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  1. This is back at the painters having the bonnet done, so it’s basically all been going to be painted now bar the roof. Also my trims I got from Turkey turned out to be a bob on fit. Which was a nice surprise, thought they would be shite. I mean they took 7 weeks to turn up, but beggars can’t be chooses. It’s also started blowing from the downpipe. So ordered two as they come in two bits, and two fitting kits so it will have pretty much a new system apart from the manifold. From eBay and from a company called bm catalysts, so will see how many miles they are off when I
  2. This has seen some action this week with Mrs T bombing about in it, doing odds and sods. She has got the hang of it now and bombs along at a good rate. I was never a fan of classics that everybody most people like. Never did anything for me. But it’s nice to be able to get literally anything next day. Anyhow I am going to whore some more pics out taken for the agreed value cert.
  3. Looks like Chewbaca is finally selling his Escort cab. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Escort-Mistral-Convertible-BARN-FIND/124670685707?hash=item1d06f3b20b:g:nCsAAOSwAoFgbZjo
  4. Would! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rover-216-GTi-Twincam-One-owner-from-new/303951149056?hash=item46c4e67800:g:V3oAAOSwq7VgXO4B It deserves another pic.
  5. Just needed cloth for the full suit Brown, Check Trims, Check Manual, Check Cloth, No Check https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1994-Jaguar-XJ-3-2-XJ6-4dr-Saloon-Manual/274752037586?hash=item3ff87f62d2:g:eRAAAOSwzSlgb~tB Also about 4k too much in my eyes. But what do I know.
  6. Yes love his vids. Even if it is 35 mins of a bloke servicing his car. Still enthralled.
  7. Ha Ha Its actually for sale, not really trying that hard to though, but I need to claw back what's been put into i.e. lots and lots and lots.
  8. And a few of it sat on the drive. Ain’t the best, going to take some good ones this weekend if it’s nice.
  9. So over the weekend did 100/150 miles pleasant motoring. 123 ignition fitted, fires up lovely and seems to run bob on. For now. Had a few bits I had accumulated, some already fitted, some fitted this weekend. Fitted a stereo and some speakers to replace to the x1 working rear speaker. Didn’t drill and holes or what not, so all reversible but just making it nicer for Mrs T. Got a few pics that came with the car and I know some rust pervs wanna see them. So here you go.
  10. Yeah I rocked up in a 08 transit a couple of years back and it was £75 a night outside the hotel in Westminster . Gulp.
  11. The garage have just dropped it off (well shouted out the window its ready). 123 dizzy all fitted and seems to be running bob on. Third time lucky.
  12. I wish it was less than that. This has roughly £14k worth of restoration invoices for 2017. It then sold at auction for £10.5k plus fees 2019/20 It was taken to a bare shell as was an absolute dog. Got the pics on a cd at home I was passed on. Will get them up later.
  13. Regards sending it back, I did say I am going to do that on the phone, but they said if I had a trusted garage I use send it there and get it sorted. So that's what's happening at the moment. The first lot of parts, they gave me more to cover time and inconvenience. I dropped it off yesterday (next door to my work) and getting the electronic ignition fitted there, plus a battery and anything else it might need to be perfect. they have offered to to sort it all out once done. So cant fault them to be fair. When it turned up it was running perfect, wasn't like when it turned up it wa
  14. Regards the dealer, they have been really good to be fair and have offered to refund me everything I spend, once it’s all up and running.
  15. So got it to my work this morning so I could have a look. Was dumped outside my mums last night. Took the distributor cap off, checked the points, put it back. Did nothing else, and it fired straight up. Decided to order a proper 123 electronic distributor to do away with it all. Was a few quid, but hopefully that’s one less thing that could go wrong in the future. March has definitely not been a good month financially with cars for me 😀 What with buying this, repairing this, bodywork on the W123, Clio needing front callipers and the E39 in my stewardship needin
  16. I did have a spark last time but sometimes it was with a bit erratic. Like every third revolution it would spark? This time it happened it was just getting dark, so left it where it was till tomorrow. It did run rough for like 5/10 secs then just died. But in reality just conked out. Same as Saturday. Will investigate further tomorrow, but thanks for all the ideas chaps as what time look out for, apart from the norm. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. They come from the local factors. Bosch parts mainly. Thing was my way home from work is 35 mins, 10 mins blast down the a50, then a thrash down the lanes and not one hint of a problem. Then it stood, ten mins and we set off again. Did another 25 mins and not a hint of a problem. Then it stopped 15 mins as we went for a trio around the block. Then it just conked out again. Then not a hint of restarting. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. So crew need some advice. Drove home 35 mins all fine. Went out again another 25 mins then died. Did the same again just cut out. Surely it ain’t the condenser/points again? Somethings making it just conk out and not want to go again.
  19. So. I wasn’t convinced it was the coil. But ordered points, condenser, cap, rotor arm and a coil just in case. Grand total £55.20 Condenser fitted, fired up first thing. So fitted everything else as I know they are new bits I ordered, and will keep the rest as spares. Changed the oil and filter was well while I was there so I know that’s been done as well. Will go home in it tonight for test run Mark 2, and hopefully it’s more successful than last time. Also parked outside the office next to another small car.
  20. I mean there is owning a Honda Jazz, and there is OWNING A HONDA JAZZ. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1985-Honda-Jazz/184723573620?hash=item2b02620b74:g:2vQAAOSwAEBgVi~A
  21. Have sent an email to the dealer. So will see what they say. I don’t think there will be a problem at all. They couldn’t get the code working for original stereo so refunded us £150 to buy a replacement.
  22. Just been reading through the paperwork and it’s basically had a full rebuild, £9000 to have the body done plus 22 page invoice from mini spares. In there is a ballast coil. So will check. Thanks all for letting me know what to look for regards the pink/white wire etc.
  23. So it got delivered this morning. Mrs T was well excited so we set of on a bimble about. It ran perfect for 45 mins, then just died. But started back up. Ran for a minute or two and died again. We had left the house on a drive to nowhere and had no masks or tools or anything, luckily I had my phone. I had a look, but couldn’t see anything obvious. Tank was full. But pulled a plug and turned it over with Mrs T’s help and the spark looked weak. Couldn’t really do much else as had nothing. The AA were brill and turned up within 30 mins and he started checking, re
  24. Day 1 of Mini ownership. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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