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  1. I fitted a decat pipe to a Punto I had a few years back. I used a right angle spacer for the post cat sensor and this kept the eml from coming on. Here’s a pic showing what it looked like
  2. Why did the body shop quote him £600, but he car has US plates on it? Also use of the phrase “grocery store” suggests they just took their US sales pitch and changed $600 to £600. That’s not saying it won’t work on small scratches, it sounds like some sort of cloth containing a mild abrasive so basically a cloth plus t-cut.
  3. Does anyone know why these have a wee bit of foam stick to the filter? My 307 HDi was the first car I encountered with a filter like this.
  4. Is it just me or is your first response not nasty anyway? “Save up your pennies”, isn’t a terrible thing to say.
  5. I had a 60S punto mk1, I loved it and it enjoyed a good thrashing. The only thing that let it down was the million turns lock to lock on the non pas steering.
  6. Totally agree with this, I had the same feeling with my Volvo S80, after a shit day at work sliding into the leather seats just felt so relaxing. I would get in raging and be completely calm by the time I got home.
  7. Lol ‘vicious’ fuel, that must be for race use only, thanks autocorrect!
  8. Hope things get better for you, re the air leak I don’t know if I’ve posted this before but when I used to run veg a few people on the veg forum sweared by adding a low pressure lift pump to the line feeding the mechanical pump. This small bit of pressure did away with any annoying air leaks ruining the vacuum pulling the fuel through. Obvious any small leaks you had were worse when you were trying to pull a more vicious fuel though, adding this small pump solved them.
  9. Sitting on the on the M90 earlier this morning, usual story, a lorry jack knifed. Further up there was another lorry stuck going up a hill so the lorry behind him tried to get past him, guess what he also got stuck, now both lanes have lorries stuck in the, great teamwork guys. We should have the system they have in Germany where lorry firms don't have to fit winter tyres, but if they don't and they cause an obstruction in bad weather they get fined. Every time I get stuck on a motorway in winter it's because of a lorry.
  10. I had similar shit with the first house I purchased. I was massively excited and had swapped shifts so I had the day off. I skipped down to the estate agents, the woman took the keys out her drawer and was about to hand them to me, when her colleague shouted over saying they were still waiting on one signature from the current owners, who were the previous owner’s kids. It was like the bit in bullseye when they brought out the speedboat you could have won. She just tossed them back in the drawer and told me phone back in the afternoon. It ended up it wasn’t until the following day I go
  11. Have you ever had to ask the driving test examiner if he wants his seat adjusted before the test as the handle is broken but it’s ok as you’ve thought ahead and brought a pair of pliers with you.
  12. If only this was true: https://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/society/joking-that-neighbour-can-clean-your-car-next-to-incur-three-point-penalty-20161005114854
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