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  1. have you tried searching for his number to see if it comes up on any other company names?
  2. Hi, was watching an old episode of the big match and got a couple of reg's - ypk818h and eph288j ( this one had l-plates on).
  3. mot site recognises it, 171DHW FRANCIS BARNETT 150 Check another vehicle ColourGreen Fuel typePetrol Date registered31 December 1959 MOT expired on10 August 2010
  4. it was pinned, it gets unpinned when the total is reached, each month
  5. oh dear? Do not drive until repaired (dangerous defects): Nearside Rear Stop lamp(s) remains on when the brakes are released (4.3.2 (a) (iii))Offside Rear Stop lamp(s) remains on when the brakes are released (4.3.2 (a) (iii))Repair immediately (major defects): Offside Front Direction indicator not working (4.4.1 (a) (ii))Offside Rear Registration plate lamp inoperative in the case of a single lamp or all lamps (4.7.1 ( (ii))Offside Rear Brake cable damaged (1.1.15 (a))Exhaust emissions - engine idle speed too high ( (e))Rear Electrical wiring insecure and connectors likely to become disconnected in the boot (4.11 (a) (ii))
  6. I believe that is Stalham. a few stops from Norwich
  7. Autoaid is £44 with Groupon at the moment.
  8. not sure on the legalities but can you not get it registered from the VIN if it was a UK car?
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