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  1. What about those under bed storage boxes you can get in cheapy shops for 2 or 3 quid? I think I'm going to use one of them next time. I had a proper oil catcher that lay on its side and looked like a jerry can when stood up but the plastic bung would flick back into place and close the hole when you're draining the oil which makes a right old mess. I'm pleased I put down plenty of newspaper and cardboard! It wasn't cheap either for what it is.
  2. Deffo shit not shite in my book. A 2.2 DTi Vectra Signum has the dubious honour of the worst car my parents have ever owned, and they no strangers to owning Fiats, Renaults and Rovers. I dread to think what it cost my poor Dad in garage bills, it was cattle trucked 95% of the time and either in limp home mode or had the EML Spanner in the display. Their reliable car was a facelift 25 at the time or my 13 year old KV6 75...
  3. A family member has a 2004 Octavia that has been a bad buy but it sounds like they might have been unlucky. It's had three turbos (that they know of) in 150k miles and did the runaway diesel thing. The interior is pretty tired and they want rid because it's forever knackered but have plowed money into keeping it going so I think the next time it is sold it will be via the weighbridge.
  4. I thought it was only Metrots that get bought for Mini engines. Pretty sure Aggro and Maestego donkeys don't fit anyway. Could be wrong though! There are probably enough Mini ruiners in the UK to kill off the number of A-Series Metros off.
  5. I've never bought privately off a stranger, bought three cars privately but they're been off family or friends. I usually use traders because whatever I'm selling, I'd rather trade in because I never want to see or hear about again! I can imagine selling privately to a stranger is a nightmare with them threatening to put a sledgehammer through your brain because they got a puncture on the way home or something. I've always had good experiences to be honest, even when I've been buying sub £1500 stuff I've been treat with just as much respect as a customer with money. Even my Rover 75 that was only a grand, they MOT'd it and fixed all of the advisories. For that price though I'm expecting cars with missing/no handbooks or service history and usually one key. I try to go for local places that have been there for years, I live in a small place and a bad reputation gets round quickly so they tend to keep the punters happy. One thing I have learnt though is that if you say "well I want it, but there is ____ wrong with it", they say oh no problem, that will be fixed for when you pick it up and it never bloody is. I bought a car that was pulling to the left and they said they'd sort it... was still trying to go on every curb when I picked it up. Just needed the tracking done too, I think next time I'll try and knock cash off for whatever the problem will cost to fix. I even bought a £1600 Rover 45 once that suffered HGF a fortnight later... they took it back and fixed it gratis. I felt a bit sorry for the trader, I can't imagine he made much on that sale.
  6. HH-R


    I'd want one just for the cool name. "What do you drive?" "A Bristol Beaufighter."
  7. "Duller than a DAF"? Where do I sign?!
  8. I bet that Shell tape is a riveting listen
  9. Does a Metro GTa count? It's quick... for a Metro!
  10. I can fit both of my cars into my 1960s garage (Rover Metro and mk 3 FIAT Panda) (not both at once!) but it's a tight squeeze, especially round the garage door. You have to do a flat Stanley impersonation to get out of the car doors. I've not checked but surprisingly the Fiat feels slightly narrower than the Metro and is marginally easier to get in and out. You'd have absolutely no chance with something like the latest Fiesta or Corsa. Plenty room lengthways but widthways, not so generous.
  11. I've read it again and can't see where I come accross as a dawdler, sorry like. 90% of my driving is done in town at 30 or under and these people, no matter how hard you pull away, either match your acceleration or catch up a few seconds later anyway, then turn off into the street they live in. As you say, I'm not a traffic policeman, I might think they're idiots for doing so but they are free to tear past at whatever speed they please. Tailgating achives nothing in that situation for them. If anything they are making it worse for themselves as if I pull over, they would have to slow with me and stop if there is oncoming traffic stopping them from passing, and on approach to junctions I'd show my brake lights earlier and lose speed more gradually to avoid them having to slam on. I believe the latter behaviour is recommended in Roadcraft. BTW, I wasn't driving in the crash, and there were three cars between chummy tailgating and the car I was in. By calling me a moron and making massive presumptions about how I drive, it gives your argument a lot of weight, top marks!
  12. Are you having a laugh or being deliberately inflammatory? I don't make a habit of driving below speed limits unless there is a genuine reason so if they want to get past then they can do so by overtaking. I do pull over if they're persistent morons but why should I? I couldn't give a shit about their hurry, whatever it is is secondary to driving safely. BTW I was in a 5 car pile up from a tailgater who put at least three people in hospital and permanently damaged my back. I don't tow and my cars have book 0-60 times of about 9 to 14 seconds so pretty average. So not driving like a "dawdling inconsiderate twat".
  13. Tailgating bothers me more than poor lane discipline, the latter you can deal with up to a point but there's nothing you can do if chummy decides to sit on your back bumper. It happens all the time too, and I've driven old cars, new cars, big cars and little cars, it doesn't matter. People are just in too much of a hurry to get home and have their pie and chips or watch Coronation Street. Some people are wildly aggressive for no reason too.
  14. For the Honda* engined Rovers, I think the rule is if it's broken it's one of those "Shitty Rover engines", if it has been reliable then it is a Honda (or BMW).
  15. I've never heard Rammel outside of this forum.
  16. Why no FIATs? They're fun and even I could fix the (surprisingly few) faults I had with mine.
  17. Yo Shiters! Some of you will know me from (briefly) Austin-Rover.co.uk and Macdroitwich. Been wanting to join up for a while. I'd imagine I have enough shite credentials, been driving for 6 years since I was 17 and have owned: K11 Micra that had more rust that the Titanic and dodgy electrics, moved it on after 6 months in 2008 and amazingly is still on the road. Rover 45 that suffered HGF 2 weeks into ownership but was supremely reliable after that. Bought by my sister then traded in, fate unknown. Rover 75 KV6 that I paid £1000 for and the worst thing that happened was bits of trim falling off. Amazingly reliable, I had it for 15 months then moved it on. Still see it about now and then. Fiat Nuova Panda that was the newest car I've owned, 35k on the clock but had 5 owners! It had some bizarre faults that I finally got sorted after a year, decided to keep it long term after that and was crashed into two weeks later and written off. Shit happens. Rover Metro GTa in BRG (current car), 17 years old, 85k on the clock, full service history and a total bargain. SO much fun. I briefly owned a Nissan Almera Tino for 6 days, 53 plate and only cost £800. Bought as a load lugger and was in pretty good condition. The climate control drove me bonkers though so I moved it on. Too modern! Also used to drive my parents' mk2 Punto and facelift Rover 25. Both squashed now, I think the Punto was a scrappage victim and the Rover was also written off in a pile up.
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