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  1. Re taps, an guy I worked with restored motorcycles, he gave me a good tip of picking up an old lathe chuck at an auto jumble and using that to hold the taps when you can’t get the proper handle in.
  2. The hand brake was shit on my S80 as well, it either didn’t hold or dragged depending on how you adjusted it. It being an auto as well it never bothered me until it failed the mot. A hero on here suggested changing the return springs. I did this and it was like night and day.
  3. For the benefit of those of us browsing on our phones, what is that? I’m not sure if it’s a plastic bag or an anorexic monkey hanging upside down.
  4. What are these on the side of the engine. As they super secret Leyland mad max super chargers with clutches?
  5. We’ve got plenty of fork lifts, let me know when you fancy coming round to look at it. I think you could dismantle quite a few bits off it to make it easier to lift.
  6. Looks great, are you making room for a rather large metal folder!
  7. You might find this interesting... https://youtu.be/_ql8ybhwEbk
  8. I am now officially old. When I was doing all the clutch work I also fitted a lowering kit (springs and shocks). Whilst it now corners incredible flat I can’t take the harsh ride. Annoying after installing the lowering kit I’ve since learned I should have cut my bump stops, some of the harsh ride may be down to it hitting the stops. I’m half tempted to take the struts out and do this. However I don’t want to go to all this trouble and it still be really harsh. My plan therefore is to keep the new shocks but refit the original springs. I’m going to cut one coil off the very long front standard spring to make it slightly stiffer and also make it easier to fit.
  9. Do you have a trade account with TMS or is that just normal punter prices? What are they like generally price wise?
  10. I think most of this rot was caused by the previous owner glassing over both sills including the drain holes! So they sat slowly rotting away whilst full of water, this gives me an excuse to post this pic again when I drilled through the glass fibre.
  11. The MOT was booked the following day, I didn't even have time to wash off the burn marks before I presented it, however: It passed no problem
  12. The rear of the N/S sill was also rotten, again both inner and outer sills A patch was attached to the inside Then my repair patch was put on top, this one went ok as I was welding it onto another patch I'd put on previously so the repair didn't get any bigger
  13. I used a strip of steel to patch the inner sill before I attached my premade patch. I then made up another patch to cover the rest of the rot. You can see the two patches below, the one I made up in the workshop is the one tacked on the LHS
  14. I took FOAD up on his kind offer and drove my car with working clutch to his workshop. I'd made some repair patches up at work, I'd made the O/S one about twice as big as I thought it needed to be just in case. It was much worse than I though it was going to be, the inner sill was badly rotted as well. There was also this nice mess towards the rear
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