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    twosmoke300 got a reaction from Toe in Dilemma: Metro Turbo   
    Keeping away from mercs and some vag stuff ,15k will get you something reliable , economical , safe, won’t need welding  and be good to drive .
    A metro is none of these
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    twosmoke300 got a reaction from stripped fred in Dilemma: Metro Turbo   
    As my dad always said - “ they can ask what they want “
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    twosmoke300 got a reaction from The Vicar in Dilemma: Metro Turbo   
    7 k and it needs an engine rebuild , welding and a respray ? 
    Fuck that !
    Its a Metro not a blower Bentley ffs
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    twosmoke300 reacted to Matty in Dilemma: Metro Turbo   
    Load of miserable buggers on here like @twosmoke300 and @sierraman pointing out the obvious like "how much?" And "metros are shit".  I concur.
    Get it fucking bought lad 👍😁
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    twosmoke300 reacted to Sunny Jim in Dilemma: Metro Turbo   
    What would you prefer to spend your time and money on? Preserving and driving the Puma or restoring the Metro? Reading your thread I got the impression (quite possibly wrongly?) that you were in to the Puma for the long term. If the appeal of the Metro is to scratch a Leyland itch could you keep the Puma and buyer a cheaper Leyland product? (The Autoshite answer is always to buy more cars!)
    And as long as you've got the Puma the rest of your life won't be miserable - well the time you spend driving the Puma won't be!
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    twosmoke300 reacted to sierraman in Dilemma: Metro Turbo   
    I don’t know your domestic circumstances but I’d love to be a fly on the anaglypta when you go home and explain you’ve dropped 7 large, in the current financial climate, on not only a Metro but a broken one. 
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    twosmoke300 reacted to NorfolkNWeigh in Most stupid message while flogging a shiter   
    Yesterday I had a call from a Polish number for my e240, usual what’s the lowest you’ll take bollocks. Told him I’m not dropping. He accepts that and hangs up.
    Five minutes later a very uncertain man  on a different English number, asks about the car, obviously no idea what he’s phoning and presumably a mate of the previous caller. Asks if I’d take a lower price, I say yes whatever you like . He says he’ll have to call me back.
    One minute later the first guy calls back and says he’ll give me £500 - it’s up for £1000. I tell him I would have taken that but I’ve just sold it.  My wife says I’m a cunt and it’s as if I don’t want to sell the car- she’s probably right on both counts.
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    twosmoke300 reacted to barefoot in The grumpy thread   
    I booked my old 944 in for an MOT & a bit of a service tomorrow. It's barely been used these last couple of years & despite a solar panel connected to the battery, it had gone flat. Not a bother thought I, connected it to my old fashioned charger & left it for a couple of hours. Sure enough, after just enough churning to produce some oil pressure, it burst into life. It was a bit lumpy & rough, but the back window was open as it was still attached to the charger. I bobbed out disconnected & thought it smelled like it was running a bit rich. Perhaps it's the fuel preserver additive I can smell, but no, it was vigourously pumping fuel out from under the driver's floor & all over the drive. Obviously I switched it off and came in for a cup of tea, but I had a quick rummage through the pile of bills that accompany the old motor car & found one dated 21.5.20 for replacement 'rubber' fuel pipes - a mere 245 miles ago. I remember querying whether they had used the correct  ethanol resistant type at the time, but I got the impression that he didn't know what I was talking about. Recovery has been organised for tomorrow. It is unlikely to be returning to my local Porsche specialists...
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    twosmoke300 reacted to chaseracer in The grumpy thread   
    Said it before, but it's worth repeating...
    The AA and RAC are venture-capital-funded financial institutions with piss-poor breakdown 'services' loosely attached.
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    twosmoke300 reacted to sierraman in Dilemma: Metro Turbo   
    Giugiaro had a hand in the Hyundai Stellar. Porsche had a hand in the Seat Ibiza 1.2. Everyone has an off day. 
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    twosmoke300 reacted to big_al_granvia in Dilemma: Metro Turbo   
    bollocks to that, put the money into the puma, that engine can be modified and there is plenty of rally bits to bolt on
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    twosmoke300 got a reaction from GrumpiusMaximus in Dilemma: Metro Turbo   
    7 k and it needs an engine rebuild , welding and a respray ? 
    Fuck that !
    Its a Metro not a blower Bentley ffs
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    twosmoke300 reacted to Talbot in Dilemma: Metro Turbo   
    Buy it, heave the engine and box out and shove them into a mini.
    As was popular 20-25 years ago.
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    twosmoke300 reacted to dollywobbler in Shitefest 22 North Wales - 15-17th July!!   
    You do know that a burst manifold gasket isn't an essential requirement for Shitefest? Remembering a certain Stellar...
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    twosmoke300 reacted to beko1987 in Shitefest 22 North Wales - 15-17th July!!   
    And then Scotland fest before that

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    twosmoke300 reacted to Split_Pin in Dilemma: Metro Turbo   
    90bhp through that gearbox. 
    In a Metro.
    For £7k.
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    twosmoke300 reacted to Talbot in Dilemma: Metro Turbo   
    Lotus had a hand in the design of this car.  It's subtle.  They were involved in limiting the torque output of the engine to attempt to get the gearbox to last longer than 4 seconds.
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    twosmoke300 reacted to Rocket88 in Dilemma: Metro Turbo   
    They failed……
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    twosmoke300 got a reaction from LT84 in Dilemma: Metro Turbo   
    7 k and it needs an engine rebuild , welding and a respray ? 
    Fuck that !
    Its a Metro not a blower Bentley ffs
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    twosmoke300 reacted to Talbot in 2CV racing: 2022 season   
    No.  It hit on saturday night with a vengance.  I think we probably had a couple of inches of rain overnight.  It was astonishingly heavy for a couple of hours.  Sunday was mostly just misty damp rather than rain, but of course everything was soggy from the rain the night before.
    Also, Silverstone really is a windswept barren businesspark with a track attached to it.  I can see why it hosts F1 meetings, but for club racing it's far from ideal.  Cadwell park is infinitely preferable.
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    twosmoke300 reacted to Stanky in The grumpy thread   
    Several years ago, I was applying the tick treatment to our cat while my wife held the cat. The cat was not impressed by the application of the treatment and reared up, pushing the treated bit of neck fur into my wife's face/mouth. She said she could still taste the treatment 2 days later!
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    twosmoke300 got a reaction from 155V6 in Tractorshite   
    Lovely .
    Im on a recovery page on fb and someone was trying to get a quote to get one of those moved from Belgium I think it was . 
    Someone told him it was just over 2 tons and guys were offering to pick it up on a transit 😂😂😂
    Matey got all huffy when I suggested it was at least double that weight 
  24. Haha
    twosmoke300 reacted to beko1987 in Cavalier mk2 - another blue giffermobile.   
    Bet that's an interesting gap in the mot history 😂
    Last known test - as a clapped out shit heap
    2022 test - as a better than factory brand new car 👌
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    twosmoke300 reacted to Zelandeth in Dodgy shit hidden by sellers   
    I think the thing which gets me the most about some of the bodges and such we've seen here is the degree to which they must in quite a few cases taken longer and in a good few cases ended up costing more than actually just fixing the original problem!
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