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  1. It’s a gorgeous car, if I had the money I would have snapped it as well. I hope you enjoy it.
  2. As someone with a controls background it would be pretty simple to split the whole length into sections and then set up digital speed limit displays for each one. You could then limit the section that was being worked on and nothing else. The speed cameras are broken up into sections so you’re half way there already! It’s pretty pathetic that you are forced to drive at 50 for literally miles sometimes in roadworks like this, for the sake of one 100m section being worked on.
  3. I got one of these as well. Whilst they work really well I find having to drive over it a couple of times, adjust the tracking, driving over again a bit of a pain. Also you then need to go for a quick drive to check the steering wheel is central, if not you have wind thread in and out opposite sides and then...check again. I quite fancy that cheap laser set you can get but I can’t justify ~£100 for something I use about once a year. A good positive though is I always find using the Gunson I can make a better job of the tracking than the fast fit places I’ve used in the past.
  4. I’d still be tempted to call the fitter up, tell him it cracked the next day and ask for some if not all of your money back
  5. Stupid question: with having no windscreen do you have to wear a helmet with a visor whenever you drive it? Or could you get away with glasses/sun glasses?
  6. Many many years ago I did deliveries for a chippy. To save money the owner used to reuse the clingfilm the elephant leg came wrapped in to wrap up the vegetables at the end of the night. 🤢
  7. I used to have to drive along this road everyday, it largely consist of narrow winding turns with zero visibility like this (note cycle lane to left): The council spent a fortune putting in a separate cycle lane, as you can see class A arseholes like this guy holding the bus up refused to use it, (this straight section is at the very end of it): I'm also a hobby cyclist but I manage to enjoy myself without holding up people trying to go around their day to day business, in fact I can't think of any other hobby that interferes with others more than Lycra cycling?
  8. Personally I think we should bring back old words. Overmorrow is a great word. It means the day after tomorrow. My favourite though is defenestration, I’ll let you look up the definition. I love the fact we actually have a word for this.
  9. It is in the dictionary: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/dictionary.cambridge.org/amp/english/outwith It appears to have originated in Middle English but then it fell out of favour apart from in Scotland and Ireland.
  10. Great thread, same question for me please. Love the Astra, here’s a pic for mine when I drove it from Fife to Aachen in one day.
  11. Does this paint not dry to a film, so you can pick it off in sheets?
  12. I always think these magazine would do better if they did an online version of themselves at a much discounted price from the print version. If the physical magazine is £5 and they did an online version for say half that if you took out a years subscription I’d say they’d see an increase in readership. Plus there’s no real extra cost for each online reader. Stick clickable ads relevant to the reader inside as well and they have another income stream. A few people above have said they would have liked to buy Retro rides but they couldn’t find it in shops. If it had been online it would have easy enough to find. I buy car mechanics now and again and it always amazes me how little discount they give if you take out the online subscription.
  13. I rented a K11 in Zante many years ago, there were four of us in it and we had to turn the air con off whilst going up the crazy step hills on the island in first gear. Still could have been worse, lots of people rented scooters and found they couldn’t manage the hills, so you’d see them struggling in the heat pushing them up the hills.
  14. I really liked it, especially the stop motion bits. Did you get the paint from the place in Thornton Richard recommended?
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