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  1. That’s equally impressive skills as it is terrifying
  2. what a bellend, I hate how some people seem to think when you're selling something that you're checking your phone 24/7 and are also that you should reply within a microsecond of them messaging you, otherwise they send you a torrent of "????"
  3. Old skool smash the sills in and stuff with blue roll and fibre glass on my 307. The asshat who did this blocked up all the drains which meant I had to patch the inner sills as well as they were constantly sitting in a pool of water. I drilled a hole in one to let the water out. This is what it was made of Add lightness
  4. The Stilo I bought for my OH was described as just having a new head gasket and water pump fitted but it was still over heating. I changed the head gasket again and wasted a lot of time fault finding everything but the ‘new’ water pump. This is what the new pump looked like when I removed it. TBH once I had this sorted this was one of the better cars we’ve owned. I know Stilo’s get a lot of hate but it was well made inside and the soft long travel suspension gave it a nice ride. The 1.2 16V engine with the six speed box was quick enough and good on fuel when cruising.
  5. I fitted my nice new Dayco pump with a smear of grease on both sides of the metal type gasket. I cleaned up the block with a scotch bright pad before this. I was struggling to get the tension set and running out of time so I settle on this as being the final tension. Almost in the right place. I had intended on changing all the coolant but as I was short of time I just topped it up with some universal coolant I had. The HBOL and the internet refer to a bleed screw located at the front of the engine but mine had a different design of pipe and was missing this. I couldn’t find a bleed screw anywhere else so I just ran it up to temperature whilst squeezing the hoses. This worked fine and it’s set for another 60,000 miles.
  6. I had bought an eBay locking kit but to get the camshaft lock in you have to remove all these gubbings to get to the blanking plug. Bugger that I thought, I just made sure everything was timed up and popped off the belt. With the belt off I could remove the water pump which was date marked 2011. This came off nice and easily. And looked and felt completely fine.
  7. After much faffing and annoyance that I couldn’t find my 15mm ratchet spanner I got the engine mount off. I found the aux belt idler pulley that lives under this plate on the mount was seriously dry and very noisy. I didn’t have a replacement pulley and the idea of having to take this mount off again in the future was something I didn’t want to consider. With some very gentle persuasion I was able to remove the seal from one side of the bearing and force in some fresh grease before replacing the seal. The result was a lovely quiet and smooth pulley.
  8. This is when I noticed and @steveo3002 agreed that there was a bolt missing off my engine mount. Removing this mount was a serious PITA. Sockets were no good I had to use a deep ring to most of them off. I had the engine sitting in a block of wood on a trolley jack, even moving it up and down slightly didn’t help. You can see a socket in the pic. There’s no way to get a ratchet handle on it.
  9. The top timing cover was held on with some small hex bolts. Amazingly enough the engine was sitting stop on tdc.
  10. The aux belt tensioner was next to be removed. This was a bit of faff trying to get off due to access. Then despite me checking the weather forecast the day before and the morning to check it wasn’t going to rain, it naturally started chucking it down.
  11. Next on my list was the cambelt and water pump. First job was to remove the aux belt. Back in the day I would have just fitted a new one but lack of cash meant this one was going back on. It doesn’t look too bad, the aux pulley came off with just a wee bit of a fight. Luckily the crank shaft seal looks good as I didn’t have a replacement.
  12. The front tyres just squeaked through the MOT, the middle part of them was literally just 1.6mm and no more. As prices continue to rise and we hurtle towards a mad max economy, I traded the almost new tyres off my Pug, a small amount of cash and a sack of crisps for some part worns.
  13. How about sticking new shells in a fucked DCi and then flogging it. Meaning the buyer (me) had to spend £550 on a replacement engine. This still burns me to today, after always running shitters a family member gave us £3K to buy a car and my OH had always wanted a convertible. We had two weeks of top down motoring until it shat itself. The bolts holding the sump on weren’t even tightened properly. Ended up selling it with the replacement engine, new clutch and timing belt for £300 less than we paid for it.
  14. I had a Skoda Scaler as a courtesy car recently. It had a speed limiter but not cruise. So you had to pay extra money just to add the function in SW. I got round it by setting the speed limiter to my desired speed and then just jamming my foot in footwell. Same with the apple car play function, it just said contact your dealer when you clicked it.
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