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  1. No one mentioned max power stickers yet? My mate put one in his mini’s back window and then changed his mind. When he removed it, it took most of the heating elements with it.
  2. I need to weld a patch on the top of this section but it can wait till after the MOT/end of time. This is looking down from the passenger seat.
  3. I cut and hammered this patch out of some nice stainless steel so at least it won't rust again. Welding it on was a PITA as the patch was right over the ramp rails so access was crap, but I got it in (that black bit is a bit of brunt crap and not a hole).
  4. Dodgybastard asked me if I wanted to remove the grot with an angle grinder or the plasma cutter. Silly question, I mean it has 'plasma' in the name! Chop, chop
  5. I got my MOT booked but it was so far away I thought it would be worthwhile looking at little tiny crunchy bit on one of the chassis outriggers. Massive thanks to @DodgyBastard for the use of his ramp and gear. Lets have a little poke at the rusty bit: Nasty, I did all this with just my hand and screw driver What's strange is the other side is completely solid.
  6. If they start answering above with ‘just come and see it’ this means it’s a mess. I once drove a 100 mile round trip to look at car with the idea of buying it for a body parts donor after being told it was ‘mint’. By mint they meant all the bottoms of the doors were rusty and badly touched up with a different colour.
  7. I do miss him shouting “brothers and sisters” every five minutes.
  8. This was very satisfying sadly I couldn’t do much about the roof. It’s been suggested to soak this in dilute bleach. Anyone else tried this before?
  9. It was then time to lower to the ground and extract it from the bush that was growing round it. Here’s the view from the driver’s seat. Thanks to my solar panel plugged in the OBD it started no problem. And I was pleased so see no warning lights.
  10. Finally I fitted the back box to the new bracket. I had bought a new clamp for this too but it proved impossible to get on so I ended up using the old clamp that I was previously using to hold on the ‘sports box’.
  11. Next up was fitting the centre exhaust section Thanks to eBay I even managed to get a genuine Peugeot clamp. Nothing but the best for this shitbox.
  12. The rubber part of the bracket that supports the back box fell off when the back box decided it wanted to pursue a solo career. The nuts wouldn’t budge and I didn’t want to risk shearing the studs so they were cut off with a grinder. I bought a new bracket but sadly it looks far too small, I had to use some washers to both space it from the chassis and allow the nuts to hold it not ideal
  13. Whilst the exhaust was off I took the opportunity to vactan and paint some of the worst bits under the car. i
  14. First job was to remove the rusted through middle exhaust section, no need to remove the back box that had self removed itself.
  15. Being left under a tree hasn’t done the paintwork any wonders either
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