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    Essex V6 reacted to TrabbieRonnie in The Current Driveway...   
    Hi all,
    Early morning mission to the work's carpark today, where the old jeep has been in dry dock all week.  I'd moved some ancillary stuff out the way in short bursts after work, so was able to see the fuel pump a lot better this morning.
    It was leaking from the blanking plate on the engine side, at this age tadts apparently, and it  requires the removal of the unit to get at.  Bugger.  However, I decided while I was in there to replace the fuel supply pipe, from the filter to the pump.  I was thinking that at it's advanced age, it could be leaking fuel out (or air in).  Lo and behold, on starting, she ran perfectly, revving up like the racing machine Toyota intended... and also, as I watched, the leak stopped before my eyes!  I had, in desperation, put a litre of two-stroke oil in the tank a week ago, after reading on an Aussie forum about its seal-swelling qualities. 
    Something or other has worked anyway, and she will be repatriated the 25 miles back to the homestead tomorrow all being well.  I plan to then remove the pump for a proper re-seal, as part of the cambelt replacement job that is nearly due anyway.  Very relieved Ronnie here.
    On our return, as it was such a Spring-like day I decided to replace the Audi Coupe's backbox.  The eBay seller was true to their word, it is in great nick and a perfect fit.
    The old one looked like it had been dragged up from the bottom...

    Expert level chemical metal application here...

    The 'new' one is great, but I gave it a quick brush and paint anyway...

    I was £60 for this, which I am pretty chuffed with.  It sounds pretty farty still, as the centre resonator is holed.  They never get better by themselves do they?!
    We have measured the car up now, and I have a list of pipe and bends to order from the exhaust supplier online.  I am going to do away with the centre silencer to start with, if it is too much I'll cut one in, but quite fancying a bit of roar/burble.

    It's been really nice this week, cruising back and forth to work in this grand old car, she's not missed a beat.  I have the stuff in for a service, plus a set of brake pads (these ones must have taken a beating cleaning up the rusty discs after standing all winter) so will carry that out soon.
    To think I had wanted to sell her!  Because I've been worried about my exhaust disintegrating, I've been a lot less heavy-footed than usual, so she's even done well on fuel..!

    Cheers all.
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    Essex V6 reacted to TrabbieRonnie in The Current Driveway...   
    From my occasional photo series, "Cars next to piles of logs"....

    Wee jaunt out this morning, all seems good.  Brakes feel better with use, and the discs have come clean again.
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    Essex V6 reacted to TrabbieRonnie in The Current Driveway...   
    Hey all,
    I should be outside engaging in the now long-running battle with Rosie the Trab's hub... I have adapted my removal tool and am girding my loins for a final, 'do or die' push.  (Who over-torqued his hubnuts last time?  Yep, this guy.)
    Anyway, instead of that, I'm here.  Thread update required as I have found my DREAM CAR...
    Spotted after a detour on the way home from today's driving lesson with my eldest 'shiter, behold!

    I know nothing about these, I hasten to add, but just look at it!!!

    'W' is 1981 I think...?  And has obviously been sat for a wee while, waiting for some idiot to come along...

    The Scottish winters have taken their toll on the sills, arches, probably floorpans, etc...  why don't I care?  Why is the want so strong?!!!

    Pictured with our own mighty conveyance, the 323...  possibly a scene to be recreated on my driveway following sensitive negotiations with the garage owner, and my long-suffering life partner!  (Early signs are not good... "that is horrible", and "just, no" were uttered...!)

    That ass tho... oooooft!
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    Essex V6 reacted to dome in The new news 24 thread   
    She was a keen follower of the LCBL thread.

    And here, in happier times, her and Phillip keep a keen eye out for the recovery truck.

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    Essex V6 reacted to Split_Pin in The new news 24 thread   
    Regardless of your opinion, a remarkable lady.
    Rest in Peace.

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    Essex V6 reacted to SiC in The new news 24 thread   
    It's fucking embarrassing as a country to have a person in such a public and important position to be so incompetent in so many ways. 
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    Essex V6 reacted to bunglebus in The new news 24 thread   
    @GrumpiusMaximus I feel the same. I have enormous respect for the woman, she's got on with a job she didn't ask for, was given because her dad died and has just got on with it her entire adult life without complaining or ever really putting a foot wrong.
    May she rest in peace
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    Essex V6 reacted to GrumpiusMaximus in The new news 24 thread   
    I liked the Queen.  I dislike the Monarchy but I liked the Queen.  I think this view is shared by many.
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    Essex V6 reacted to bigfella2 in Collecting large German - now ML55AMG thread   
    Only if there nearby though.
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    Essex V6 reacted to rob88h in Harrison's Garage - Mini City, back on the road!   
    Good News Everyone! The Mini continues to grace the planet with it's presence.
    I think I've stumbled on an approach to getting "safe" rot through an MOT without anyone at the garage sucking through their teeth and rubbing their hands together. Step 1: In the months running up to the MOT start enquiring about getting work done to repair the rust, but do it lackadaisically; don't indicate you're in a rush, just at least show intention. Then, when they don't get round to quoting you for the work, Step 2, the car arrives with them for MOT. Guilt and the  benefit-of-doubt for a pro-active responsible owner work in your favour and voila. MOT.
    (The only trouble being is that when the rust is bad enough to fail the MOT, it'll no doubt be a much bigger job. Sounds like a future problem to be honest though. For now I've got another 12 months to do nothing about it)

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    Essex V6 reacted to rob88h in Harrison's Garage - Mini City, back on the road!   
    The Sun has set on my time with the Sierra DieseL. Last week it rattled off my drive for the last time.
    I’m proud of what I achieved, I’ve really enjoyed working on it, chugging about with and I will surely forever regret selling it. 

    It’d been off the road since 2003 and having done all the work to it myself to get it back to roadworthy and presentable, I’ve gained more skills towards my remaining fleet and some hella satisfaction out of saving it from what could have been an uncertain fate. 

    Being of a pretty low spec AutoShite ethos I was hopeful here someone here would scoop it up (even at a loss for me) but it was not to be. 

    The new owner seemed knowledgeable on these and was looking to keep it long term for shows and alike. Maybe they’ll be along here, who knows. 

    I thought I’d missed the boat with Sierra’s in general, but it just proves that at the right place at the right time who knows what shite can enter your life! Although, You can’t keep them all etc… 
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    Essex V6 reacted to rob88h in Harrison's Garage - Mini City, back on the road!   
    I took the DieseL to a local show a few weekends ago. By chance I was next to a mint Cossie. 

    It was nice to lower the tone. 

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    Essex V6 reacted to Tommyboy12 in Harrison's Garage - Mini City, back on the road!   
    An intermittent spark can also be the coil suffering from breakdown. Test the coil off the car to make sure it's not on its way out.
    I would vouch for an electronic dizzy. I've had one in both of my Minis. So easy to fit and removes one of the biggest fail points of the whole engine. Theyre easy to get electronic conversion kits for and they take minutes to fit. Plus most of the time they're less than £30.
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    Essex V6 reacted to N19 in Harrison's Garage - Mini City, back on the road!   
    Now this would be lovely to see next to @BorniteIdentity's bASe... a beautiful pairing! I'd love to experience the early diesel joy*.
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    Essex V6 reacted to rob88h in Harrison's Garage - Mini City, back on the road!   
    The Sierra DieseL - Impressions

    With a few hundred miles under its belt (since 2003!), the Sierra has really been a joy to drive. Something about it feels inherently modern - the seating position, steering wheel, pedals and shifter are all in a lovely position. It is wonderfully squishy on its R13” balloons and 40 year old bushings and the interior has that unmistakable smell of hot dust. It feels reliable. It’s yet to prove that feeling is warranted, but the thrum of the naturally aspirated diesel just has that unending quality. I’m not finding it chronically slow either. It’s either geared well or the torque  that it has is all usefully usable, no Top Trump figures here but it might* be able to chirp the tyres on a spirited roundabout pull-away. 
    I even took it to a little show recently.

    There are some things I don’t like though. At 70mph it’s got a bit of a wobble on, particularly on deceleration. In theory the wheels are balanced, but it might need some tracking work and said squishy bushes looking at. The rear drivers side door is a respray and is very matte despite two rounds of T-cut by hand. It probably needs wet and dry or a machine cut, but then I’m not quite brave enough or  bothered enough to go that far. The temp sender was dead (I snapped the blade connector off when doing other engine bay things) and I’ve temporarily replaced it with one pinched from the Granada. It was half the length and now reads HOT, I guess due to different resistance curves of the sender, but it plays hell with my unconscious brain!

    I also recognise it wants a bit more preservation work doing. It would be thankful of a clean up and paint underneath as it seems pretty good under there and it would be a shame to let it deteriorate any further unnecessarily. 
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    Essex V6 reacted to trigger in The new news 24 thread   
    My new 240 Torslanda arrived on Saturday morning, I'm still questioning why I bought it though?! 

    Probably not one of my wisest purchases! It was a bit rustier than I expected but to be fair to it the car starts and runs absolutely spot on and sounds great. 
    It seems that it was owned by the last owner from 2004 until last November when it was moted having been unused for a year and then promptly crash and ended up with banger racers who raffled it off and a chap I know won it and has had it in his garden since. 

    I gave it a pressure wash and a very quick mop and the paint came up so I got it in the garage and started stripping the damaged bits off

    Which was pretty straightforwards, it's all mostly superficial but the hard part now will be finding the correct parts without spending too much

    I did give the side a quick mop this afternoon to motivate me and it came up looking well so it's got potential, I'm not sure if the alleged 49000 miles is genuine or not but I wouldn't be surprised. As a bonus I also managed to get the radio code from the main dealer too! 
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    Essex V6 reacted to trigger in The new news 24 thread   
    Then onto today, I went and bought this!

    Yep another Dolomite! I'm sure a few people are wondering why I've bought another when i only just sold my Sprint, well, this is a 1850 which is much more reliable and easier to live with and It's a 33000 miles, father and son owned car that's never been restored or welded and is really in timewarp condition plus the best bit is that this cost £6000 less than what i sold the Sprint for which wasn't anywhere nearly as nice.

    It's a late Pre-HL model but had all the HL spec but not the tinted glass, It was a Mann Egerton Colchester ex demo hence the triple digits and has only covered a remarkable 3000 miles since 1983!

    It does need a bit of love, the paints faded and needs a good mop, the interior needs cleaning too, the brake pull to the left slightly and the carbs needs setting up better but all minor stuff.
    This does leave me with too many cars now, the Astra was meant to have sold and gone to Scotland but the sale fell through Friday so I've still got it but someones coming to view it tomorrow so hopefully it be gone and i can get the Volvo back inside.

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    Essex V6 reacted to Bren in The new news 24 thread   
    Boris telling us to buy a more efficient kettle.
    My kettle is like government - inefficient and lined with scum.
    Must be a tory donor with a fuck load of kettles to get rid of.
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    Essex V6 reacted to Jim Bell in 2003 C5 exclusiveness!   
    Looks like C5 is a definite hit!
    Long may the New one rule the waves.
    C5 forever!!
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    Essex V6 reacted to Parky in Kiwi Kar Konundrums - Parky2 adventures so far   
    Oh I forgot to mention.  All my exams are finished now and I received this a couple of days ago:

    So thats that.  Am now a properly registered, authorised and official New Zealand Stock Exchange adviser!
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    Essex V6 reacted to Shite Ron in Cortina’s to Cortina   
    This year is the 60th anniversary of the Cortina’s introduction and the 40th anniversary of the last produced in the UK. I have done this trip previously in 2002, 2007 and 2012, each time a different route but the same destination Cortina d’Ampezzo!
    I fitted an electronic ignition kit to the car  about a month ago and as part of last minute preparation checked all fluid levels, changed engine oil and filter, swapped wheels for refurbished wheels with new tyres and fitted a passenger door mirror on bank holiday Monday.

    I borrowed the starter and all bulbs from the S.
    My girlfriend booked the ferry and hotels during the week, we left at 8pm Friday and filled up with super unleaded at the local Tesco before driving to Dover

    The M4 was closed at junction 6 so we headed for the M3, entry to M3 was blocked so we had to drive the wrong direction to the next junction, when we eventually got to the M20, part of that was closed! We eventually found an open Tesco garage to fill up with E5 again before getting to  the port with 258 miles covered by 1.10 am Saturday! We got the 2 am ferry to Dunkirk.

    We met at the Louwman museum and then spent the night in Nijmegen.


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    Essex V6 reacted to trigger in The new news 24 thread   
    I went up with a mate on Friday morning to collect the garage find Capri 

    It wasn't too bad to get out in the end, we managed to inflate most the tyres with a little inflator and pulled it out with the truck without too much fuss

    my mate then span the truck around and towed me out backwards along the road before spinning around again and pulling it across the road to a school entrance to load it onto the truck

    On the way back we took a wrong turn and ended up outside the original dealers garage to got a few photos. 

    One passing young salesman asked if it was a Capri 🙄 I said yes we've bought it in for a service and he just walked off, strange lot.

    After getting the car home I've managed to get it turning on a bar, unfortunately the cambelt was so gummed up in corroded remains of water pump that it actually stripped the teeth of the belt but thankfully the 2.0s are non interference. 

    So I cleaned the interior as it was a bit mouldy

    Which got the Mrs Trigger thumbs up of approval. 

    So there you have it, plenty of work to be getting on with but no as bad as it could have been, I can't wait to wash it though! 
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    Essex V6 reacted to C3C3 in Group Buy: 1982 Ford Escort bASe. Purchased.   
    Been while, I've replaced the front wings with brand new pattern wings that fit dead on. Only need a little shove to flex them back into shape after shipping. Panel beat the rear arches back into shape, It's still the original metal other than along the bottom where it had rotten away. It's been painted on the lower half where the repairs have been carried out, really shows the paint fade but only if you look at it from the right direction, sidewards on it isn't that noticeable.
    Engine could do with new tappets. The fuel sender's carbon strip has worn away so need a solution for that. I had to swap the gearbox out after it started whining and eventually ejected a drive shaft. That was scary as hell. It's now got a 5 speed from a later escort and the gear remote has been replaced with one from a Fiesta Zetec S (The shorter shifting one), as the gate on the 4 speed was in the remote too.
    Looking into getting the front seat material replaced with the original material. 
    I recently moved home into a flat but I have two parking spaces so I get to keep the escort around along with the company vehicle. When there is space, it will go straight into the garage for a complete rub down and respray.
    Cost of ownership now that it is a historical vehicle is 94 pound per year for insurance. Thats it.

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    Essex V6 reacted to Gentil79 in Reunited after 18 years   
    Hi everyone,
    Well, this is mine… again! It’s been 18 years since I last owned it.
    This is a South African assembled 1974 BMW 520 that I lost trace in 2008 and been trying to find ever since. Found again by a good friend which I’m immensely grateful.

    Full story on a video to be published soon on my YouTube channel https://youtube.com/c/GentilsGarage

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    Essex V6 reacted to DodgyBastard in Retro car meet Scotland 28/08/2022 vintage bus museum Dunfermline   
    Impressive work on the mini pickup, the owner is a welder at my work
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