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  1. I've been doing that more and more lately. So much more relaxing, if a bit odd at first.
  2. What a fuckin week. Left the interior light on in the car overnight on Wednesday, battery flat Thursday morning. Get a lift to work, take battery out, charge. Put it in this morning in a hurry... The wrong way. Now everything electrical is fucked. It's a12 year old car... It's probably scrap realisticly now. I could punch myself in the face for utter stupidity at the minute. I have the amazing ability to fuck up the simplest of jobs.
  3. I just can't stop thinking about that shonky Maestro clock. Pure class.
  4. You might find it won't lock with the key in the car. Not sure if it's that clever though.
  5. Can certainly see the Mazda DNA in the first gen Kia Rio!
  6. Ah yeah, I forgot the Uno existed!
  7. Lovely stuff. Have a video of Variomatic magic:
  8. The 1000 CC FIRE must have been a bit of a rarity quickly (in the UK at least), can't think of anything else that got it. Cinq had the pushrod and then 1.1 FIRE, Punto started out with the 1.2 8v HGF special. Are there many Cinqs left in France? Pretty much extinct here.
  9. Yay, another mk1 focus to be made into Chinese washers.
  10. The Merc on the previous page looks like it has OM NOM NOMMED a mechanic.
  11. Aye. Is the EML a big problem for most folk? I've had loads of aging motors with an ECU and with the exception of that POS blue Panda, none of them have ever flagged a fault.
  12. Do KIA do background checks on Sportage buyers to make sure they're only driven by compete fuckwit cunts?
  13. Blimey! Just goes to show how bloated and heavy moderns have become.
  14. SUB 4SUB nd LYK 4 LYK M8 Will sub later on when I log in to teh tubez. I've often thought the same about TV, I enjoy the content made by the likes of Techmoan, 8-bit guy, Ashens, BigClive, and LGR more than the TV. I'd be more upset if t'internet went off than the telly.
  15. Thr jst a mondeo m8 Top bombing, always liked the look of these though the rot would put me off nowadays.
  16. Nice pussy too, even the cat doesn't want to look at the Nissan!
  17. You deserve an award for ridding us of so much VAG shite.
  18. Did these get the 1.1 FIRE in the end, or was that just the Seicentos? 999CC FIRE conversion for the Panda? Though they're probably not exactly plentiful nowadays.
  19. I'd rather jam my testicles in a vice, but even that would be preferable to a Corsa D.
  20. I did something similar years ago, hoofed it in 3rd and was indecisive about whether to go straight up to 5th or just use 4th... Went half way and chose reverse instead!
  21. What kind of finance is it? With certain types you can just hand it back without penalty if more than half of it has been paid off.
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