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  1. Amazing what you can get for a grand, in other markets, compared to the UK. Probably lucky to get a Chinese one here. https://www.astra-honda.com/product/scoopy
  2. Original head - you can see the casting to the side of the exhaust re-circulation point. Looks hellish too, have a look at the SS50 and you'll see the same type of thing.
  3. Thought there were some interesting points in this thread. https://www.pakwheels.com/forums/t/jialing-jh70-why-its-not-coming-in-pakistan-now/207522
  4. Yes, fitted to a Nanfang 50 made a large difference overall. Not any faster on top speed (gearing most likely) but actually made it a much more usable machine. This is a complete 70cc kit with top end and barrel etc, you'll see the same thing being sold for multiple times this price elsewhere. The 50cc top end was OK once it got going but if you tried to pull away on a hill it was hellish. The 70 kit totally transformed that aspect of the bike. Many parts from the Jialing JH70 series of bikes will be pretty much the same thing but you might need to verify some items.
  5. If you need switches, these might be an option. US $10.78 50%OFF | 1pair JH70 JH48 Handlebar Switch Assembly Motorcycle left and right handle switch modification handle Spare Parts https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_Tzzqq
  6. That head does indeed look pretty horrific in the picture but it was all fine when I fitted one. I initially thought the "hole" at the bottom was a failed casting but they're all like that. Wasn't something I expected to see...😂
  7. What's the plans for the SS then? Oily rag and run or restore?
  8. I think that's a bit of a story people push that's not quite accurate. From what I understand Hyosung used to make the SV650 engine for Suzuki and the Hyosung 650 engine is based on or derived from the SV unit but has no interchangeable/shared parts. You'll still see adverts saying Hyosung with Suzuki SV650 engine etc. From what I've read, it sounds like the charging systems are suspect and Kawasaki replacements are favoured. Speedos can reset to zero and the first models suffered from leaky fuel tank seams. I would need to offload a couple of my bikes (or possibly one) before getting anything else though.
  9. I remember when the change over to fuel injection came about and the new cost of most basic Chinese "shitters" increased by £400 or so. I've always been of the outlook that I'd rather replace a lower quality carb that costs a tenner, than deal with potentially suspect (and expensive) fuel injection systems with unknown reliability. This outlook was dismissed on the Lexmoto facebook pages, at the time, usually by dealers (or self confessed experts) but I've noticed an increased number of folks in recent months with problems related to fuelling on fuel injected models. With the Rider's Cub, the issues I had were a non air-tight fuel tank level float, which was replaced with a wine bottle cork and works perfectly... Then last year, the speedo worm gear drive failed. Looks like a lack of grease/lubrication was at fault there. I ordered a replacement from China but it was slightly too narrow but it wasn't specifically for a Super Cub and only cost £2.50 so no big deal. Currently using a Home Bargains £2.99 bicycle speedo in the meantime, which is OK up to 45mph. I'm only concerned with 30 limits anyway. One of the things I've noticed with Chinese bikes, that's woefully below Japanese standards, is the quality of rubber or rubberised components. They appear to be made of some very low grade "rubber" that does not have the same durability of anything Japanese. That said, replacements cost next to nothing if you order from China. I've noticed my foot-peg rubbers are now cracked (still serviceable) so ordered a new pair from China at £2.82 delivered. The side stand foot rubber also failed but that's not something I'm concerned about anyway. If they last another 6 years I'll be fine with that! The prices to make your Scomadi faster, appear reassuringly expensive from my outlook, @ £200 per extra horse, is nuts! I did a 70cc top end swap on a Nanfang 50 last summer, didn't go any faster but made a huge difference pulling away and going up hills. Suspect the front sprocket might be able to handle an extra tooth. I guess I just look at the Chinese bikes as being a cheap alternative for a bit of fun in a new package. I wouldn't dream of paying current new prices for them but if one can be picked up cheaply, I'd certainly go for it. Once a Mash Roadstar gets below a grand, I might be tempted... Then again, I have a hankering for a Hyosung GV650 and never owned a Korean bike, I hear they can also be pretty horrific for quality too?
  10. Be fantastic if that caught on over on this side of the water too 😀
  11. The only plus side here is that the Riders front brake is so shite, it'll likely never wear out anyway. 😂
  12. Nothing wrong with being cynical, from my point of view. On the other hand, back in the day, bikes like the Honda Cub were viewed in a similar vein to the current Chinese machines, i.e. cheapish disposable transport. Most of the Cubs that myself and pals rode around on back in the late 70's early 80's were usually not more than 5 or 6 years old and all pretty much rotted out and used off-road. It's only takes a short review of the Chinese tiddler pages on Facebook to see that many of the bikes succumb to inept ownership with a variety of "mods" that were also applied during my youth, with pretty much the same result of fucking the bike up. It does indeed sound like you've had a fairly negative experience with a far larger sample of Chinese bikes. I've only owned two and wouldn't say no to owning another, if the machine had generally positive reviews
  13. There's a lad on one of the Lexmoto pages that said he had done 176,000 on his Lexmoto - I suspect that might have been Km but said it was miles. There's also another guy who runs a bike shop that reckons his has done well over 70,000 miles. I have to say, I was actually quite impressed with the Lexmoto ZSB that I had for 3 years or so. The Rider's Cubs (Chongqing Guangyu Motorcycle Manufacture Co) were generally very well regarded on the C90club page by the folks that bought them. They make a lot more sense than paying £600 for a rusty heap that needs everything reconditioned, well that's my outlook anyway.
  14. One of my pals bought one of these brand new in 1982 to replace his dead Honda CB50J that got him through part of 1982... It was dead after 9 months in his capable hands....
  15. Mine (KH250) didn't have any but then again, I was 16 when I owned it. 😇
  16. Back in the day, earlier 80's I paid £30 per year for my learner bikes. Yamaha FS1E and a Suzuki GP100. Back then, the smart money was on the best performance with the smallest capacity. A GP100 would pretty much keep up with most 125's or even outrun them. The next stage was the 250cc two stroke. That was an X7 for me. I don't recall what I paid for the X7 insurance from late '83 onwards but don't think it was twice the price of the GP100?
  17. I'd say it was still a basic £400 Chinese CG125 clone that's had a few bits and bobs "upgraded" to make it look more presentable. A quick google search for the Honley seems to mainly result in the new (pre registered 67 plate) bike sold by the dealer, possibly not a popular model?
  18. To be fair I've not found the Chinese bikes I've bought to be that bad really. They've all been totally reliable and in the case of the Lexmoto ZSB the build quality was actually pretty decent. I've thought about picking up a CG125 clone for fun but they seem to have become very thin on the ground now. Really don't need it as such but a Honley Classic would be a desirable option. Here's one that's about a grand over priced. https://www.twowheel.co.uk/honley-mtr-classic-125cc-orange.html
  19. The used bike market at this point in time is crazy. I still don't see why 125's are now priced so highly, it's not like there's any shortage of new bikes to buy or used ones on the market?
  20. Here's a premium priced example... 😂 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/540820163333879/
  21. I saw something similar on Facebook this week with a 2011 Huoniao HN125-8 advertised at £850. You could buy them new for £700 a few years ago...
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