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  1. It took the shunt quite well for an old car, windows no longer operational, popped the sunroof out of alignment.
  2. R reg Corsa T-boned by a Seat Leon, the Corsa drove home, the Seat didn't, no injuries to both drivers.
  3. Possibly because its a Scania? I usually drive a Volvo or a Dennis, I'll take a picture next time I'm at work for a comparison.
  4. One of the last registered and five left apparently. https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk/vehicle/austin_1300_countryman If no one on here takes it on, there's facebook group where I would expect it to find a new home. https://www.facebook.com/The1100Club/ Edited, six left maybe. Vehicle details could not be found You searched for NSF57M If you are sure that you entered the correct registration number and you need to make further enquiries please contact DVLA.
  5. Unusual restoration project. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/325500481831246/
  6. Very low mileage small auto. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2801310536757162/
  7. Looks in very nice condition. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2952440691507620/
  8. Three of my fleet's mot's expire in July, a saving of £135 in test fees. Intend to sorn the Clio and Volvo about November. Will invest in a set of of winter tyres for the Hippo.
  9. I like that, and it looks like the seller may be a car dealer, if so might take a low offer. These can't be far away from added Ford scene tax, pity its not closer to me.
  10. Good luck getting this insured. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1505181346351703/
  11. Spring 1996 me and other members of a local Land Rover Club. From the left, Bob, my tame mechanic and his Series 3 109 five door Safari, powered by a Nissan 2.8, 6 pot diesel. Dave the builder with his son and a late 2a 109 Truck Cab powered by a Perkins 4.203 diesel running Range Rover diffs. Me and my 2a 88, standard 2286 petrol van. Ray and his Series 3 Lightweight rag top, powered by a Range Rover 3.5 V8.
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