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  1. Autoshitters, please save these bloody things from the recycling bin. Sick to death of climbing over them and they seem only to cause trouble. I won't post, or split. May use them as fire wood at this rate. Collection from Tamworth only, any time. Might meet you at British Motor Museum mid week if you fit yourself into my schedule.
  2. Vanny

    AX to grind.

    Lankytim, possibly/probably it depends if dad has taken it all to the tip or not. I definitely still have the wheels. I'm up Chester way over the weekend!
  3. Vanny

    AX to grind.

    Well i can either drop them over toward the end of the month, or you can go get them yourself? Glad i've finally found a home for them. When they went into stores they where to good and too new to ditch.
  4. Vanny

    AX to grind.

    Bilster, any chance that AX originated from Benham Citroen in Liverpool? It's the spitting image of my mums old AX (bar the non derv engine) Also, if you want a bonnet, bumper and 3 (good) tyres/rims and a practically unlimited number of hub caps, there is a collection of AX parts at my parents slowly making there way to the tip!
  5. Have you been watching those comedy propaganda films about R134/R1234yf being super uber flammable and we're all gonna die, paid for buy the people developing the 500psi CO2 systems? I wouldn't believe everything you hear on the Internetz. Also, UV leak dye, works only once. After that every time you have a fault the same leak will be blamed again and again because you can't completely remove the dye so it will always show up. When i was trained up, the trainer made a very compelling case for never putting leak detector dye in a system and i was convinced enough that i never do, and won't
  6. Erm, sounds like he has a recharge trolley. These are completely hopeless for diagnosing faults. You need OFN at 50psi to find a leak safely and accurately. Always plump for a 'mobile' air con man, with individual components. Much better value for money! I believe (and could be wrong) that pins 1 and 2 bridge the LOW pressure switch, so will bring life to a discharged system. Not recommended for long term running, but a relatively safe "quik'n dirty" test. It does have HIGH and LOW pressure in the switch, normally HIGH pressure trigger will occur when stationary and the fans have stopped wor
  7. The trick generally is never to go battery to battery on the return/ground/negative/black cable. You open yourself up to BIG problems, where as, if you go flat battery to big lump of metal (engine mount, starter mount, chunky bit of gear box) you add a bit of resistance, saving your battery. I suspect on newer cars there is more chance of killing something electrical, but this is Autoshite so not to worry. Oh and don't try to jump start to or from a car with stop start/eco stop. If it's got a a belt ISG (starter and alternator in one, ish) you'll blow it up! Got an epic battery in the work c
  8. Cost for me to insure the J-reg BX16v, £650. Cost to insure £8ks worth of 55 plate Discovery 3, £700. Given the damage i could do with the Disco compared to the lack of damage the BX would do, how in god's name does that work out? Barefoot, LV are just odd. The things they will ensure has been getting worse for years. They used to insure anything while they where still Liverpool Victoria, modified, off road you name, they would cover it. These days i think i'll have to buy a Focus if i want them to insure me! They won't insure the cat because i dont know what day it was born ffs.
  9. You've got Cavette approving posts? What to make sure they're not full of s#it? Bah ha ha ha ha ha He's much better than me though, everyone knows that.
  10. I use that for removing suspension spheres. It sometimes doesn't work, which is the point at which i reach for the cold chisel and hammer and beat the crap out of the thing while on full height. Never fails Hmmm, for the sake of full disclosure, it should be noted that i have on more than one occasion resorted to changing brake discs with an angle grinder! I fear LandRover ownership beckons.
  11. not if you do it right How many non messy oil changes have you ever managed? I find the trick is a square shafted driver, and start so that the handle is above the centre line of the filter AFTER it has been loosened. I guess it's just a skill you develop with practice.
  12. I've always used a hammer and a long screw driver on a BX. The multitude of different oil wrenches available is incredible, but non give as good access as a long screw driver.
  13. 3 pages in and no one has mentioned these abominations?
  14. Vanny


    If you have a trade card, they practically hand out excellent quality tools. These days they also stock SOME decent brand stuff, at an incredible mark up, but if its not your cash and you need it smartish, then it can be very very useful. My local motor factor actually know what a BX is, and often know the difference between a petrol and a diesel BX so i do try to use them as often as possible. Interestingly though, my local Indi garage doesn't use them.
  15. Who on earth buys a car on eBay and expects it to be faultless? You don't even get that with a new car. When I've bought cars on ebay, I've turned up and taken it without bothering to even look over it. I'm buying a 10+ year old car, if I don't find some faults i'll be too nervous to drive it in case the 'unfound' fault comes and bites me in the arse. I suspect this tool might never have driven a diesel before, No smoke, no poke!
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