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  1. All LX Sierras in the U.K. came with 14”steel wheels , even the MK1. I’d go so far as to say they never sold a two tone Sierra with 13s, as the grey bottom half was only on LX, GLS. In 1987 my company 1.6 GL only had 13” wheels and I was jealous that people on a lower grade got LX’s with 14s. When I bought it for my Mrs at 60k and 2 years old I immediately put a set of XR4x4 alloys on it. Cant find a picture of E483 MMFso here’s a Saph she had much later, an odd spec 1.8 ( cvh) L, no sunroof but standard 14s and trims. I may be a technocripple but I know my Sierras.
  2. Pity one of the 2owners took the 14” wheels off , those, the Rev counter and the 2 tone with a red strip were all that made an L into an LX
  3. I had to do a double take there. Thought it was my old one, one of the best cars I’ve ever owned , hopefully doing good service for @mercedade’s sister, these days.
  4. I must take exception to your “less loved predecessor” description of the 600. The 600 was a proper competitive player in the BMW 3 Series market segment . I remember at launch being so impressed how they drove, (admittedly because of Honda) even compared to the then new Mondeo or the 405. Lots of user-choosers at my company chose them over a bare bones 318 or A4 and they were even more reliable than the 2/400. Whereas , in my unpopular opinion , on here anyway , the 75 was a cobbled together cynical pastiche . Trying to appeal to a very limited aged demographic. Probably why they’ve got an early classic following. A bit like VdP 1300 and 1500s. The only 600 I’ve had was more than 10 years ago when I paid £100 for @Angrydicky’s Dad’s old car , various daughters used abused, went to Europe in and on two occasions crashed it , it still lasted 3 years with us before it wouldn’t MOT because of the hangover of front end damage. 75’s sound much more fragile from things I read on here.
  5. I can’t remember if the reason I don’t want one of these is the terrorists on the collection or how to fund new tyres…
  6. Standard on Ghias, dealer accessory for anything else. Aftermarket things always looked shit, often plastic.
  7. I’ve started a new job this week at an automotive events company , came across this cabinet in the “scrap aisle” in the warehouse. As I’m basically 12, I’m more excited about this than picking up an Alpine A110 GT from the F1 HQ yesterday. I might volunteer to tidy up that area when I e got nothing to do…
  8. Sort of. It had the same 1300 Kent with a twin choke Webber, but it had 13” wheels and flared front arches that this necessitated. Some said both the Sport and the 1300 E had the fully strengthened Type 49 AVO body shell , but I think that has since been debunked , except by owners of 1300 Sport’s and 1300E’s, of course. The Sport had basic deluxe trim ( apart from the 6 dial dash) whereas the GT was trimmed to XL spec, fake wood, perforated vinyl seats etc.
  9. They get a bit tatty but the amazing thing with this one is that it’s only done 25,000 miles in the last 25 years . They’ve usually got 4/500k+ on them . This ones only got 124k on it.
  10. You forgot his mate at the Council that he takes on golf and whoring weekends in Marbella( probably).
  11. No, but definitely will be known to the Police.
  12. I’m now lost in an ironic vortex.
  13. The Princess of Wales once…
  14. Love the advise, let’s face it all Mercs should have that from their 1st MOT!
  15. I think a nice 2005 330iSE auto for £2000 or maybe an immaculate 2002 Boxster 2.7 for the full £4000 I might know just where to lay my hands on examples. As much as I enjoyed my 2.2 XF and it didn’t actually ever break down properly, it always felt as if it was on borrowed time. If you want something to last buy a 4 pot diesel Merc or @SiC’s e320 , he’ll have poked at it and found everything that’s likely to break in a normal persons lifetime of ownership in the few months he’s had it.
  16. Remember them? I think I bought some yesterday! Went to a Carboot in Leighton Buzzard and this lot came as bundle for a Fiver. Really wanted the Lesney DS and I quite like thatMGB and Birds Eye Thames. The Wagonaire is the only non-Ambulance one I’ve got , Not sure about the Morris and Austin vans. The rest can do one, if anybody wants them for price of postage, let me know. There was a stall that had 4 quite nice Lesney trucks and an early Corgi Mini, on asking about the price of the Mini, the very aggressive seller said: “£100 the lot I know what they’re worth!” My wife congratulated me on my restraint , after I smiled and walked away .pl
  17. I’m not at all convinced by the story in this ad. As far as I know, no licensing authority would plate a 25 year old car , certainly as a first time. 190’s make terrible taxis , as they’ve got no rear seat legroom, my Local Authority wouldn’t allow them when current and the list still had FSOs and Cortinas on it until about 2003. The MOT history does have a gap between 2012 and 2020 during which time it could have been on compliance tests, it also shows the mileage as 270k ! But the Jackanory bit aside , it’s a great spec and looks lovely. Wonder if it came out of the factory with that interior? Seems unlikely with keep fit windows and non- metallic paint/ steel wheels.
  18. Sorry didn’t see this before posting my anorakism.
  19. I know this is sort of your thing, but I’m with Honourable Member for Chester on this. For £20,000 you’d think someone would finish it properly and on proper springs. Those trim rings can fuck off too. Although I’m struggling to think how any Mk5 could be worth that sort of money and that’s as somebody that’s currently got a £6k Crusader in his watch list .
  20. That’s because most mainstream “leather” in modern cars is plastic, just like your Dad’s Renault 12. Unless you raid the option list on Mercs, BMWs and Audis you’re getting synthetic stuff on anything under anA8/S Class or 7. Presume ‘ lesser’ brands are the same.
  21. This, I had a brand new XR3i in ‘85 on one of the many times I broke or crashed it the lease company lent me an early Mk2 XR2 on steel wheels, I bloody loved it! Didn’t want to give it back, as much fun to chuck around as the MK1 I’d had but with a 5 speed and that raw CVH power was just as good as the Escort as an everyday proposition. I managed to keep it for a month, my car was fixed but I kept making excuses and the guy at the lease co. whose company car it was was happy to drive my XR3.
  22. Last year my Dad, who should know better as a former lorry driver, got home from a trip to Wickes in his Disco . To discover his little trailer complete with bags of pea shingle wasn’t there ! He retraced his route and found it in a hedge completely undamaged except for the plug pulled out of the electrics. Luckily it came off on a quiet lane not the busy town or bit of dual carriageway he’d driven down, no idea how it stayed on going toWickes either as he obviously hadn’t put it on properly.
  23. Yes, I rented a car trailer off the Old Boy ( I can’t remember his name) that lives in the bungalow on the opposite side of the road a couple of years ago. The side with the Maestros was his Mothers house and I think his cousin now lives there, they were both out planting things when I went past too , maybe I was following @Bmwdumptruck! The Marinas are still there, just engulfed in other scrap and brambles, you can just about see the back of an Ital saloon from the road in the winter. I chatted to him about the BL stuff and he mentioned his Mum only travelling in the back of Marinas, they bought a Princess once and it made her sick- it was dumped down the yard when it was only a couple of years old apparently. He drives a Transit pickup now but there was a Proton Jumbuck that looked as if it might move in there , well in 2020 it did. I was desperate to explore and take pictures but he seemed very private and I only was allowed on the premises and to rent his trailer because I knew one of his nephews, nice bloke though. Just had look on Google Earth and the yard is massive and full of cars and buildings, I only went in the bit nearest the road which is full of scrap and caravans, it looks like there’s no other access to the rest of it, presumably stuff has been down there for years.
  24. It was a classic Jag specialist in Hinckley, always had half a page ad in T&CC. I think he made the Nazi Staff cars used in Raiders of the Lost Ark out of butchered MK10s too.
  25. I seem to remember Buick having to rename the Lacrosse in Canada because it meat wank in a local dialect.
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