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  1. Not "that" far from me but I suspect they will all be overly crispy.... 🧐
  2. The problem I had with traction was the Firestone Firehawks that were fitted to the car, they were horrific in damp/wet conditions. Absolutely useless in snow! On the plus side, they did manage 40,000 odd miles before replacement!
  3. I was extremely lucky with mine, it was honestly in perfect condition and totally rust free. When I bought mine, I was in the army and I'd returned to Germany from Canada (BATUS). I'd actually seen the car advertised on the noticeboard at the Roundhouse (Bergen Hohne) before we went to Canada and was very pleased to see that it was still up for sale. Turned out it was a female Major that owned the car and she only generally used it for trips back to Inverness, as she had a staff car. It looked in pretty poor condition with more green than silver and an interior covered in mildew! I cleaned the car up myself and it honestly looked brand new. A few of my mates asked if I'd just bought a new car? The Celeste was really just a Japanese Capri with more show than go but it was a lovely car to drive and proceeded pretty well on the Autobahn with an indicated 126MPH being the top speed. I'd regularly sit at an indicated 120MPH without any drama. The car was absolutely reliable but it definitely needed much better brakes, they were pitiful to be honest! I had dreams of fitting a Starion engine but that was a simple pipe dream. I did see one, for the first time in decades, last year at a garage in Longtown on the way to Carlisle on the A7. It was a green on,e with the earlier inverted L shaped lights. Here's a few of the remaining pics that I have of it.
  4. Yeah Celeste 2000GT, was a pretty decent car overall.
  5. Mind you, my second car was far superior and drew lots of looks back in the 80's
  6. Japanese cars always piqued my interest. Wouldn't mind another little Mitsubishi Mirage to see how it faired today...
  7. You can add Hyundai i20 and KIA Ceed models to the rear drum/disc combo brakes system as well. For your information, the rear brake plates that are fitted to the similarly aged Corolla Verso, are supposedly the same as the Celica... Talking of rust and repairs, was there not a thread a few years back on a little burgundy coloured Lancia Y10 or suchlike?
  8. Amazing what you can get for a grand, in other markets, compared to the UK. Probably lucky to get a Chinese one here. https://www.astra-honda.com/product/scoopy
  9. Original head - you can see the casting to the side of the exhaust re-circulation point. Looks hellish too, have a look at the SS50 and you'll see the same type of thing.
  10. Thought there were some interesting points in this thread. https://www.pakwheels.com/forums/t/jialing-jh70-why-its-not-coming-in-pakistan-now/207522
  11. Yes, fitted to a Nanfang 50 made a large difference overall. Not any faster on top speed (gearing most likely) but actually made it a much more usable machine. This is a complete 70cc kit with top end and barrel etc, you'll see the same thing being sold for multiple times this price elsewhere. The 50cc top end was OK once it got going but if you tried to pull away on a hill it was hellish. The 70 kit totally transformed that aspect of the bike. Many parts from the Jialing JH70 series of bikes will be pretty much the same thing but you might need to verify some items.
  12. If you need switches, these might be an option. US $10.78 50%OFF | 1pair JH70 JH48 Handlebar Switch Assembly Motorcycle left and right handle switch modification handle Spare Parts https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_Tzzqq
  13. That head does indeed look pretty horrific in the picture but it was all fine when I fitted one. I initially thought the "hole" at the bottom was a failed casting but they're all like that. Wasn't something I expected to see...😂
  14. What's the plans for the SS then? Oily rag and run or restore?
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