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    Essex V6 reacted to Wibble in Wibble’s Wittering - Cortina, Senator & occasional Skoda & family ramblings, soz!   
    Found the video today that my son took when we woke the Senator from its slumber a couple of years ago. Obvs can’t post it here but can show a still shot:

    This was the first start since it was put away in 2008. We changed the oil and filter, replaced the badly blowing exhaust with the one I’d got off a scrapped  example in 2007 and never fitted (that was fun*), cleaned the plugs and chucked in a gallon of fresh fuel. Couldn’t believe it when it started first time and I drove it out into the daylight for the first time in so many years. 
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    Essex V6 reacted to Wibble in Wibble’s Wittering - Cortina, Senator & occasional Skoda & family ramblings, soz!   
    Delighted to have the Senny back with the straight 6 sounding sweet again with the noisy water pump replaced. Warm inside too, without steam!
    Have been using it today for normal duties and intend it to be my weekend car until spring, subject to extreme weather:

    Pleased to find the radio still working and it’s playing cassettes without eating them, so far! Driving beautifully, a good day today🙂
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    Essex V6 reacted to Wibble in Wibble’s Wittering - Cortina, Senator & occasional Skoda & family ramblings, soz!   
    Thank you. It is very hard and little things make it harder. 
    Many years ago we were on holiday in Ireland. My dad had a Honda Legend at the time, the good looking one (1993 I think) but the battery died and the local garage had never heard of such car, so would take a while to order one in. 
    I had the Senator at the time and he thought it was beautiful so I said he could use it until his battery was sorted. I wasn’t bothered as I just wanted to drink and have fun.
    He said it was the most comfortable car he’d ever driven and used it for a few  days until the new battery arrived but after a couple of days was annoyed that my £5k senator was a better drive than his £20k Legend.
    Anyway, because my Dad loved my Senator and it’s the only car I have that he ever drove, I have decided to pump some money into it. Watch this space!
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    Essex V6 reacted to Remspoor in New members, introduce yourself here.   
    I think Princess Anne has it now. Rumour she has one😁
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    Essex V6 reacted to DoverShark in New members, introduce yourself here.   
    Long time lurker, but serial shite car botherer. I haven't really posted anything, I'm not much of a social media user, I don't remember to take photo's, I don't fix my own stuff and I often don't think I have anything to add so I prefer to stay quiet.

    Current vehicles are MGF which I quite like, '07 Bini Cooper which I detest and when I get round to it will sell on, I'd like to sell here if I can get into the 4Sail section otherwise i'll scrap it because I hate buyers more than I hate Bini's. SE6A Scimitar, which isn't pictured, because I've not seen it since 2019 i'm sure it's fine, I've had it about 15 years. Mercedes for MrsDovershark because I must have at least one Mercedes on fleet at all times. Then there's the electric Hyundai which does what it does. In addition a recently required Citroen Saxo (Automatic) which I acquired 2 weeks  ago and haven't even opened it's door yet. 

    The Saxo has been acquired for LEJOG as the trip is a buck list item for a friend and colleague who at 44 has been diagnosed with MND. I hope to make a thread on this in the near future (The trip, not MND)

    I have always had either an unloved or strange vehicle that is trapped in a triangle between scrap+ non classic status+ value. Highlights, 3.0 Senator,pink Alfa Romeo, Rovers, Renault traffic Luton box van... Recent vehicles have included W211 E320 which just went everywhere all the time at no cost, R-class which didn't, strangely reliable XM full of dog hair and an S500 rescued from the scrap man with a £5 piece of plastic from Amazon which, incidentally sold to you-tuber No27 not that I had any idea at the time.
    Although my family have a line of mechanics and engineers, and even though my father owned a garage and I was an apprentice, I don't fix anything myself if I can help it but do have a tame mechanic.

    Future chod plans are on hold as the street outside my house is currently full. However, we all say that right?

    Thanks for a great forum and the material posted in it. 

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    Essex V6 reacted to dan95x in New members, introduce yourself here.   
    Hi all, 
    Newly registered but have lurked a bit on and off over the years, and am on a few other sites with the same username.  As far as ownership goes, its generally been VAG stuff - My Granddad used to own a main dealers from the 60s to the eighties, so it was sort of bred into me.  He died last April unfortunately, so am just in the process of sorting his place and 84 years worth of 'tatting' out, including but not limited to 9 cars and a speedboat 😂
    I have a load of stuff that I am finding - Cinefilm of the garage, old photos, old advertising stuff etc, and I dont want it to never be seen by anyone else other than us ever again, so I have to admit, its one of the things that has finally pushed me to register, so I can post some of it for other people to see.
    At the minute, I am fairly boring/modern in what I am actually using  (a V10 Audi S6 and the Mrs has a Golf R32)- two young kids, running a business and trying to build a house extension steals a stack of my time and I havent gotten around to much in the way of 'fun' stuff for ages.  I do still have my 16 valved mk1 Scirocco though, ready to get back on the road when I do get a minute, and as mentioned above, I (and my brother to be fair) now need to decide what we are keeping out of the ridiculous pile of crap Granddad has left us with!
    Nice to 'meet' you all 🙂
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    Essex V6 reacted to rob88h in My life in cars   
    Feel for you there. I found it’s more than just the loss of the car too, it’s a loss of faith in people and insurance didn’t seem fit for purpose with any thought of a similar replacement for the payout was a joke.   

    Mind you, shite life is full of ups and downs by nature.
    Thanks for this thread; I love this kind of stuff. I’m weirdly fascinated by peoples car history.  I think what people drive can shape their character and display quite a bit of personality. 
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    Essex V6 reacted to skoda_fan in My life in cars   
    +1 here for a massive thanks Trigger for this thread and the time and effort involved. Far more interesting than anything on the tele! I too felt sick looking at what happened to the Astra, especially after you'd made it so nice, but well done for moving on and continuing to save some great cars. Not many would have taken the time and effort to save that Ital van, and with such fantastic results.  I admire your skill and perseverance.
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    Essex V6 reacted to trigger in My life in cars   
    Thank you, I appreciate that! I was hoping to finish this thread last night as I'm away for a few days now but I ran out of time, I'll add the next several cars later in the week 😊
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    Essex V6 reacted to Motown in The Wild Rover   
    Well ive been here for a week now and have settled in well and despite having to sell most of my fleet (7 Rovers) before the move the SD1 made it to North Uist from Sheffield without issue. It was a nine hour drive with two fuel stops and then a five hour ferry ride the car has then got me to work and around the isles for the last week. It just goes to show despite having terrible build quality and being a forty year old Rover with the right maintenance they are perfectly reliable for daily use.

    Quick snap at Loch Lomond my wife thinks it looks like an 80s press shot and she might be right!

    The drive isnt quite as big as the one i had in Sheffield accommodating only one car but i dont think i could maintain seven Rovers out here anyway. I am having to wait two weeks for a set of new tyres 🤣

    Perhaps i can squeeze a 4x4 with a green oval on there if i am lucky  
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    Essex V6 reacted to Cavcraft in LDV Convoy Devon Sahara   
    What time are you collecting it?
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    Essex V6 got a reaction from eddyramrod in My life in cars   
    Trigger - thanks for putting the effort into this - prime Autoshite thread this - absolutely superb. The stuff you have owned is way more interesting to me than Ferraris, Lambos etc.
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    Essex V6 reacted to trigger in My life in cars   
    Next up was one of my biggest projects, this 1984 Morris Ital 575 Van, my same friend who i got the Sierra off rang me to say the barn the van was in was being sold and it needed to go, did i want to buy it?. I'd known the van since 1994 when i used to work with my friend and it been of the road since 1993 and in the barn since around 1999...

    I went down and we got it started quite easily and i agreed on £800 and he delivered it on the same day as the Dolomite went.

    what followed was two months of working in the garage getting favours of friends and my dad in getting it back on the road again.

    I won't bore you too much as there be a thread on here with more info on it

    I took it to Devon for the Morris Marina Nationals in 2018, over 700 miles and the van was faultless, me on the other hand was a broken man, sitting in a traffic jam on the A303 outside Stonehenge on a hot summers day was worse than torture! and the low ratio rear diff where it screamed it bollocks out at 60 mph was the tipping point, so i ended up selling it to a Marina club member

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    Essex V6 reacted to trigger in My life in cars   
    So after all that drama i was put right off using a old car as a daily anymore and my mum was selling her mint condition low mileage Fiesta 1.4TDi Zetec so i bought that of her instead.

    Brilliant little cars, and mega cheap to run.
    in 2016 I was at a local custom and hot rod show and saw this 1971 Rover 2000 (with a 2.2 engine fitted) for sale for £2500 so decided it was time to scratch that P6 itch.

    I really enjoyed this car, it drove far newer than it was, handled well even if it did have comedical body roll, pulled well, it had a stainless exhaust so sounded nice and was comfortable 

    Sadly i found that it was a bit of a ringer, the main body started life as a completely different car and HRT3J's panels and ID was swapped over, quite common on P6's apparently but i didn't like it so i sold it back on again to someone who removed the plate and rang me to say it done 90 mph all the way up to Stoke on Trent...
    around the same time i got offered this Rover 620Ti for £400 which had been off the road a few years as a project to do.

    Again i chucked some money and time at it and it turned out well, it was a bloody quick car, I'm amazed these haven't got more of a following as it's a proper Q car and great fun.

    That ended up selling on here to JohnF.
    Whilst I was having a Rover phase i bought this 2600 SE from a local garage for £3000

    Now this was a nice car, i had a few rust repairs to do, cambelt change and few other little jobs but the best thing i fitted was a stainless rear box from Rimmers, the sound from that 6 cylinder was beautiful!

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    Essex V6 reacted to trigger in My life in cars   
    Next up in 2015 was this 1991 Sierra 1.8 LX, I wasn't planning on buying it (Yeah that happens alot!) but a old friend of mine needed to sell it after it had sat in his barn about 7 years, i gave £250  for it and he delivered it for me.

    A lot of work was done sorting out the fuel system and carb, genuine cossie alloys were bought for £25 so i refurbished them all and fitted new tyres and a wheel arch wa spainted and it looked quite smart

    I used it for work for a while but i had a few issues with the carb that i couldn't get to the bottom off and sold it on here to a serial shitter for £900 i believe
    Now i can't remember what happened here but i went from a nice pair of Cortinas to a knackered Dolomite 1500 SE...

    A lady asked on Facebook if any would be interested in it and i was there the next morning! £800 was handed over and i drove it home and promptly broke down with a cooked wheel bearing and needed a tow from my dad

    I spend ages doing this up, loads of welding on the front valance, loads of paintwork and went right through it mechanically, it was a real transformation once finished.

    Here is the car in 1986 with the original owner

    That car looked so nice once finished, I ended up selling to a enthusiast in 2017 who still takes it to shows, a week after selling it i saw it on display at the NEC classic car show on one of the main entrances 

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    Essex V6 reacted to trigger in My life in cars   
    After the Merc went i wanted something a bit cheaper to run but still fun so back on ebay again and i found this rare 1998 Toyota Starlet SR for sale in Norfolk for £600

    It was a bit tatty and needed some love but had potential, again i spent a few months sorting the little jobs, fitting new stickers and tyres etc, Mrs Trigger had it as her daily as she liked it but annoyingly some bell in a Audi A6 backed into whilst in traffic and stuff the lights and bonnet.

    Rattlecan man came to rescue and fixed it though

    It looked ok from a distance!

    I ended up selling that for £950
    Next was this 1966 Cortina 1500 Super, i wasn't planning on buying it but someone at work was selling it for £4000 and at 26000 miles it seemed to good a deal to turn down so went to view it.

    again obviously i bought it!

    it was was part of a messy separation and the owner just wanted it gone, It was such a pretty car

    I didn't keep it long sadly as it wasn't long after buying it that Mrs T got pregnant and i sold both this and the Mk3 to my dad, he's still got both cars although the Mk1's not been out the garage a few years now.
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    Essex V6 reacted to trigger in My life in cars   
    So next up we're back to the Alto, that sold in 2013 and i needed something to replace it so i bought this 1984 Triumph Acclaim HLS of another Autoshite member for £800

    It had done around 440000 miles and drove well on the way home but sadly the head gasket had gone so the first top was to replace that and get the head skimmed, i then got the valance painted

    and after that it wasn't too bad

    I even took it to Shitefest  in Wales in 2015, 700 miles there and back with a boot full of car magazines and it didn't miss a beat, it was a lovely car to drive

    Check out that wheel arch repair!

    I then sold that in 2014 and replaced it with this 1991 Merc 190E 2.0 that i saw for sale on a road in Colchester for £600

    this was a revelation compared to the Acclaim, it was beaut to drive and was in fantastic condition.

    Mrs Trigger took over my Focus and i used for work for ages but the fuel costs and the automatic gearbox started to annoy me as it was always in the wrong gear for the corner, does it still belong to someone on here?
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    Essex V6 reacted to trigger in My life in cars   
    Meanwhile early 2012 i decided i need a old Ford in my life and whilst trawling Ebay i came across this 1974 Cortina 2000 XL in Evesham, the photos we are shite as you'd expect

    but i decided to bid anyway and won it for £2100, the next weekend we drove down and collected it.

    It made it home fine apart from one seized caliper that made me pull into oncoming traffic traffic whenever i braked!
    I had this car for 4 years and done a LOT of work on it, It's been to a Shitefest in Wales too which was brilliant.

    the interior was a mess, the front seats had been replaced with Alfa 156 seats and the rear seats painted with sticky cream paint, i had the original front seats repaired and cleaned all the paint of the rears.

    I also bite the bullet and had the car resprayed too and a pair of front wings fitted 

    and when all finished it looked like this.

    What a nice car! When my wife got pregnant in 2015 i got a wobble on and decided that i had to sell all my cars so my dad bought it off me and still owns it, but there's still a lot of cars before that happened!
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    Essex V6 reacted to trigger in My life in cars   
    After the Passat accident i quickly went out a bought this Bora 1.9TDi Sport, again a nice car but i didn't keep it long.

    Bonus shit Micra included, i then sold that and bought this brilliant Mondeo ST TDCi

    I loved this car, it's probably been my favourite modern car I've owned and i was a complete bellend to sell it but that's another story.

    Now this photo brings us into the next classic, this 1972 Opel Kadett 1200, I saw this for sale on carsandclassic in 2010 for £2200, i had just sold the BMW so was looking for something different and this looks amazing so drove to Hertfordshire to take a look.

    This was the sight we was graced with! i remember the owner opening the barn and pulling this sheet off and the whole barn just glowed orange!

    This was such a nice car, 60000 miles, a genuine UK car from South Wales, I even took it to a Shitefest at the now gone Stondon Transport Museum in 2010  were Dollywobber did a magazine feature on it
    It was around this time that i got shot of the ungrateful piece of crap Nissan Micra and upgraded it to this 1988 Ford Escort 1.6 GL that i found through Spottedlaurel, It was £300 i believe and had one elderly owner who was giving up driving.

    It done 40k and drove like new, I fitted new rear arches and a battery tray and Mrs Trigger had it as a daily for about a year

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    Hopefully these aren't too boring! I'll get to the more interesting stuff soon, i promise!.
    I had this Audi A4 1.8 SE for a about a year in 2006, It was up privately for £2000 which was a utter bargain as it really was a nice car, at the time probably the best all round car i had.

    That got traded in for £2600 against a 2004 Focus 1.8 TDCi Ghia, i won't bore you with that, it was a unreliable turd, this was 2007, I can't remember why i sold it but i ended up with this 1999 Mondeo ST24, i bought it from a garage in Southend in 2008 for £2000, it was immaculate, I'd have another nice one tomorrow.

    God that was pretty! I also bought my wife this 1999 Puma 1.4 at the same time, this was a nice car, handled well and was nippy for a 1.4 but i kept banging my head on the A post and the boot would fill with water when i opened it in the wet.

    Once the novelty of a 2.5 V6 that does 25 mpg wore off i sold that for this Passat 1.9 TDi Sport which was a brilliant car

    Unfortunately things didn't end well for it in 2010 (older members of the forum might remember this) but i was going to view a Mitsubishi Celeste In Nottingham and ended up in a 4 car pile up on the M11, bollocks, again.

    Devastated! We also had a 2004 Nissan Micra 1,5 DCi at the same time but that's a very forgetful car and doesn't warrant photos.
    Now just before this in 2009 i actually bought my first proper classic car toy thing, Mrs Trigger had saved £1600 up for me as a 30th birthday present and i found what looked like a very nice 1975 BMW 1602 Lux for sale up on Brigg, so we took the gamble and went and took a look.

    This was the sight when i arrived, the old boy was a bit of BMW fan, money was paid and the car drove home perfectly.

    I look awful there! I done a lot of little jobs on the car, kept it a year and then decided that i wanted to experience other classic cars so sold it for about £2000, bit silly of me looking back now!

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    Essex V6 reacted to trigger in My life in cars   
    Now i know this is a little bit self indulgent of me but i thought it be interesting (and hopefully not too boring) to share as i haven't posted much in recent times and newer shitters would have missed my project threads in the past.
    I've been into cars as long as i can remember, my childhood mostly involved me playing with my matchbox cars on floor mats (as I'm sure many of you also did) and collecting old car magazines, my dad and his brothers were also into cars so weekends were spent fixing old Cortinas or Maxis on the drive, this is me in 1983 helping dad fit some Rostyles to his VX2300

    The Marina van was his works van at the time, the back axle fell of that apparently in 1985 when it got stuck in some mud and promptly got chopped in for a B reg Transit, and here's one of my uncles old Cortina, god knows what year it was though but you can see the Transit in front of it.

    The years went by and i got a job at a local bodyshop when i left school in 1996 which is were my love for cars got even better, there was only me and my boss there and we covered several garages in Colchester so i was incredibly lucky to be able to collect the cars to work on them giving me the opportunity to drive many 100's of different cars, brand new Subaru Impreza Turbos, Mitsubishi 3000 GT's Honda NSX's and Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbos being a few that stick in mind at the age of 17-21! although most the stuff really was just mundane stuff like Montegos and Honda Civics.
    It was in 1997 that i passed my test first time and bought my first car, a 1984 Vauxhall Nova 1.2 Swing is shit brown, affectionally known as the flying turd.

    Notice had the reg plates were different, i didn't even notice until after i sold it and was looking at these photos! I paid £500 for it off a family friend and absolutely ragged the arse out of it, the wheel arch got pulled off at college so i replaced that but at 120000 miles the valve stem seals were knackered and the car was on it's last legs, i still miss it!
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    Essex V6 got a reaction from worldofceri in Truck Shite   
    This 1980 Volvo looked very tidy

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    Essex V6 reacted to brownnova in A Safrane goes back on the road!   
    Talking of Safranes, these images seem to have done the rounds on social media again recently. Not sure if they’ve been posted here on AS. But… imagine a Safrane estate… then see this the long cours prototype.

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    Essex V6 reacted to andyberg in MG ZR. Yes.   
    I may* have just done a buy. MG ZR+ 105. 
    72k miles, 3 owners, last one a 60ish year old lady that bought from the original owners (family friends) First owner was the dealership. Cambelt done at 62k. Few very small niggles that are easily sorted. MOT expired 4 days ago but has only done 900 miles since last one. I know about OMGHGF with these but this one seems good, no milky stuff in the oil filler and clean coolant. Huge stack of paperwork to go with the car.
    So autoshite collective what can/ should I expect? 

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    Essex V6 reacted to Joey spud in BMC/BMH/BL Readers wives #End of year round up#   
    There is a story about why this is on a N plate and painted BL citron yellow but i'm buggered if i can remember it.
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