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  1. Thanks for the offer, the £28 one on amazon has disappeared. I’ll need to get back in touch with Reb to see about the ones he kindly offered me.
  2. Now knowing that the crank, gearbox are ok I ordered some parts: LUK release bearing £13.41 Gearbox oil seal set £12.39 I'm not sure what to do about the N/S driver shaft inner CV joint, it's definitely got sticky bits in it's movement which I think has been causing the side to side vibration when I've been accelerating. I'm thinking of just getting a new one from Amazon for £28 but I'm worried about how I'm going to remove the driveshaft nut as the hub is not attached to the car. I can see a tie wrap on the inner joint so it looks like someone has been in it in the past, I wonder if I repack it with grease it would help or is it a lost cause?
  3. The DMF had completely broken up inside, however yet again the car decided to be a dick and one of the mounting bolts managed to get stuck inside the remains of the DMF as I removed it. You can see bits of the DMF through the bolt holes. Luckily whilst I was trying to cut a hole in the rear of the DMF to retrieve the bolt it worked its way round so I could extract it.
  4. With the gearbox off lets have a look at the clutch. The fingers look ok That's not a good sign
  5. I then removed the last of the bolts holding the gearbox to the engine but I couldn't get it to budge. Then I noticed a small bracket at the rear of the engine/gearbox that held them together. This wasn't mentioned at all in the ever helpful HBOL, as always access was crap so I could only just get a 16mm spanner in, which sadly wasn't a ratchet spanner. With this off I was finally able to split it. However as every the car fought me and one of the gear change cables I'd previously wasted an hour carefully removing managed to partially fall back into it's mount and cleverly ripped a piece off as the gearbox was removed, rendering the clip useless.
  6. Someone mentioned the gearbox mounting stud was held in with loctite so I put some heat on it and out it came
  7. Ah this car never fails to go the extra mile to piss me off, oh look all my spannering around the gearbox stud has induced a leak from the temp sensor, that'll be another £2.58 added to the cost of the clutch change
  8. It really is terrible how some people treat their kids.
  9. Thanks for the kind offer but I think it would be more hassle sticking it all back together to shift it.
  10. I then removed the gearbox mount but I was stopped when I couldn't get the mounting stud out the top of the gearbox. It has some half arsed 16mm flats on it but a ring slips off. I tried double nutting the threaded part but due to crap access (can you see a pattern here) I can't tighten the two nuts against each other enough to stop them unwinding. None of my normal deep sockets are deep enough, it looks like I would need a socket at least 80mm long! I read some people simply removed the bracket the stud was attached to, but then others have said don't do this as one of the bolts apparently effects the preload on the diff??? Anyone know anything about this?
  11. Then I went round and started to remove the lower bolts holding the gearbox to the engine, I numbered each one as I removed it and wrote the number next to bolt hole as they are different lengths. This one was a bugger to get to as access was so tight you could barely get one click on a ratchet handle.
  12. Next up was removing the crank shaft sensor and reversing sensor wiring plugs, I found this great tip about using a loop of wire to pull them off as they are recessed, it works really well.
  13. Last weekend I got some more time spent on the clutch change, I would just like to say nothing is more soul destroying than spending a whole freaking hour just removing the gear change cables. These were horrible things, you had to slightly push the cable down and then push two tiny clips out of the way with a small screw driver and then push them out, before the clips could engage again. Of course access was crap as these are buried right down the back of the engine. First one off, the second one came off eventually as well. I watched one youtube video where the guy just burst these off with a crow bar, I was getting close to this with frustration but I didn't think the plastic holder would stand up very well to this.
  14. If the doc doesn’t want these could I please throw my hat in the ring? @TheDoctor glad you’ve got some good news now!
  15. Tbh one of the reasons this is taking so long is I just can’t be bothered with it. If I had the money I’d just have sent it over the bridge. I’d like to replace it but I can’t seem to find something similar that will transport 6 people without being a people carrier, which I don’t want. In an ideal world I would get get a V70 with the seats in the boot but sadly funds won’t stretch to this. Also I really really hate the colour, especially the green dash! I almost recently bought a scrap one in a colour with the idea of swapping all the body panels and then getting the rear quarter sprayed to match. But again lack of cash prevented this.
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