. This time in the shape of better speakers!
  3. My youngest who has the Aygo purchased from @davehedgehog31 mentioned the right indicator was becoming troublesome. This is a common thing with the switch and it needs a strip and clean which I did on her previous Peugeot 107 also purchased from @davehedgehog31 but this time she was only going to be home briefly as she is about to start her final exams so I ordered a high quality* item from eBay for about £13 and swapped it out like so Then the clock spring comes off and the whole lot comes off when you squeeze the metal spring clip together, taking the two screws out and moving the speedometer out of the way makes it much easier and quicker. Once done a quick reassemble and you are done. The new switch is really cheap shit so I can sort the original one now and refit it before it's MOT is due.
  4. As I have been racking up the miles I have been driven mad by the buzzing of the rear speakers so I decided something needed done about it. Halfords didn't stock the correct Pioneer speakers for £30 that I had checked in store so I had to look elsewhere, Amazon came up with the new version of the same speakers for £13.94. Result! This was the problem This was the solution I also fitted one of these as recommended by @loserone I was then recommended a music player app by @juular and it has been getting a work out since. This also got fitted from my stock of them. I do still have to do something about the wiring issue but 🤷‍♀️
  5. Time to get on with stuff. I order some service bits for the Clio as I've done 5,800 miles since the start of November. I went to remove the old pollen filter but it was empty, not any more. Next up was the air filter. Quite simple right at the back of the engine. I checked the spark plugs and they seemed ok Then the oil and filter, wonder when it was last changed I doubt it was long ago 😂 The oil was very thin, it has had a refill from the Manol oil deal that was posted about on here. That is the 'maintenance' side of things taken care of.
  6. @Supernaut this help facilitate collection of something Fusion shaped?
  7. A shrinker/ stretcher is a great bit of kit if you are trying to manipulate metal about. Well worth the investment and always in demand if you wanted to sell on again
  8. Did you notice the steering being off when the wheel was one spline out? If no then put it back where it was so it looks straight, if yes you know you are going to do the lot at the front anyway!
  9. Will any warning lights stay out if it was presented and plugged in outside the garage?
  10. Space, time and the others in the fleet are the challenge. Heart or head decision time.
  11. Excellent progress on an unwanted task. You really are rattling through this.
  12. Brilliant news, always nice to have someone else look over your work and get the thumbs up.
  13. Response time loading pages seems to be massively improved. Thanks for the hard work @SiC
  14. Good luck. The progress you make outside on a driveway is staggering, can't wait to see what you can achieve with your own place to work on them.
  15. This has seen some things. Hopefully someone is game for a weldathon.
  16. Excellent result. This just means it thrives on neglect so no extra attention required!
  17. Quite an amazing pace of work going on with this and very detailed write ups. It will all come together in the end with the way you are working.
  18. Excellent news. Hope it repays the effort put in.
  19. Get it sold if it is not going to give you enjoyment. If getting it fixed by someone else would alleviate the fear then go down that route. Get rid of stuff that doesn't make your life better!
  20. Farm worker surely? Don't have to be employed to work on a farm that you live on. Might not make things better though. Would you get enjoyment from the BMW being on the road?
  21. Possibly some default setting when no data.
  22. Seems like you have the live data evidence to show exactly that (or the relevant connections)
  23. Time for a bit of coasting and job hunting then.
  24. Looking forward to all the activities that you will be able to get done because of retirement. Safe travels
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