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  1. My local factors are shite, never have anything you want in stock and it's a 3+ day wait or they just say no. The parts are ECP own brand level dung at top whack prices too. I've never had wrong parts from ECP either.
  2. Christmas music in the shops. Fuck off man. I feel for anyone who has to listen to that BS for another 6 weeks, I'd be bringing a massive hammer to work and smashing the audio system.
  3. Datsun/Nissan Cherry Europe?
  4. The tail lights of the current Yaris and Droopy the dog, separated at birth. Looks like it needs a Prozac prescription. Agreed on the 1 series, they look like they are bending in the middle -especially the coupé.
  5. Let me know if not, i have the JVC one out of my old car going spare. Or if anyone else wants it for postage drop me a PM.
  6. Did you get sorted with a CD player player player player player?
  7. HH-R

    Daft tyre names

    I wonder what the minimum order is to have your name slapped on a ditch finder? Would be cool to have auto shite branded tyres.
  8. It's a GD I think? The early one. The garage quoted for back and centre section but I can't see a hole in the back bit anywhere. It's snapped just where the pipe comes out of the centre silencer. I'm gonna try somewhere else and see if they will just do the centre.
  9. Not had that fucking Jazz a month yet and the bastard exhaust has snapped. £270 FFS. Every month there's some unexpected shit to pay for, isn't there? Makes you wonder what the fucking point is sometimes.
  10. I wish the Beeb would shove Peaky Blinders up their arse, the fucking thing is advertised on a constant loop on the radio.
  11. They felt a good ten to fifteen years out of date in 2005, so that and the insane pricing pretty much killed it -unless you were a die hard Rover fan then there was no reason to buy one over a Panda, etc. They even seemed old fashioned compared to the 25 which had been going since 1995 with a facelift or two. The quality of Rover's own interiors in the 25 etc were piss poor by then, the CityRover was pretty much on a par, albeit the 25 had less exposed screw heads. Maybe if they had used Austin as the brand and done a Sandero by selling it as the cheapest thing on 4 wheels they might have sold a few.
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