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  1. Some employers insists on these terms or they get you a hire car. One of my old employers had a fit when they found I was running my Clio on veg oil. It took a lost persuading to show them it was perfectly legal.
  2. If you can afford a new 5 series how about you look at E39 M5s. If you look after it you should be able to get your money back when you sell it as well, which would fit in with your financial thinking.
  3. Yeah this but doesn’t sit right with me. TBH honest this and the cat C would really put me off. Could it be a ringer? Take the identify of a car owned by an old lady and stick it on your drug dealer spec stolen one?
  4. I had a vibration on my S80 under load. When I had cruise control set on it, the vibration would appear when going up hills. I thought it was the upper engine mount, which I changed. It turned out to be the tyres. I’d do what you said above and rotate the tyres before starting to replace stuff.
  5. Yep, all the news outlets start going on about it and it self perpetuates. “Quick Doris let’s head to Tesco for 100 toilet rolls, the BBC says the panic buying has started, we don’t want to miss out”.
  6. Can’t you get one of those automatic ultrasonic dog bark stop machines? When they hear a bark they make a sound dogs don’t like so over time they learn not to bark?
  7. It’s a test rack for working on electrical/electronic kit. There’s a power supply, a volt meter and I think a signal generator and a counter. If you zoom in on the pics the units have labels I think. I’m on my phone so I can’t see them very well.
  8. I was at my dad’s recently and he reminded me that this is still sitting in his garage. A nice piece of test kit. Last time I powered it up, all the modules worked bar one but I can’t remember which one. Free to a shitter. Collection only in Fife due to size.
  9. what sort of mpg are you getting from this?
  10. I had this problem in my 307, it would randomly stick the headlamps on. I solved it by enabling ‘daytime running lights’ in Peugeot planet. Now as soon as you start the engine it puts the headlamps on. I fitted LED headlamp bulbs so I’m not wasting 110W whenever I’m driving. It helps dozy people see you as well.
  11. Is there no function on the app/ website to download and print a pdf version? - I was having the same issue but my solicitor confirmed a pdf was OK as ID. Sadly my solicitor is insisting on a printed copy. Probably because they are the only people I know who still use fax machines as apparently they’re more secure than email.
  12. My bank are pissing me off. I went paperless a while back. I now need an actual printed statement for ID purposes. I asked them on live chat and was told they’d send one out. Two weeks passed, no statement. So I called them, the woman apologised and promised to send one out. Another two weeks have passed and guess what, no statement. I’m going to call them, put in a complaint and go back to paper statements. It‘s only their money they’ll now be wasting having to post me a statement every month.
  13. The constant coverage of the US election is doing my head in. By all means report on the winner, but this continuous series of daily updates and discussions is just annoying me. We don’t get this sort of level of coverage for any of the elections of our nearest neighbours, that arguably have more impact on us than the USA. I’m assuming the journalists are just all trying to spin out how long they get to spend in the states on expenses.
  14. In my head all I could hear was the announcer from Demolition Derby on the PlayStation saying: ”whoa, you’ve blown your radiator”
  15. I always remember my mate had a mini around the millennium. I spent many weekends welding it up for him. He lost interest when he went to uni and his mum made him sell it for pennies shortly after just to get it out her garage. He didn’t even give me a shout to see if I wanted it, which I would have!
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