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  1. This is true. The garage checked them and as best as they can tell they don't look like they're about to fail. Time will tell.... It wasn't just the bags that were replaced it was the entire strut and bag as getting a new bag to seal on an old corroded strut is a gamble which often backfires according to the Indy who did the work. Cheers.
  2. Get yer ear, yer best ear, right up close to each of the sensors with the ignition on. If they're working you should hear the ultrasonic clicks. No clicks and that sensor is probably the problem. Once you have the bumper off you can swap round a known good (clicking) sensor to check for wiring faults. I thought that might be the problem but it was the sensors. You can swap the position of the sensors as they're all the same it's just the mount were it fits into the bumper that are sided. I have an Icarsoft LR V2, which is very good as it can communicate with all the many modules within the car and clear DTCs. Hope that helps.
  3. BTW. This is a 2004 TD6 HSE which is just run-in at 150k on the clock and counting....
  4. Okay bit of a Ronnie update. While we were away on holiday, Ronnie was in for a new OSF brake pipe and MOT test. Needed OSF lower suspension arm/ball joint. Got back from holiday picked the car up with fresh MOT and no advisories! Driving out of the car park and BANG! WTF happened there, noticed OSF had dropped. The air strut bag had exploded. Feckety feck. Garage was shut - no choice but to phone the AA and get them to recover it to my favourite LR independent who're really good and know their LRs back to front and inside out. Verdict? The local garage who fitted the lower suspension arm broke the height sensor and cable tied it together, this failed and the control unit kept pumping up the bag till it exploded! Obviously being the original bag this caused it to fail and it now required a new air strut (£382) and height sensor (£100). The AA picked up the tab for the recovery and the air strut, I pad that £35 excess and the £100 for the new sensor and labour. Gets the car back and there's a knocking from the OSF when turning the steering and then a few days later the NSF drops 3 or 4 inches and " Air Suspension Failure" showing on the dash..... I call out the AA again and they agree it needs looked at by the garage and I drive it there and leave it with them. I pciked Ronnie up again today. They replaced the NSF air strut (£382) and found the bolt the local garage had used to secure the new suspension arm to the chassis was worn/needing replaced and it was this I was hearing knocking. I paid the £35 excess and a fiver for the new bolt, they didn't charge me any labour for this, so £40. Ronnie's now running really, really well, the brakes are 100% and he's now running on brand new front air struts. I hope this is it for a good while now and it should be. I reckon the AA have paid out over £1000 in breakdown insurance repairs, the electric fuel pump and then both front air struts and that's not including the x2 recoveries and the 3 days hire car when the fuel pump went. Even the LR garage are impressed by the service I've received from the AA. I'll be taking up the issues with the local garage as they should have told me they broke the height sensor as the fecking thing could have gone bang at speed in a bend and caused a massive accident! Not replacing the worn suspension arm bolt is also pretty poor as it was knocking far worse than the small amount of play in the ball joint for which they failed it on the MOT first time round. The dangers of garage servicing.... Cheers all. Hawkaye...
  5. Hell of a lot of 'car' for the money and probably the one the few non ruinous V8s* aboot. I even like the colour and could 'live with' the interiour for the sake of the aforementioned. *Previous Land Rover products need not apply, lol.
  6. This the V8.... https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201907220336041?atmobcid=soc5 Get it bought. 👍
  7. CLK is nice and non-crusty it seems, which is rare for them and those Mercs of that -2005 era. This V8 petrol almost might make some kind of sense? I think it still looks good and would be lush to drive. I'm sure your dogs would approve too. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201905087739443?atmobcid=soc5 Shit. It's a V6.... WHY Lexus WHY?
  8. With a modicum of brutality, the ABS sensor was removed. The securing bolt snapped off, broke right at the get go.... Much hammering drilling and screwdrivering and the magnets and inner plastic case finally came free. Checked the reluctor ring and it seemed fine, so with a little grease added, the new sensor was gently knocked into place and seated nicely. Move it shant. Fired Billy (the Boxster) up and the ABS light went out straight away and stayed out. 👍 Cleared the stored DTC code and it was high fives alround and a beer to celebrate another cheap job, £34, being completed. 🍻 I've also swapped out the rear light lenses for smoked versions. Yes I am a #tart. Check condition of the inner wing! #Mint!
  9. The CAR WIZARD shares the top BMW's TO Buy & NOT to Buy! Yawl... 😁
  10. Wiring checks out okay so ordered a Bosch sensor from Mister Auto on eBay for £34. Weirdly, when I checked the live data via OBD it was providing wheel speed but was slow to update the speed compared to the other 3. Will update the other thread later. Roof now been given it's first coat of Renovo blue reviver and it's looking a hell of a lot better already. Second coat going on shortly.
  11. Revelation to John 1-1. And on the first day Porsche created the mid-engined layout and by God it's good! I keep waiting for the front to weight up as the corner speed increases and it to begin to push wide into, mild understeer, like every other car I've ever driven. It just doesn't happen. It just darts round the bend and out. In the dry at least, it's nothing short of EPIC! 300 miles. 50L of 98RON = 26mpg including the blast up the A7, A6 last weekend. #Econowagen. ABS fault located. Either the speed sensor or the speed sensor wiring? More on this story, later.....
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