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  1. Yes, I think the ZS tyres are a larger profile. Took it for a country lane blast, performance is quite rapid when pushed.
  2. V5 arrived today, that was quick, these must be popular, 10 previous owners and an inquiry asking if it was for sale. Gave it two heats on the glow plugs cold this morning, noticeably quicker to start than yesterday. Checked the condition of the spare wheel which is a space saver, it looks ok, but they are one of my pet dislikes, so had a look on eBay for a matching alloy. Only one local to me has been badly curbed and asking price £30. It looks like it might be difficult to fit a full size wheel in the tyre well as the steel framework that supports the floor may get in the way. However I have a full set of alloys and tyres on the ex red5 ZS which is currently awaiting a visit from my tame mechanic to fix a failure to proceed. It looks like the 16 inch rims off that will fit the van and there will be more room to clear the floor frame, a job for next week. Had a general look at the van for a mot, might be able to get away with an advisory on the one sill, awaiting mechanics verdict next week. Interior is in reasonable condition for the age and mileage, should clean up well with a little tlc. Overall, still very pleased with it, a very good buy. More as and when.
  3. Continued from Shite For Sale, https://autoshite.com/topic/37952-mg-express-td-van-sold/ I've done about 30 miles in it today, first impressions are good overall. Took a bit of cranking to start cold, as mentioned in the original advert. drives, pulls and stops well, a few rattles to sort, changes gear ok, alloys look in good nick, interior is quite tidy. Will get it on my ramp next week for a look underneath then put through a mot next month. Up dates as and when.
  4. Thanks very much for your help sir.

    My email is [email protected] 

    I'm located in Bristol. 



  5. Just noticed I 've posted this in the wrong section, can a mod move it to Shite for Sale, thanks.
  6. A mate of mine called it the stealth van.
  7. Nato green matt, originally Ford light blue, then Jaguar red.
  8. 1990 Mk 3 190 lwb, twin rear wheels, semi high roof, 2 litre Pinto engine. Bought this in 2001 and was in weekly use until 2009, used as a mobile shed since then. About 400,000 miles, I'm the third owner, external body work is quite straight, internally very battered. Last time I tried to start it no fuel was getting to the carb,suspect dead lift pump, been stood in the same spot for about three years. Will need all tyres, battery, advise new cam belt on age. last mot had an advisory on front shocks and manual steering box was on the limit for free play, brakes all round, probably exhaust system and any thing else that has deteriorated while its been off the road. Definitely a long term project to return to use. Available next week after I've emptied all the junk out of it. Will need a hgv transporter to move it. Any questions ask. A recent picture, I'll post some up to date ones if any interest. Price £750
  9. Thanks, I'll look into that, a pic of the beast.
  10. Just how dismal was the performance from the P38 diesel? I've seen an auto version for sale near to me for little coin.
  11. Bought this June last year for £700, L series diesel with almost a full mot and prop shaft still attached. Put about 8000 miles on it since with no ftp's. Had to remove the prop recently as the viscous coupling was failing. Fortunately I have spare one in good working order which I will be fitting soon. Recently passed mot with no advisories, overall my experience running one is positive.
  12. No such thing as a worst drive train, they are all susceptible to viscous coupling failure. Apart from that a very cheap to buy, comfortable SUV. Beware V6 and K series engines.
  13. Bought around this time last year with prop shaft still attached and almost a full mot for £700. Done about 8000 miles since with no ftp, L series diesel, about 35 mpg local, cost £217 for mot last month. Recent first signs of viscous coupling problem, will be doing figure of 8 test soon. Overall a good steer and bargain basement price compare to anything similar.
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