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  1. I'm not sure if I responded to this or not, rebuilt/upgraded the PC and still in the process of transferring over all my logins etc. I've never heard of having to drag a rear brake on a corner, particularly if leaning over - sounds like a bloody silly idea to me? Are the instructors really that useless?
  2. Forgive me if I'm being obtuse here but why would she be required to put on the brakes and use the indicator switch at the same time? Assuming this is mainly low speed off-road training, there shouldn't be any need to have both brake levers gripped and pulled before turning on the indicators? 🤔 If the tutor is knowledgeable, I'd expect them to be able to give advice or a practical solution. I'd be expecting a scenario where you signal your intention, then apply the brakes once you've selected the direction indicator? I'd imagine this would be a bit like driving a car, changing gear and at the same time trying to put on your indicators?
  3. I've never actually seen a Bridgestone motorcycle in the flesh but I've seen a couple advertised. When I first started off on two wheels back in the early '80's, I considered Japanese tyres to be pretty suspect, similar to perceptions of Chinese tyres today. It didn't take long for that to change!
  4. There was a rather small chap locally that used to run around on a Hongdu 125 (Honda CG125 clone). He was very small indeed, must have been very close to five feet tall. Are you looking at scooters mainly or motorcycles?
  5. Did the Steve Hislop memorial ride on Sunday. After 200 total miles my arse was in tatters!
  6. We were out on the tiddlers yesterday. The Nanfang engine uses a rotary gearbox. 1-2-3-4-1...... that's a clue. Well I was following and bimbling along at roughly 40mph. Suddenly, I heard what sounded like an extremely loud and prolonged missed gear... 🤔 The engine revved its fucking tits off! Then the GF pulled over and said, "it's not pulling, just dying on me..." It would start OK but totally gutless. No pulling power at all. Then told the GF that she'd probably fucked the bike going into first gear from 4th. She wasn't impressed. It all became my fault. Of course, couldn't be her fault could it? 😇 Had a quick look at the bike and took some of the covers off the head. There was a hell of a play in the inlet rocker. I thought it was bent.. didn't want to think about the state of the tappets. We decided to leave the bike at the side of the road and then recover it in my car once we got the gf home. Picked the bike up in the evening (glad to see it was still there!) and took it home. We decided to have a look at the engine. I'll save a lot of typing but all that was required, was replacing the inlet tappet!! I took one out of the spare 50 head. Was really expecting it to be toast! That bigger engine will just have to wait! 👍
  7. The standard engine was fine once it got up to speed but was really lacking low down power. Kept bogging if you snapped the throttle back at anything more than gradual rotation. Purchased a spare carb from China and it really made not difference at all. Tried adjusting the fuel/air mixture, all to no avail. Bought 70cc kit from China and it now runs perfectly...😇 No bogging down, pulls away cleanly etc.
  8. It's on the GF's policy but I have a rider multi bike policy as well, which allows me to ride it. The PDI from CBRuS must be non-existent.... Found loose engine mount bolts today, the front end wasn't tightened up properly either. It's a smooth enough little thing, once it's on the boil.
  9. Well I'm pleased to report that the Nanfang is definitely not restricted by any stretch of the imagination. It will pull an indicated 45MPH on the flat and has shown 55MPH down a slight gradient without much effort. The only complaints were slight bogging at lower revs and some minor carburation issues. I tried fiddling about with raising and lowering the needle and adjusting the fuel/air mixture. Changing the tappet clearances made the biggest difference but the bogging remained. Ended up getting another carb for £8.99 which didn't really make any difference. While shopping for a spare carb, came across a CRF 70cc piston, barrel and head kit with all the required gaskets for £35.99. Just fitted that today and I'm pleased to note that there's a roughly 10MPH improvement on the flat and much better torque going up hills. The 70cc kit appears to have cured the bogging as well.... Next stage will be to source a 110/125 engine in the future but for now, it's perfectly adequate.
  10. gtd2000

    Hyundai coupe

    That looks very decent for the money!
  11. gtd2000

    Hyundai coupe

    Those Scoupe's rusted like hell up this way. Knew a lass with a white one which was mainly brown rust up to the windows .... Was the turbo charged one as well. I had the 1.5L Pony GLS at the time
  12. gtd2000

    Hyundai coupe

    I would never buy a car or vehicle unseen after that fiasco. It took an awful lot of resolve not to resort to "alternative" methods of redress, if I'm honest. Lost £50 and a tank of fuel selling it to a pal that was looking for a car, I was more pissed off that I'd been "mugged" really. I did think eBay or PayPal would get it sorted out but they didn't cover cars etc under a certain category of advert or suchlike. It was actually a very decent low mileage example but not close to the immaculate and pristine condition car that was advertised....all water under the bridge now of course.
  13. gtd2000

    Hyundai coupe

    Spot the difference...
  14. gtd2000

    Hyundai coupe

    Yeah those were the obvious differences between the advertised car and the purchased car. There were a number of other photos. I was gutted, as the advert used different images of a truly immaculate car.
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