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  1. Really interesting write up, it's good(?) to see that others are having problems stopping the ginger returning and it's not just me. I used Vactan on the tow bar of my 307 and never got round to top coating it and it held up fine, however I used it to treat the rust on the arches of my saab early this year and rust is already starting to come back through.
  2. Sorry I miss typed that there is a captive nut welded to the subframe. If there was a nut I’d just chop it off and punch the bolt through.
  3. I don’t even have a driveway it’s just grass and yes it’s shit. I could have done this on my dad’s drive but I thought a couple of wishbones, nothing I’ve not done before and it shouldn’t be too bad…
  4. Def is a captive nut as I’ve already changed the other side and it’s just a bolt.
  5. A pocket lighter and five litres of petrol seem more appealing. The worst thing is in my head I think I’m still in less than the scrap price so every day I’m more and more tempted to have it taking across the bridge.
  6. The other side was a piece of piss compared to this one and is already changed. Problem is if I cut it out I won’t have anything to undo the bolt with. I don’t have a welder to weld a nut to it.
  7. I think I’m going shove a heat gun in the space and keep an eye on the cv boot above it.
  8. Picked up some nice new 1/2” drive impact sockets from Halfords and set to remove the wishbone bolt. My Aldi gun still can’t touch it. However joys upon joys the bolt is undoing but the insert for the bush is stuck to the bolt. As you undo it it feels like it’s going to rip the subframe apart. As you can see the head is barely proud of the subframe so rather than just undoing, the metal inset from the bush is pushing the subframe mounting out of shape. I’m not sure if I should keep undoing it and hope as some point the insert will release from the bolt or will it burst open the subframe? I can’t really get heat in here as the cv boot sits right above this. I’m tempted to see if I can break the insert up with a cold chisel.
  9. That's the same one I've got, it makes a great cup once once you get the hang of it. I had problems with the basket sealing, I changed the seal but it would still leak. I ended up packing the seal out with a circle of silicon. I think the head needs adjusted but if you watch youtube videos of stripdowns the insides seems to be stuffed with wires and pipes so I'm just leaving it be.
  10. And neither is the Aldi rattle gun! Annoyingly as I’m doing this at my house I don’t have access to my compressor, unless I stick it the Saab and lug it round.
  11. I’ve only got my Aldi “400Nm” rattle gun but I’ll stick that on it when my new impact sockets arrive.
  12. That's the problem I can't get to the nut as it's captive in the chassis unless it's sticking out the back and I can't see it looking down. I think it's somewhere in the red circled area inside the subframe.
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