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  1. Think yourself lucky they didn’t persevere with the Maxi running gear. I used to walk past one of these every day on my way from Euston to Covent Garden, the same street had an X-Pack mk2 Capri Turbo and a ( the ?) SD1 estate, what a time to be alive! Needs a turbo and SlotMags.
  2. The internet is obviously a cunt. SR is Sport Rallye. Opel badged various Sporty cars as “ Rallye” until a GM bean counter pointed out they could save millions by abbreviating it to R , this was patented by The Rover Motor Car Company for their ultra high performance 105 R and 110 R not to be confused with the Skoda S110R Coupe which got around the copyright infringement because of the communists regime not respecting British Empire traditions , hence their downfall not long after Vauxhalls adoption of SR for semi sporty small and mid range hatchbacks . The Company Director nonsense has already been dealt with and the designations implied connection to the ter Corps Diplomatiq and its little CD plaques accepted. Although Vauxhall very cleverly avoided saying anything in this non information. Your Astra in this great tradition of nonsensical badging appears to show no Xtra Sportiness to the untrained eye band you should remove the lying badges as soon as possible. Maybe find some from a more suitably monikered vehicle ; Citroen Traction Avant Normale or if your status allows a Renault 21 Manager.
  3. Someone posts a picture of young Fred West with potentially an early victim crossing Oxford St behind a Fiat Dino Coupe and the number plate is all you notice?
  4. After reading Car religiously from the age of 11 I made many costly mistakes buying terrible money pits because I remembered favourable Giant Test results. A Renault 17 Gordini, Lancia Beta Coupe and a GSA spring to mind all were theoretically superior to the Cortinas, Capris and even Zodiacs and Granadas that I inevitably went back that actually functioned as transport to work in between the Setright, Nichollls, Fraser recommended Furriners.
  5. Excited by the reminder of the DB4, I looked for my other early Corgis. I obviously need to try harder, although somewhere I’ve got a Plymouth Suburban that was my Dad’s only non Dinky. That Classic is the former @FakeConcernand @eddyramrod, I think. Acquired in a deal for an X350 Jag. If only full size ones were a similar value these days.
  6. Thanks , you really do go above and beyond when it comes to hunting down tiny Tat. Could I settle up for my goodies to date please ? No rush and don’t tell me what’s in there, my memory is atrocious and I enjoy the surprise!
  7. Hate to see a 70’s Corgi Junior left behind with the modern Chineses shit, so if you happened to pick the Pacer up or are going back I wouldn’t mind it falling into my box. thanks.
  8. I used to make mine sit in the back of a Montego, probably a safeguarding issue these days.
  9. No, it’s still a thing in the Tesla Model S, I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that they’re planning it for the Y too.
  10. I bet this would have gone IN a 240.
  11. In recent years Volvo estates have become lifestyle cars. If you wanted a proper estate car you bought a Mondeo, Passat, Superb or E Class. The Volvo load lugger since 2004 has been the XC90. I was shocked how small my 2012 V70 was inside . We had a Freelander2 at the same time and it had a far more usable if not quite as long loadspace. As for the first Crossover/SUV things , I think the Frontera was a turning point, OK now we see them as proper off roaders as not very civilised but when they were launched they were considered as normal estate cars with a bit more ground clearance.
  12. Is anyone else old enough and not woke enough to still call S3 MPW’s “Chinese Eye” ? No? Just me then, I’ll get me coat.
  13. That’s lovely, I think the later cars benefitted from the Series 2 upgrades to suspension , the brown one also has a Harvey Bailey kit on it. Never really noticed any scuttle shake even when pressing on a bit on the Route Napoleon, until I lost the brakes anyway. The best modification by far though is the extended seat runners we had installed by Hillier Hill, there was no way I could drive it a thousand miles without them. Those early Corniches were a bit quick as they had more power than equivalent Shadows, my Boss in 1983 had a brand new Spirit that could be left for dead by his wife’s 1971 Corniche Coupe. When I took it to Hythe Rd during my Chauffeur School course, the instructors reckoned they were the fastest things RR had ever made. The Camargue had the same setup but weighed more, apparently.
  14. It’s rather good at breaking down that was when my brother was bringing it back from the same trip in my picture, I think our mate Ben took that , I was safely home 2 days. E Ford in the Bentayga. Last trip , in 2020 I fashioned a cunning bodge using a childs flip flops to prevent overheating. we also discovered if you keep it at around 90 instead of 70 it runs cooler. Also it doesn’t go anywhere without a tender with a tow strap in the boot. I still love it, the fact it was registered on my 18th birthday means I’ve dropped hints to the owner to leave it to me in his wil !
  15. As usual late to the party but if the Superfast Corniche is still there , could you pick it up please . It’ll be perfect to create a replica of one of my favourite old heaps I get to drive- there’s even a colour match aerosol in the boot.
  16. Only just seen this and it’s sold 😕 Probably just as well as I’ve already bought a nice sensible 220d estate for my holiday and not sold anything since last year. Even so that would definitely find a place hidden down the road somewhere until I get rid of something. I bet it will reappear on Car and Classic for £4995 in a few days.
  17. What we think they should drive vs what they actually drive.
  18. Last Saturday in Croyde Bay Devon I saw a Daewoo Espero, couldn’t take a pic even though I saw it twice because I had passengers. Looked like hipster surfer type driving it.
  19. My brother had that Merc, I’m sure it had a trailer and white plastic “ canvas’ . Must have been his main present one birthday or Christmas because we rarely got anything that fancy.
  20. Could that mystery limo be a Marx, it’s quite similar to a Jaguar Mk5 from my Dad’s childhood toy box. Anyway if only a fiver and you’re going back could you pick up the Corgi DB4 and the Lesney Wolseley 1500 assuming nobody else has asked?
  21. Pretty sure I’ve got a 4 page XRV brochure in the shed, I’ll have a look when I get home.
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