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  1. Have to admit, the VW K70 is something that I'd not come across before!
  2. Spotted that our local Milk and More delivery van is a newish Maxus yesterday. Bet the delivery drivers are thrilled at their Fleet Manager's choice there! Saw a 20 plate one last week too. Considering they must have only been selling by a trickle since they came back in to the UK market in, 2016(?) I'm mildly surprised that they're still persevering.
  3. Ok, this sent me down a rabbit hole, so I dropped a pin randomly on streetview in Malta. In one service area here only 3 and a half years ago, we have the following: Tata Gurkha, Tata Safari, Skoda Estelle, a Renault 19, a Datsun Cherry (I think, maybe!), what I think may be an early Suzuki Alto, 2 Daewoo Astra Belmonts, a mk 3 Escort. and some other assorted bits and pieces https://goo.gl/maps/xR4KZ2FM9vy6xq7w6
  4. I wish, I wish I was into shite spotting when I went to Malta in 2006, because sat all week right outside the hotel that I stayed at was a motherfucking Tagora. I loved all the shed trucks that had modern cabs fitted over something 1960s too
  5. Saw an ad for the new Puke this morning. Totally looks like a Beaver...
  6. Slappy

    Truck Shite

    I think this may be an entrant for Late Reg madness as well. The reg reads DX13 DDF, the original Avia Ops ceased in 2010, so this appears to be a Longton supplied one, which also ceased July 2013 after Ashok pulled the manufacturing plant and relocated it to India I believe. “We thought it was a winning product and had put a lot of work in, and sold nearly 20 trucks in the UK, so this is a severe setback."
  7. Nuts. Only just seen this and I'm in Kent this weekend Hope you're all well!
  8. Slappy

    Truck Shite

    Had a weird segue of Wiki hunting the other day. Wanted to StreetView Sri Lanka. Dropped a pin at Galle Cricket Club, where an Ashok Leyland bus appeared. Wiki led me to discovering that Ashok Leyland took on Czech manufacturer Avia a few years back (now back in Czech hands apparently). Made me wonder when I had last seen one in the UK. Stuck it into How Many Left, originally 75 sold here, now about 33 of them left. Lo and behold, look what I found on the A3 today!
  9. Slappy

    Bus Shite

    Risen from the ashes of Emsworth and District late 2018. Invested in some 5 year old Scania coaches, but seem to picking up and dropping Olympians as if they're going out of fashion for school stuff.
  10. Bit the bullet and ordered something on behalf of Ms Slappy for the first time from a certain parts store that has the word Euro in it, using a promo over the weekend as she needs some new discs, to be collected by her this morning. I warned her, having read many a post about the store's ability to not provide the part that you've ordered within this fine parish, to double check immediately that they hadn't given her a radiator hose for a Golf or something daft. Good thing I did as upon being presented with a very tatty looking box of Pagid's finest she found immediately that the security seal was freed off and inside contained some pretty rusty used discs along with other unidentified paraphernalia. Apparently one swift rebuke later the rather dishevelled assistant returned with a box in much better condition.... So the grin is to say thanks to all you lot really. Probably would have walked out of the store otherwise and by that point proving that the parts we had collected were not what we had ordered may have been a bit more problematic.
  11. Whilst filling up the wheely bin earlier I spied an unusual roof rack through some trellis in the adjacent parking area. Turns out it adorns a Volvo Amazon estate, very nice and absolutely on my want list. However, even better tucked away from passing eyes on the roadside in re-sale re-sale grey was a... Lancia Y10. In the bay for the person who lives 3 doors down. It's an LHD one, but I think I may have to leave a little note to say 'Hi' and send them this way.... unless they're already here of course!
  12. Managed to get from work in Winchester to Woking last night somehow. By avoiding Basingstoke and then the A31 at Alresford which had succumbed to the snow and collisions, I managed to do it in just over 2 hours going via the A272 and A32. A lot of value in knowing alternative routes! And I also beat my usually reliable Waze route which was trying to send me straight into the Basingstoke black hole! I'd probably still be there now had I done that. Not being experienced in snow I tried to enact what I'd been told by a taxi driver years ago, low revs, as high a gear as possible and try not to brake. I was doing ok, but did almost slide into a Puke at 2mph which was a bit heart in mouth... counting it as valuable experience though.
  13. Shite on TV alert.... over on Netflix Right bear with me on this one, but 'Sex Education' which is like a coming-of-age thing with Gillian Anderson in that dropped on Friday seems to have such clean and shiny 80s and 90s cars ever seen in a college car park I thought it was a period piece . Started with either an A reg Carlton or Cavalier, blink and you miss it style; Ms Anderson drives a w123 estate, the best friend's dad has a Maestro, one of the college love interests has a Volvo 340 by the looks of it and finally the local handyman has a LiteAce or Vanette. Just don't come across too enthusiastic if the other half asks you to suggest something, they might get the wrong idea
  14. Been quoted £quite a lot by my one-garage town to fit a new pair of front springs to my Focus, so I've looked up the part number and I'm presented by 23 manufacturer options! Can someone give me a lowdown on a recommended brand close to OEM and also who to avoid out of this lot? RIDEX KAMOKA KYB MAPCO STARK LESJÖFORS CS Germany MONROE FAI AutoParts Magnum Technology SWAG NK RUVILLE METZGER KILEN BILSTEIN DIEDERICHS MEYLE FEBI BILSTEIN SUPLEX TRISCAN EIBACH JP GROUP SACHS SPIDAN OPTIMAL TRW Edit: or anyone else that you can recommend!
  15. Slappy


    Brilliant little caper thus far. I'll have to keep an eye out here for a lil Marbella on the move!
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