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  1. Did a double take when I saw this on the A-Team last night. I didn’t even know they sold them in the US, I love what he’s done to it, I’m sure the Doctor would approve
  2. My favourite “no MOT but it will pass no problem “. Bonus chuckles if you run the number plate and find it it had a two page failure list the week before the ad was placed.
  3. Peugeot 307 SW 2.0 HDi Year introduced: 2002 Max speed (mph): 119 Max Power (bhp): 145 (remap edition) Cubic capacity: 1997 Autoshite rating: ???
  4. I had something similar when I was trying to get a headlamp for a 5 door Stilo. Got told they were the same as the 3 door, I told him they definitely weren’t as I bought a 3 door one already thinking they were and it didn’t fit. But as in your case he was having none of it and I was just an idiot.
  5. I quite like u-pull-it at Inverkeithing. The majority of the staff are alright and the online price list makes things easy. They can be a bit mental with prices when you try to buy something not listed online. Years ago I used the cluster of scrappies in Kirkcaldy. They could really take this piss. You’d ask how much for something and they’d say take it off first. Then they’d have you by the short and curlys after you’ve just sweated for two hours removing something. My mate was buying some bits for his mini (this was back in the day when they were just a cheap old car) and asked if they would throw in a bit or carpet from the top of the dash. They wanted £30 extra for it, he said no so the guy just launched it out the door into a puddle, very strange negotiating tactic. TBH now a days I use eBay or buy new. Often ebay is cheaper and you’ve got some come back if it’s a pile of shit.
  6. Not quite graffiti but it used to be common for the cabs of power station turbine hall cranes to be plastered with jazz mag pictures. As they were all switched to remote control they became a bit of a time capsule. A guy I worked with refused to ever do any work that involved going inside the cabins as he had heard rumours his mum had posed for pics when she was younger and he didn’t want to risk seeing far more of her than he ever wanted.
  7. Car insurance is totally broken in this country, insurance used to mean you'd put all put money into a big pot and then when something bad happened there was money for you to fix the problem. Now you pay money to join the insurance club, when you actually try and use the insurance they inflate your claim with crazy hire car charges between themselves. You end of paying back this money in the form of increased premiums for the next five years as you had a claim and therefore their 'statistics' prove you're a higher risk given them the excuse to charge you more. The real reason for this is to further increase their profits by putting people off trying to use the service they have been paying for. My OH's car was smacked, at the end of the claim I got sight of the hire car bill, it was over four and half grand!
  8. Some heroic willow keeping next door’s fence from smacking my car
  9. I then had an Alfa, a Fiat and a Volvo before again going French with my now current car a 307 SW 2.0 HDi. This in now only 10,000 mile short of 200,000. I keep thinking about replacing it but I can’t find anything that I fancy apart from a Bini Clubman which I can’t afford!
  10. My first french car was a Mk1 Renault Clio 1.9D. I bought this off a friend as an experiment to see if I could run a car off veg oil. Being a Lucas pump, I had to twin tank it. This worked fine and I have happy memories of sliding off the flat seats whilst GLF round corners with it. I was scared it would need tons of work for the upcoming MOT so I randomly sold it back to the same person I bought it off when they returned from back packing round Australia, who then Mot’d it with no problems! My next French car was a bottom of the range 206 2.0 DW8, I actually bought this for my OH but ended up inheriting it when she needed a five door. This was incredibly slow, I remember struggling up hills on the motorway with it. Overtaking required considerably planning and you were screwed if the asshat you were going past sped up. Sadly the fuel economy wasn’t amazing either, especially if you dared to do 70. It was however very reliable, annoyingly enough the only time it did FTP’d was when I was on a work trip, had finished early and I decided to have a look round Cambridge. it conked out right in the centre at a set of temporary traffic lights. I managed to join the RAC, wait an hour then call them up, the woman who answered the phone was raging at me. The recovery guy couldn’t have been nicer though. Sadly to have him recover me home would have been more than the car was worth, so he dumped it in a retail car park that he was ‘pretty sure’ didn’t clamp cars. I had to call my company and ask the secretary to quietly order me a hire car to get home. I then (unknown at the time but illegally due to my licence) borrowed a van and trailer and drove down from Fife to collect it and drag it home. Turned out to be a bad connection in the engine loom plug which I simply bypassed. The day the Mayans had predicted the world was going to end I drowned it in a huge flood going to work. I remember my OH crying when I had to call her and tell her I had killed her first car. Until then it had manage to clock over 200,000 miles.
  11. Tell him it’s ok you have bottle of magic oil that will make sure the ‘valves’ on two strokes can cope with E10. You can supply this for only £100 extra.
  12. That’s one brave guy, coming off that must equal instant smeary death
  13. No one mentioned max power stickers yet? My mate put one in his mini’s back window and then changed his mind. When he removed it, it took most of the heating elements with it.
  14. I need to weld a patch on the top of this section but it can wait till after the MOT/end of time. This is looking down from the passenger seat.
  15. I cut and hammered this patch out of some nice stainless steel so at least it won't rust again. Welding it on was a PITA as the patch was right over the ramp rails so access was crap, but I got it in (that black bit is a bit of brunt crap and not a hole).
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