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  1. They're smart. Lucked out on them as second handers on the 'Bay. New regulator ordered this morning and it should be here tomorrow, thanks to DPD. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/131725379609
  2. Maybe aye. Can get a kit from Germany for £40, which will take a while to get here, I'd imagine. Entire new regulator is £72 from the UK, would be here within a week. I'd hate to wait for the kit and then it was shit, or a ballache to fit and then it break the third time I used the window and have to go through the entire process again.... Decisions, decisions.
  3. Issue with drivers door window is...... The window regulator is fubar. It all came apart easily enough. Door card off, air bag out after disconnecting battery, door membrane peeled off, window glass removed, motor and regulator released and removed. Motor is working perfect. Regulator cable had snapped where it exits the motor. Looking around now for a new regulator.
  4. Update: battery recharged and Pete's running pretty good. Carried out a pre-mot and everything works as it should, although the drivers leccy window glass seems to have become disconnected from the regulator? Will need to have a look? Decided against taking for MOT test tomorrow, will review later in the month and get it tested then? SORN remains in place for now. Proper update next time.
  5. They're red. A previous owner clearly loved Pete' as they spent many thousands and thousands - IMS - RMS - valve gear - PS hoses etc. etc. I have receipts for over £30k! What the car cost new in 2000. Main reason I bought it even though it has slightly higher mileage it has been cherished.
  6. The work was carried out by https://performance-porsche.co.uk/ Pete's MOT is booked in for Tuesday. My local friendly MOT man is closed. Means I'll need to brave it out at ATS. Hope the ABS light behaves itself..... Enjoyed reading your thread. They're great cars. I sold our SLK230 to buy Pete'. Zero regrets. BTW. He's not the 'S'. Just the 2.7. Someone put the badge on, but he does have the Brembo calipers which I think came from an S? I did upgrade? the rear lights to aftermarket yins. Gives the rear a much more modern look. He's been on a Sorn since Nov. All going well back in service next week. P.S. No A/C on this car to worry about and it isn't missed, just less to go wrong! P.P.S. Mileage is nearing 150k.
  7. Here's how Pete' sounds with the exhaust bypass mod'. This was done by the previous owner.
  8. It was to allow for 'consultation'. Cnuts. Mine is booked in for the nearest MOT station that remains open, for Tuesday. ATS Stirling. Fecking ABS light has a mind of it's own as per usual German gremlin in the system. Will pull a battery reset when I arrive and hope that's enough to get our ticket to ride? If it fails I'm going rogue as the law's an arse.
  9. Mine 26th March double-fuckssake.... Pretty sure the local station is shut too.
  10. Top bloke, top skills, top Escort.
  11. Rare old truck these days. Looks smart in Brexit Green. MOT expired on 26 July 2019 Bit of a project..... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-EXPLORER-2000/264642990574?hash=item3d9df391ee:g:mEEAAOSwIWBeSmjW
  12. Mega flip-top topper for that moneyz. Well bought(ed). 🤠
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