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  1. That cab design has certainly earned a well-deserved rest! Just to run down how many manufacturers have or are using that base design I have the following: DAF, ERF, Seddon Atki, Pegaso, Foden, Western Star and then using even more badge engineering, GINAF and Tatra. Any others? In the early days in particular, say up to 2000 when there was a seemingly bigger choice out there, what would the main differences be between each manufacturer? Chassis types, engine types? I know there was a fair amount of loyalty amongst smaller operators to the smaller suppliers, but I'm not overly knowledgeable on trucks beyond that.
  2. 180 degrees from my Bus Shite is this Shogun that appears to be offroading no further for a while...
  3. Slappy

    Bus Shite

    Over in Jersey for Holibobs atm. Seen a few of the 'famous' Leyland Swifts about, but finally got an opportunity to get a pic of three of them parked up, presumably with their shift done for another summer. Modern content over here at present appears to be Solo SRs and Enviro400s.
  4. There was a behind the scenes of a cop repair shop on Dave a couple of years ago, following Cheshire Police. They rolled in a circa 2000 Astravan in white pretty much on its last legs for MOT. Apparently would have been condemned due to I think rot, brakes, suspension, all sorts, but was reprieved due to the amount of bespoke kit carried on board for presumably counter-terrorism observation reasons. Meanwhile a very low mileage 308 and an unmarked RPU 3 Series got written off tout suite.
  5. Another apparently new one (as ever correct me if I'm wrong!) and it's a spot from the half-sister facebook group, so I'll leave the credit there. WRW194X
  6. Literal shite news via the Angry People in Local Newspapers Facebook group (may x-post with @Parky's kiwi adventures...) https://www.gazette-news.co.uk/news/19504135.wickford-man-mitsubishi-colt-recalled-25-years-buying/?fbclid=IwAR2KYZ3sTa1Q9bEXAEySNuynAEiJ20JckOZozm7KT79hvKE3Oowr8mXyMyc
  7. Only due to recent purchase have I noticed this one... Mk3 Focii have different exhaust outlets depending on engine size. Yes, some of you cry, the ST is centre exit! Not them, I retort, the 1 litre pez and the 1.6 diesel exit via a subtle route on the left... The larger capacity versions of both, 1.6 pez and 2L diesel exit on the right... Cool, you can all go back to sleep now...
  8. If Ian so chooses, he could submit a claim to the relevant Highway Authority. However the onus would be to prove that the HA had been negligent, ie by not carrying out Inspections to the correct frequency (I expect this would be a weekly or monthly inspection) and that if any issues had been identified through the inspections process that they had been sorted within an appropriate target time/date which could be as short as 24 hours or as long as 6 months... If we're really going into the rabbit hole an FOI seeking information on recent SCANNER and SCRIM surveys for the location and lanes where the incident happened might bring something up...
  9. It's been great seeing all the images from afar. I don't believe the owner of the winning Proton (Jon) is on here, but he went to school with Ms Slappy so she shows me all his Facebook updates when he gets something new. He also rescued an early Kia Pride a couple of weeks ago (Yup, another one!), also still has the whitewall spare , along with several other early Protons. There was another black one with a spoiler in the car park, which is his too and I think he has a beige one as well. I think Ms S has sent some screen shots of this Parish, so he may well be along shortly!
  10. Slight thread bump and adjustment of my availability... Only a maybe for the 3rd July option now as slightly more important* life events involving a first chat with a midwife has now landed on the same date. Will have to play slightly by ear. Would definitely be oot for the 17th.
  11. That's where my Dad used to keep his porn stash... until 9yo me found it, whooops!
  12. This one is a totally new one on me, the Rayton-Fissore Magnum and Laforza. Immediately you'd think low-volume American and you'd be half right, it's an attempt to combine the worst of exterior Italian design, build and electrics, the best of Italian interior design with the worst of American driving dynamics. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rayton-Fissore_Magnum Somehow they seemed to be made between 1989 and 2003! Bonus Uno rear light content! In many ways it was very ahead of it's time!
  13. Yes, top stuff. As I alluded to about 2 months ago, my Aunt traded her saloon in to some WBAC types, nowhere near as clean as this mind, but it was the same colour red pink. I'm glad that there's a few people out there persevering with keeping hold of them.
  14. Oh Come on. You can't mention Divine Comedy and not include this... As you were...
  15. Didn't have to go far to find this one, I was waiting at my front door for Amazon to pop by and this revved up to clear the road. Sounded lovely and rorty. Looked in pretty decent condition for an 18yo hotbox I'd say.
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