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  1. Slight thread bump and adjustment of my availability... Only a maybe for the 3rd July option now as slightly more important* life events involving a first chat with a midwife has now landed on the same date. Will have to play slightly by ear. Would definitely be oot for the 17th.
  2. That's where my Dad used to keep his porn stash... until 9yo me found it, whooops!
  3. This one is a totally new one on me, the Rayton-Fissore Magnum and Laforza. Immediately you'd think low-volume American and you'd be half right, it's an attempt to combine the worst of exterior Italian design, build and electrics, the best of Italian interior design with the worst of American driving dynamics. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rayton-Fissore_Magnum Somehow they seemed to be made between 1989 and 2003! Bonus Uno rear light content! In many ways it was very ahead of it's time!
  4. Yes, top stuff. As I alluded to about 2 months ago, my Aunt traded her saloon in to some WBAC types, nowhere near as clean as this mind, but it was the same colour red pink. I'm glad that there's a few people out there persevering with keeping hold of them.
  5. Oh Come on. You can't mention Divine Comedy and not include this... As you were...
  6. Didn't have to go far to find this one, I was waiting at my front door for Amazon to pop by and this revved up to clear the road. Sounded lovely and rorty. Looked in pretty decent condition for an 18yo hotbox I'd say.
  7. Another one who witnessed the escapade emerging with Jonny on Twitter, via the competition* win. Well kept on your promise, you lunatic! +1 on keeping the US spec front end, I'd not realised that they'd been exported to the States either, so would propose keeping them as is. If by any chance you want/need an internet stranger who happens to be up t'A3 to stand around and suck air in through one's teeth, I can help! Or hold stuff, I can do that too...
  8. I've got a mk2 with the 1.6 TiVCT saloon and had that since mid 2018. Ubiquitous bonnet opening mechanism replacement needed after I had a clutch spring go, which meant that was a more expensive bill than it should have been! Had the front nearside spring go right at the bottom, so had the pair replaced. Other than that, I've had very few dramas aside from quite a bit of moisture getting in the boot over this past year where it's not been used as much and is stored surrounded by greenery. I think that was my fault where I hadn't pulled the rear cluster plastic back under the boot seal allowing
  9. About 2 years ago my Focus had a full service at a fairly reputable indy that seems to serve the entire town. For reasons that escape me precisely they weren't able to replace the cabin filter, something to do with not being able to undo a bolt or something and "running out of time". Anyway, I completely forgot to get it sorted (whoops!). About a month ago I started to get tell-tale signs that the filter definitely needed replacing now. So, set about having a go at least to replace it. 3 hours, some lost skin, a continuous argument with the fuse box and wiring loom, we managed to relieve the
  10. Slappy

    ZAZ Tavria

    This is a stupendous piece of shiting, congratulations. The in-laws happen to reside in your neck of the woods, so I shall keep an eye and ear out for a hearing aid on wheels...
  11. Had quick look through via search and CTRL+F, but I don't think we have this one; VOD873S: With that backdrop though, who cares if it's a pearoast.
  12. Would love to come along and meet a load of different faces. Haven't had much chance since the Southampton Auction meet ups eons ago! Def can't make the 17th date though, got a combined 30th/new baby/engagement party in Cardiff (I expect a lot of people will have a lot of these events!)
  13. I vaguely recall Mr Bickle owning a diesel one of these. Not sure what the current status is. May be wrong on that front though
  14. Carina update: Car is spoken for alas, my cousins down the road don't think it would get through another MOT without a decent go at the tickle stick and as the car is stood most of the time, it's not really viable to keep a hold of. I was told though that rather than going through WBAC, it seems to be going to a specialist breakers, so at the very least it'll help some others stay on the road.
  15. Carina stuff... Alright you lot, I'll see if I can do something, but seriously I think a commitment to purchase has already been made. IF something can be done the good news is that for the time being there is storage, where it's sat is my Dad's house. Only problem is that he's moving.... next door. I jest, but there isn't the storage next door and I think the family intends to sell the land that the current house is sitting on. Just twigged why I was with my aunt to collect it. Total car check says that it was registered 2 weeks before my sister was born and I remember being shipped
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