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  1. ABM Orbit - just the two of them
  2. On the line. They were producing a badly facelifted Fiesta called the Associated British Motirs (ABM) Orbit. TV times gave two cars away and I saw one in the flesh at the end of its life in Swiss Cottage..
  3. Yup same here. My dad was, so was I. Have now moved into Skodas, Mokka was the final straw for me - the amount of time it spent off the road waiting for back order parts from Germany was no joke.
  4. French and Foxwell were where the Shell / Little Waitrose is now There are some pics on the web of the old showroom - I couldn’t find them earlier sadly
  5. Don’t seem to see any Vectras round here
  6. Photographed opposite what would have been French and Foxwell, the Vauxhall dealer in Burgh Heath. Cav was registered in Luton so could have been VX management car
  7. Wowsers that’s a lovely thing. My wife would quite lidderally kill me if I added any more to the Bump fleet though. She has spelt things out quite clearly.
  8. A 17 year old punto that hasn’t become a fridge yet. Some sort of a record?
  9. You can just about see them on this picture
  10. I'd be like a kid a sweetshop with that lot..
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