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  1. Back in the 90's, I was getting a 1969 VW camper back on the road. Had just finished an engine swap and feeling quite pleased with myself. decided to take it out for a spin. I gave it the beans and then thought I'd stop at the old railway station before heading home. Pulled off the road into the yard and put the foot on the brake for the first time since getting in. Foot pedal straight to the floor, no brakes! Somehow managed to swerve the camper away from the fence and away from danger and slowed down with the gears and handbrake. Got out and looked under the van, to see that some cunt had cut off the fucking master cylinder! Here's a photo from that era with the actual VW. I'm actually sitting in front of the PC, pretty much in the same location as my old Yamaha XJ550 is back then. Pity I didn't keep the AE86 too!
  2. I'll be getting the car back next weekend and will have a decent look at the underside. The chap that wanted to borrow the car for his daughter, popped in for a cup of tea today and I'm wondering if it was more a case of being sensible, rather than terminal rust now. The garage was going to charge him around £400, on top of the MOT fee to do the repairs, which, would be somewhat mad for a car he wanted to borrow for a few months use. Looks like a scrap car goes for around £150 right now, so I'm still at roughly half that value with the work that I've done.
  3. Today was meant to be the day my little 55 plate Alto was being re-tested for the MoT. I've just been told that the jack has gone through the rear end of the car and that basically it's toast! I find it strange that there was no mention of corrosion during the first MoT for this to happen but that's where we are now. Anybody need a "scrap" Alto with new brakes on the front end? 😉
  4. That's a Mitsubishi Space Wagon (over here) if I recall correctly?
  5. This was the outcome of the MoT. Not as bad as it probably sounds. The rear hydraulic hose has collapsed restricting the flow of fluid - a new one on eBay is £10. The wheel bearing needs replaced, roughly £12 on eBay Exhaust front section is £24.75 online but it's possibly a clamp that's required. Door handles are about £3 on Aliexpress.
  6. I was anticipating the car sitting at the house until the spring but a chap I know was keen for a temporary car for his daughter and asked about the Alto. I said I'd changed the front brakes and not really done much else so he said he'd put it in for an MoT. I thought I'd at least make it look "somewhat" more presentable.... Part 1: Part 2: Still to be uploaded...
  7. It's only been almost 4 months but there has been movement! Part 1: Part 2: Part 3:
  8. Here you go: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1005489860026397/
  9. I didn't know these existed with an Italian badge on them until yesterday when looking at Facebook Marketplace
  10. The old 4 ton Ferrari as we used to refer to them. I've not got the best associated memories of them, lost a pal in the Army, when he was decapitated after it rolled...
  11. It does look somewhat corroded under there but appears to be relatively solid? I thought I'd have a look at the mounting bracket but the 17mm bolts are very tight, probably need heat before attempting to remove.
  12. Well I thought I'd remove the discs today and give the slide pins a greasing up. One was sliding fine and the other absolutely solid, no problem , I'd just rotate it and it'll be loose in no time....where's that 17,, spanner? Take that!
  13. Not much progress this week. Pumped up the tyres again after starting the car. Started first turn of the key. Pulled the stupid looking black plastic rectangles off the corners of the rear bumper. Had a look under the bonnet to see what was stopping the bonnet release catch from completely locking down the bonnet and noticed that I hadn't secured the battery down properly! That took a few minutes to sort out then I had a look at the bonnet release cable. Didn't get any further forward but I suspect a bit of WD40 or similar will get things sorted. Had another look at the ridiculously dusty seats below the two sets of seat covers! Went back inside for a cuppa! 😉
  14. I'll be quite honest, it's the £30 road tax that makes it more appealing. That said, if I can't get it all up to MoT standard for very little outlay, it'll be moved on.
  15. Here's the minced rear handle. Too many bits missing to repair easily.
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