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  1. 902E9AE6-5408-43D7-BA0A-B9A136F075D5.MP4
  2. F055A011-ACAA-4996-8B17-9DE597A2426D.MP4
  3. So..... by way of update.. my LHD ex-works 106 survivor that spent two decades in storage... found its way back to a former owner... who used the actual car to win his class in the 1997 Mintex British national rally championship... along with numerous class wins over in Europe! The car competed in the Rally Revival 2021... It finished the event and was returned to me totally unscathed
  4. That street triple was an absolute bargain! 2009 too!!! I bought myself a 2002 955i speed triple with 22k back at the beginning of this year for £2.5k. But what a machine!!
  5. I’m in no doubt that it will die a death in a short period of time. But as I have said, hopefully it’ll set him up and teach him a little bit of car sympathy.... maybe not! I’ll salvage a CR gear kit if nothing else! Wish I’d have known that... as I gave a corsa b sxi away for scrap a while back! Could have had a couple of gear kits! We’ve all been there! First car, boy racer! It’ll either end with a bang or a bump! Black box will slow him a bit.... but he’ll still learn how to do burnouts and handbrake turns very quickly I’m sure! Little shit!!
  6. It needs an exhaust (absolutely rotten and blowing everywhere!) and a battery most likely (I’ll try a charge and see how it goes, but don’t hold much hope), and it seems to be slow to take the Rev ( I’ve had a few of these and this one seems very slow and lazy, something is amiss), but all in all it’s not the worst. Set of alloys to fit once tyres are sourced, obviously son wants an induction kit and a loud exhaust... and a set of springs (yes... the car will be ruined and totally destroyed in the very near future.... and sadly will most likely have a very short life span with number 1 son at the helm).. Son is already a bit of a Petrol head and routinely attends car meets and cruises as a pedestrian... I totally expect this little B to be a sacrificial lamb, and be my boys learning curve as to how to appreciate and look after a car. Updates, progress, modifications, and subsequent demise to follow!
  7. Interesting that you mentioned f13 CR gear kit... I never knew that. It’s going to be the sons first car...... so it’ll be fukked in a couple of months (if I’m lucky)...
  8. 2000 1.2 16V ecotec base model. Cherished transfer change, and in really really good condition.
  9. Tim price some arms for it and just leave it in to get sorted. Still a decent big yoke surely?
  10. Officially a 90’s car, but this one is one of the last versions of this particular model, and is year 2000
  11. One owner from new and reasonably low miles chod acquisition being collected tomorrow. No bus or train journeys required for this excursion, will be utilising my brand new Brian James transporter for the first time. Over the hills and far away (best part of a hundred mile round trip). Hard to believe that the new acquisition is now a proper classic in its own right now.... one of the most popular small cars on the road at one time...... and were present on absolutely every street back in the day..... now virtually gone without a trace.
  12. From memory (way back when I was a fitter) these rims had a big valve hole, the same as the old Austin FX4 Black Taxi. I don’t believe they have been drilled out. The valves are still available online.
  13. Already posted elsewhere... but here’s my little 5’3” x 3’1” factory made galvanised transporter! It’s just too cute! i-m 4 single seat golf cart transporter. Ideal for ride on mower transport duties. I love it!
  14. Mate of mine has a yellow 914, California import and it’s an absolute belter
  15. I’d say a Nova from the rear, and metro from the front!
  16. Shit fuk wank cock bollox mondeo had a dpf clean... (whatever that means) and it’s put the engine management light on again! Car drives faultlessly... but diagnostic reader states dpf below threshold value....
  17. It’s an SR. Bucket seats, fancy front and rear bumpers, side skirts and a boot spoiler etc. Drives just like my old Group N (EG) Civic rally car I had about 20 years ago! Right rapid wee thing - not exactly blistering in the slightest.... but more than capable
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