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  1. By a year or so - lasted to 1994, so maybe just left over stock.
  2. I bet folk in 1970 thought that by 2000 Longbridge would be producing something akin to George Jetson's car - complete with flying abilities. Also, wasn't the A35 van still about in 1970 (or only recently discontinued )...
  3. Some more Fiat examples: The 500 was on sale alongside the 126 (as the 500R) towards the end of production. In turn, the 126 lasted until 2000 in Poland, outliving the Cinquecento. The Uno carried on in Latin America as the Nissan Uno but I can't remember offhand whether it outlived the Mk1 Punto.
  4. I'm impressed at how reasonable that 90s-ified 4th Gen Ute looks - OK it's not fooling anyone as you said, but it could look a lot worse - just a bit of awkwardness around the scuttle / a-post area. (as an aside, wasn't there a facelift of the original front too, sort of "there used to be a full height grill here but now there isn't, honest" kind of affair?)
  5. In the Late Registration Madness thread, @willswitchengage wrote, regarding a 2009 Pug 206: “Also - one of few cars that managed to outlast its successor. They're still produced today in Iran. I think the Volvo 240 is another example that was manufactured after its successor (I'd argue the 740) was withdrawn from production, and the original Mini outlasted the Metro/100. Am sure there's a new thread opportunity emerging here…” Good idea, so I thought I’d kick it off. If a company has a bona-fide* genuine* automotive legend* in its portfolio, then this quite often comes into pl
  6. Carried on until 2009, very limited range (1.1, 1.4, 1.4 HDi) after the 207 was launched in 2006.
  7. Well the Pug was dragged off today. Been a great car for many years, but all sorts of niggling little things that stopped working and upcoming large maintenance tasks finally pushed the scales into "replace" rather than "repair" territory. Final Score: If the replacement is anywhere near as good I'll be happy.
  8. Very. 60mpg easy, 70 if you hypermile a bit on this particular car. Admittedly a good 80% of this car's life is spent on the motorway at 50-60mph - which it is *ideally* set up for. Driving in town all the time would get a bit frustrating as the gearing is very tall for a sub-70bhp car and the gap between 2nd and 3rd is large. The trouble with such high economy is that it spoils you for virtually anything else. Mrs_N recently treated me to a Cherokee 2.5CRD (Did I mention I love Mrs_N?) and I drove it to work for a couple of days thinking "Where's all the fuel gone? I need to stop *again*?
  9. Pug (206 1.4 HDi) clicked over 225000 yesterday..... 15 years to the day since it hit the road. 15k/yr for 15 years.... precisely. I love it when maths comes together. Not only that,but I'd driven Mrs_N's Streetka over the 100K mark 15 minutes earlier as well.
  10. E = longer final drive ratio (3.1:1 as opposed to 3.44:1) so a City E or HLE will have 3.1:1, City or HL will be 3.44:1. (There was never a "Mayfair E" but I think they were all 3.1:1 as they took over from the HLE). Put the engine number into GuessWorks for confirmation http://www.guess-works.com/Tech/engine.htm Great find, love early 80s Minis (my first two had those seats) Norbert (short, stubbly but not tidy beard)
  11. Walsall's old bus station was far better than the omnibus omnishambles (see what I did there?) that it is now: The only bus station I know where exiting traffic has to barge its way into a queue of incoming traffic. It's not even the only poorly-designed bus terminus in Walsall, as Bradford Place is also terrible, especially if more than two 4s are in at any one time - no one can get in, which eventually means no one can get out either. Bradford Street, every day Sadly, this is what NXWM 9959 looks like now, courtesy of the site below: http://www.wmbusphotos.com/NXWM/5001-9
  12. Someone doesn't know their blind codes - it's been the 32 since October. There'll be rustlings on the wmbusphotos forum I bet......
  13. A468KEX - zircon blue Ambassador 2.0HL I'll try to find a picture out.
  14. Being asked the following question (at the end of a long list) in a professional capacity: "And what kind of colour is beige?" Oh, you don't know? Let me familiarise you, with the help of a load of pictures of thoroughbred* vehicles from a forum I know......
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