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  1. Those seats are quite excellent!
  2. Ah it's a saloon too, hadn't realised *spaffs pants*
  3. CLASS. the design of these was just so right.
  4. I've had to pretty much give up on drinking pop, probably a good thing really, but due to the artificial sweeteners which give me a banging headache too. I'm not paying £2 for a bottle of proper Pepsi too which is what ASDA often have it on sale for. Used to be able to get away with non diet lemonade but I got crippled with a migraine from Morrisons' lemonade the other day so I'm finished with pop.
  5. They're ugly, depression inducing inside and seem to have a top speed of 39 MPH going off the ones I see on the road. Grim.
  6. The best part of it was when it was axed in 2010. I dunno if I have a subconscious hatred of it because last of the summer wine meant bath time and bed for school the next day when I was a bairn.
  7. HH-R

    ebay 'BARGAINS'

    Isn't breathing ozone in a confined space bad for you? Holy shit at that Renault!
  9. "do you know who I am?" "No." "Good!" *Drives off*
  10. My local ASDA do that too, I'm sure it wasn't the case in the past.
  11. The A/C controls on my KIA do my tits in too. I think it's supposed to remember whether air con and recirc is on or off for each position (feet/screen/face etc) but it seems to forget and you'll be driving along to find it's turned the A/C off or on of its own accord, or worse these days, recirculation so you get gassed by filthy stinking diseasel exhaust closing your throat at the next set of traffic lights.
  12. Cheap cars where they have saved 10p by not tinting/putting black dots on the windscreen around the rear view mirror. The sun seems to always shine right through the bits the visors don't cover!
  13. Everything I've had with the 8v FIAT FIRE 1.2 in it has been shit, one was unreliable, one had HGF, one used a lot of oil, they're not particularly economical for their mediocre performance, they sound like sewing machines at idle and don't like to rev. The Euro 5 FIREs are utterly grim, every ounce of fun has been sacrificed for lower emissions.
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