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  1. I think to be road legal they have to be E marked? I’m sure some of the Phillips ones are but the Chinese specials I used certainly weren’t. If you get the more expensive ones with the concentrated LED in the same shape as a filament, the beam pattern is just like a halogen but brighter and sharper. They also put less strain on your wiring and connectors as they draw less current than a halogen bulb.
  2. I’ve used LED head lamp bulbs for years. This test explains which type you should buy https://www.autobulbsdirect.co.uk/blog/are-led-headlight-bulbs-the-brightest/ never had any problem come mot time either
  3. I know you shouldn't feed the trolls but I couldn't resist this
  4. You don’t have an air leak on the inlet side, so it’s struggling to get the trim right due to the excess air? Might be worth a spray if wd40 or the like around the inlet manifold and any joins to see if it affects the idle.
  5. That’s a bargain, where did you get them from? I was looking at part worns on eBay but they’re either not that cheap or really old.
  6. I fitted a decat pipe to a Punto I had a few years back. I used a right angle spacer for the post cat sensor and this kept the eml from coming on. Here’s a pic showing what it looked like
  7. Why did the body shop quote him £600, but he car has US plates on it? Also use of the phrase “grocery store” suggests they just took their US sales pitch and changed $600 to £600. That’s not saying it won’t work on small scratches, it sounds like some sort of cloth containing a mild abrasive so basically a cloth plus t-cut.
  8. Does anyone know why these have a wee bit of foam stick to the filter? My 307 HDi was the first car I encountered with a filter like this.
  9. Is it just me or is your first response not nasty anyway? “Save up your pennies”, isn’t a terrible thing to say.
  10. I had a 60S punto mk1, I loved it and it enjoyed a good thrashing. The only thing that let it down was the million turns lock to lock on the non pas steering.
  11. Totally agree with this, I had the same feeling with my Volvo S80, after a shit day at work sliding into the leather seats just felt so relaxing. I would get in raging and be completely calm by the time I got home.
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