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  1. come on people the car is £300 no offers the car has done less than 20,000 also the window is going to cost £40 from dealer in portsmouth
  2. lol at the dinner pics im also on faceache catch me if you can lol
  3. i sooooo want a landydont want to go down the defender route as i reckon series landys look much better the few ive seen round here on farms are supposedly on going projects despite having stood for countless years so still looking
  4. pictures are up on the facebook page mot october 2015 mileage is just under 19000 believed genuine as the old fella that owned it did less than 50 miles a week in it needs a window drivers side rear but other than that it is sound
  5. location petworth west sussex pictures later
  6. w reg 2000 auto mot until october 2015 needs drivers side rear window but otherwise good little car being offered on other sites pictures up later
  7. lol i was sitting in traffic and it appeared round the corner
  8. this is the car as it sits in car park
  9. Got pics but cant upload yet
  10. Spotted a nice 1953 anglia sitting in a pub car park with flat tyres been two weeks no movement tax not in date 06/13 i want to rescue it before it gets vandalised ?,
  11. saw one yesterday on what looked like an old mg it read OLFIE
  12. thanks for your humourous replys but i had a word with the fella nin the garage where it was being mot,d and they are letting me have the car back tomorrow as i have managed to scrape togehter half the cash to pay them for the work done 2 new tyres front pads and discs new screen (insurance claim not mine) and a couple of bulbs had a free brake check in halfords 3 weeks ago they quoted me £800 for the same parts plus labour so im sticking with the megane
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