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  1. Perfect on so many levels. The reg would be wasted on an MG . Hopefully it smokes on startup like my old Kawasaki.
  2. Sad that vehicles like that are decaying. Sometimes decaying vehicles have a stubborn owner who cannot restore, but won't sell.
  3. What was this porn? Only asking for research purposes like.
  4. Nice save, and late enough, I have J on mine, and its 1971. Mine needs a waterpump which today has arrived.
  5. Ladas have very squishy seats, so it's okay.
  6. Scum who do that should be set on fire. The screams should be broadcast to dissuade the criminal types.
  7. I got a lift from a taxi one of those.
  8. That's in nearly perfect condition. Great buy.
  9. Bono is implicitly part of any list like this. No real need to mention him.
  10. Easy start/ether is not meant to be sprayed in without cranking the engine. I saw a tard in a garage do that to a bike of mine. I shouted at him loudly. Never use ether, I think. It might possible be bearable on a diesel in an emergency, but don't if you love your car or van. My Wolseley started okay, second turn of the key, choke open a bit longer.
  11. GUD4DRIFTINHow long since I saw one of those?Good find.
  12. I think Government Motors really did a poor think in closing Saab. Maybe it will come back to life later.
  13. Wolseley 16/60, otherwise non shite. Looking for a Toyota Crown/Cressida/Nissan Laurel once my job is more certain.
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