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  1. I have been advised that silver is easier to keep clean than white, which discolours easily when fluids or oils get spilt. Silver cabins do look very fresh and bright.
  2. Most definitely will have PTS stripes! Sambas have no torsion beam rear suspension, they have adjustable rear trailing arms with struts. They reportedly handle really well. Really well painted too. It's now silver inside just like the factory built works rally cars from back in the day, and most modern WRC cars.
  3. Thanks, the rallye did not come with coloured bumpers. However in keeping with the Motorsport theme I thought it would really suit blue bumpers. The chap doing this build is an absolute master. He asked me if I wanted to paint the bumpers and skirts, so I looked at a pile of them on google images and decided on blue. The painter picked the shade.
  4. Faker

    Back on track!

    Horay!! Autoshite is back!
  5. Yep, twin carbs and suitcase engine.
  6. Old images removed and current ones added. Had the artwork done and well impressed.
  7. That is the uglies thing I have ever seen! However I love the idea behind it. If you were to use a reliant scimitar chassis to build a hot rod, would it have to be IVA'd, as it's actually a rebody of a standard existing chassis.
  8. Looks like a great day. One criticism though! Whole car pics!!! )
  9. Your mates ma has good taste!! Nice motors and pics.
  10. No harm done! Load of auld ballix anyway lol!
  11. Two racey allegros look the bollox!
  12. If it makes you happy, then fill your boots. I bought my son a 110 stomp small wheel pit bike. Belter of a thing.
  13. That was an absolute bargain!
  14. I lurked for donkeys ages before registering.
  15. Awesome recovery there. Good luck with the build.
  16. Polo hearse, nova -Astra mk2/3 -cavalier mk3 - mid 80's bluebirds - escorts and onions - mk3 fiestas - Renault 19s - I could go on!
  17. Alright boys. I'm from Lisburn. Wee Austin is taking shape. Keep up the good work.
  18. 1360 Rallye set up for the short term. Long term it's getting an 8 port head and twin 40s. I just need some inspiration for grafix and decals. Bumpers are 106 rallye blue. It's going to have Peugeot Talbot Sport colours but haven't a clue what style.
  19. Some insurance companies have different terms and conditions, it's that simple. Some will cover driving other vehicles third party, when the other vehicle has no policy in effect, some won't. I have come accross companies that will cover when there is no other policy in place. The reason the stipulation for borrowed vehicles to be insured mainly arose after incidents of 'young johnny' bought himself a 1 litre metro and insured it in his own name, then bought an imprezza and registered it his mummies name. ' young johnny' then borrowed the imprezza on a regular basis and drove it third party. I know of dozens of people who drove hot hatches back in the day, that were insured in this way. In 1990 I paid £1,080 to insure my first car third party only, and it was a ford signal yellow mk1 1300 S Fiesta that cost me £400 ( insurance in N. Ireland was always a scam, and much more expensive that in the mainland).
  20. I've driven mk2 transits, and owned mk3/4/5 (all the same, just face lifted)! Large mk2 and 3 transits with twin rear wheels still utilised a steering box and a dropped front beam with kingpins, proper tough wagons! Mk4 and 5 transits started to get a bit softer, but were still the market leader for their time. The 2.5 direct injection engine was pretty bomb proof. I replaced my smiley front swb semi high roof tranny with a lwb hi-ace, as the mk6/7 transits are utter Shiite! Diesel pumps and injectors being their biggest failing.
  21. Newer cars have their fair share of reliability issues too! How about a Toyota Avensis 2.2 D4d T Sport. 180hp diesel 4 door saloon, early ones are nearing ten years old now. Smashing run about.
  22. That's another samba. The owner of that one can reveal it themselves if they want.
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