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  1. Well that was fun; car now for sale. £4995 secures sale
  2. And hame, thanks to Stena for a hassle free journey and sound nights sleep, there and back. Was bloody great times.
  3. So, normality looms large. We're now n Hoek of Holland waiting on the 10pm ferry. Think we've done just over 3000 miles since leaving hame on the 2nd. Still 500 to go when the ferry docks. All going well, well be home tomorrow night.
  4. Yesterday, Annecy France to Bruge Belgium. At pace . Bruge was good, beer N waffles what.
  5. Think this one is a lost case. Still seems pretty solid but well stripped.
  6. The other thing about driving an Autoshite CL500, no matter where you pull up, your pretty much guaranteed to have the best motor in the car park, no matter.
  7. #Winter beater. New one beyond for church on Sunday.
  8. I'm also now a wildlife photographer 📸 The wife thinks it's a Greater European Marmit, although she did drop out of Zoology course in year one..... He looked as interested in us the CL500 as we were with him, he'd obviously never seen one, before as we him. I think it's some form a petit bear 🐻 What do you reckon it is. No cheating.
  9. Seen many more Brits in France than anywhere else including a few tame motorcyclists, not shown.
  10. Fuel seems cheaper here too, around €1.60. That SP26 really is an amazing road, took in the petit pass st Bernard and then the routes des Grandes Alps which is tight and narly like a good Scottish mountain road. Mpg dropped to 10 so had to back off a bit in fear or draining the tank and the wife's constant screaming was getting on my nerves.
  11. Entered France 🇫🇷 this morning and it was awash with Automerde. Vive la France!
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