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  1. Audi call the first few of a posh new model, RS, Q8 etc the Vorsprung. Normally loaded with extras but unlike a pop up sunroof and stripe for free, they throw the contents of the options list at it and charge a premium!
  2. You know who would have known exactly what differences an Escort Ecosse had ? And probably known the registration run and which dealer. RIP @Hendry
  3. Went into my local Aldi on Sunday to grab a present for 2 year old niece, at the till there were some loose Hot Wheels , so grabbed this £1.69 which seems good, looking across at the other tills there were more on all of them, but I couldn’t get to them to see what’s there. I’m going to go back and will have to buy something to go to each till! Any rarities that I should grab for anyone if there?
  4. Nothing changes , I had to pick a Portofino up from Ferrari Birmingham last week . It had been in for nearly 3 weeks for a leaking rocker cover. The engine had to be dropped and apparently there are 2 different types of gasket. Luckily still within its 3 year warranty and “ free” service deal.
  5. Not sure if it’s my imagination, but I think it replaced an Elan +2 from the first series.
  6. That Volvo is a thing of beauty, I haven’t seen one with those trims since my deputy heads white H reg 164 auto in the 70’s , he bought it off his next door neighbour the opera singer Sir Geraint Evans who replaced it with a very late gold 164 with the usual deep trim rings. Our headmaster lived 2 doors down and had a 244 Anniversary thing. No surprise that they lived in the street in front of Lloyd Motors the local Volvo dealer.
  7. I can’t see how that plan could possibly fail…
  8. Well, my Danbox arrived and I realised I now have a few Volvo estates, why? I’m not even Scotch. Anyway with regard to what happens to our old crap when we pop our clogs, at the start of the year I had a bit of an FTP and after seeing a couple of my ward mates get wheeled off in fully fitted tin trolleys in the night decided to make arrangements . Passwords, bank accounts etc . I even told MrsN where my small cash stash was ! Full size cars and their disposal would be handled by my brothers, brochure hoard likewise , but my random ‘ collection’ of diecast ? I told her to come on here and ask for advice, I’ve never met any of you cunts but know I can trust you to steer her right. More importantly I need to rebuild my meagre cash reserve…
  9. Great looking car, made all the better by the Avon Safety Wheels, apart from Bristols, P6es are the only car I’ve seen these on in real life. Although I’m sure I’ve seen a picture of a MK1 Granada with them on. P6 Rovers are well served with alternative rims , anything from P5b Ro-Styles, SD1 factory wheels and Met Police Minilites toJensen and Jeep Grand Cherokee wheels , most look good.
  10. On the 31/12/1999 I had an M reg 2.0i CD Omega and it was such an anti-climax when I got in it the next morning and the date had just changed to 01,01.2000. That Omega was the last “ work” car I owned that didn’t have aircon also the last with a petrol engine. Simpler times and I still earned good money with it.
  11. Before you get it gassed check the pulleys on the compressor, we had a C30 that had ice cold a/c for a few minutes then faded away . A bit of Googling on Volvo sites identified it and there’s a bodge involving packing something or other to stop it happening- can’t remember any details, helpful huh?
  12. The bloke that bought that e240 has thrown money at it, he spent what he paid me for it just on the aircon. Hope you enjoy the 140 as much as I seem to enjoy every old Merc I end up with.
  13. I keep thinking I’ve seen that window line before , but then realised all late 60’s early 70’s coupes are very similar. Anyway it’s not a Bertone E Type or Owen Sedanca , neither of which are Italian, but I thought looked more like it than they actually do !
  14. At first I thought someone had modelled a Monteverdi Safari, maybe it’s the wheels.
  15. Just to throw a spanner in the works, we’re probably coming down to Plymouth at the weekend to buy @bigstraight6’s SLK , which is to be a replacement for aforesaid unsuitable Volvo… How many kids do you have? It’s only got 2 rear belts. I even washed it today , might try and G3 it tomorrow, it’ll still have some scratches, just some of them might be hidden a bit.
  16. The first car I drove after passing my test was an Ascona. 1.9 Berlina auto, it was a company car my Dad was using because I’d crashed his Granada 2.0 L some weeks before . From memory it was considered on a par in the company car hierarchy even though a Cavalier would have been a Cortina competitor. Asconas and Mantas were quite common as were Senators and Monzas, whereas Rekords were very rare compared to Carltons. Don’t know if there was any logic. As for Viceroys and Commodores ? No fucker bought either of ‘em, so it didn’t matter.
  17. I’ve got a set of Merc rims in my garden that were destroyed by the previous owner using a shit, human trafficking type car wash twice a week. Maybe Merc wheels are more susceptible.
  18. None of the real life ones ever looked as good as the Corgi.
  19. I’m embarrassed to confess I didn’t realise that theCougar was a Mustang in a fancy suit until I was about 25. My Dinky Cougar was , along with my purple Eldorado and red Monteverdi my favourite cars when I was kid too.
  20. Something like that must explain the situation just experienced by a client of mine. He has a few nice cars and his insurance already costs about £8,000 per year since he turned 80. Last week he traded his W12 Speed Bentayga for a W12 Speed Flying Spur ( last V12 to be sold in the U.K., apparently) , his insurance want an extra £1500! The other named drivers ; his wife, daughter, son in law and me no extra charge. He’s decided not to bother , so he’s spent £265,000 on a car he can’t drive ! To be fair I don’t think he drove the last two Bentaygas, mostly drives a Golf and he can still drive his older stuff and modern Ferrari and Aston on the odd occasion.
  21. There looks a lot more than 20ish years between the Carlton and PA, by Comparison a 2003 Vectra and a new Insignia aren’t much different.
  22. When my Mrs had a V8 Disco I used to sneak out and put the odd £20 in it, she couldn’t understand it when people would comment on the consumption, she told them it’s better than the diesel Espace she had before it!
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