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  1. Have you checked how long the waiting time is for your test centre, they can be quite a few weeks so might be worth checking at your next lesson so that you are not wasting your money on excess lessons.
  2. 'the area im currently learning in, is a hot spot for other learners too etc (as its a fairly quiet square but with large open roads) which adds to the "fun" of it all, we had one person who refused to indicate, and another who pulled out of a junction while I was going through it/had the right of way' you will probably find that these are routes that are used on test's so the instructors take you on them to familiarise yourself with route
  3. Vulg, you have this hearse under Ireland but it is a uk hearse with a private plate.
  4. have you tried searching for his number to see if it comes up on any other company names?
  5. mot site recognises it, 171DHW FRANCIS BARNETT 150 Check another vehicle ColourGreen Fuel typePetrol Date registered31 December 1959 MOT expired on10 August 2010
  6. it was pinned, it gets unpinned when the total is reached, each month
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