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  1. Do the interior lights and the radio share the same fuse (blown) ?
  2. A few of Runcorn's RE's - Beechwood Depot
  3. Thank you secret Santa for my gifts, Book 1 Book 2 A kit car that runs on water I have been reading the books and reminiscing over some of the cars listed - will build the car and report back Thanks for organising this secret santa, taking part this year has been Gr8 fun
  4. Beko1987 - Sent - gadgetgricey - Sent scaryoldcortina - Sent and Received Supernaut - Sent and received Fordperv - sent Pillock - received but not yet sent Ruffgeezer - sent christine - sent & received Craig the Princess - sent 95 quid peugeot - sent Dippy - sent NorfolkNWeigh- Received ( not opening till Christmas , but it weighs a ton, possibly an alternator!) not yet sent Angus Toledo - sent (Glad to get rid of the shite... Gutted to part with such delighful gifts...) LostnotFound - Sent Grundig - sent & received
  5. Grundig

    Truck Shite

    ^^^^^^^^^^ At last, somebody who thinks like me ^^^^^^^^
  6. The Drivers PSV badge KK = South Eastern Traffic Area
  7. Deutsch Ebay shite Zubehör und giffer Trinkets https://youtu.be/NYh7tqUUbcw?t=27m12s
  8. ..... You gettin a thing for Vee Dubs innit ??
  9. The Leyland National used to rock back n forth & all its passengers too when you did that - quite funny when seen from outside the bus
  10. The barry boys skit on that is v funny too http://www.barryboys.co.uk/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=25953
  11. I overheard a couple as they walked past our section; she "are these display cars too?" him "I dont know - they look like they have sneaked in" him "there is nothing really much.......???" she "hmm yeah lets walk back "
  12. Well I'm up, washed & dressed - just need to shuffle the cars on the drive & then off to the cafe meet
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