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  1. I had a rental Getz when I was working in Israel during 2004/2005 and thought it was a very decent little runabout. Would do an indicated ton and MPG was pretty good but all costs were found by my employer anyway. A few years back, on the eBay thread, there was a black Getz that had done something like 475,000 miles, or thereabouts, so there should be plenty of mileage left in that motor, as long as you keep the tin worm at bay! 😉
  2. I've got a new set of rear discs for a Picanto in the shed, which, might be the same fitment as the Getz? The brakes on the Picanto with the 4 discs were fantastic, so much so that they reverted to drums, due to complaints from owners
  3. Well a little bit of a coincidence today. Was browsing Facebook marketplace and came across my old ZSB for sale, six years after selling it! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/237685615549800/
  4. There was an old dear in the village, when I was a boy, that owned one. There was another family in the village that had the Ro80. From my recollection, they were both troublesome cars.
  5. A few of us, ogled the brand new Sinclair C5, that was displayed in the window of the old Adam Purves showroom (now a Greggs) in Galashiels back in the day.
  6. They were both very good deals and a competent enough car but not really the same quality as the Mitsubishi they were based upon. The Blue one was a lowly 32K miles and giffer owned, cost a whopping £550 at roughly 6 years of age. Bought it at BCA auctions at Ingleston. The Silver one was fairly rough and ready but very reliable, took it over to the Netherlands for a couple of year while I was working there. Cost £425 from an Irish lad in Granton (Edinburgh). The car wouldn't start when I went to pick it up and said the battery was flat. He told me the car was too light for his liking and wanted to buy a more solid Volvo.. yeah OK 🤣 What that actually meant, was that the car had a dodgy ignition barrel and you had to tilt the key slightly upwards (he had not figured that out) and wanted shot of it ASAP. Once you knew the technique the car started each and every time without fail. I told the next owner about the technique - an Austrian chap that bought it and everybody was happy. It was then passed onto one of his employees and I'm led to believe it eventually retired on a farm, as a run around vehicle, in the Hartlepool area? Both of them were the 10 Year Anniversary Editions with AC/Spoiler etc and the low tax 1.3 engine. I bought a Hyundai Coupe after the Silver one and it felt like a Lexus in comparison 🤣
  7. Back in the 90's, I was getting a 1969 VW camper back on the road. Had just finished an engine swap and feeling quite pleased with myself. decided to take it out for a spin. I gave it the beans and then thought I'd stop at the old railway station before heading home. Pulled off the road into the yard and put the foot on the brake for the first time since getting in. Foot pedal straight to the floor, no brakes! Somehow managed to swerve the camper away from the fence and away from danger and slowed down with the gears and handbrake. Got out and looked under the van, to see that some cunt had cut off the fucking master cylinder! Here's a photo from that era with the actual VW. I'm actually sitting in front of the PC, pretty much in the same location as my old Yamaha XJ550 is back then. Pity I didn't keep the AE86 too!
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