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  1. A small amount of sex-wee has just come out
  2. Thanks guys. That one is very similar to the one I’m looking at
  3. Being slightly concerned that our home in France is bereft of schlonk, I have tracked down a suitably hanging R16 to keep the barn floor lubricated. What do you have to look out for on these and what are walk-away issues vs just part of its 42 year-old Gallic charm issues? thanks guys
  4. Anyone fancy a tilt at this old contemptible? 1993 Mini Sprite 1993 Mini Sprite carburettor model. 10 months MOT. Engine rebuilt by previous owner in 2015 New rear subframe 2015 Rear suspension rebuild 2015 New driver's side inner and outer sills and floor 2016 New rear wheel bearings in 2018 Minilite style wheels, Paddy Hopkirk gearshift kit, sports dashboard (auxiliary dials present but not wired in), Union Jack roof wrap. Has the more comfortable 'Metro' style front seats and a remarkably powerful stereo with USB connection. Whilst structurally solid, the bodywork is quite scruffy. The boot-lid in particular is on its last legs but I have a brand new one that will come with the car. The car drives nicely and is tremendous fun to drive. I have enjoyed owning and slowly upgrading this car for nearly three years but, having covered less than a thousand miles a year, it makes no sense to keep it. What do you reckon - £3.5k?
  5. Saw this in the local brico car park yesterday
  6. I am consumed with jealousy at that R16. Consumed I tell you....
  7. I also found these on my phone. Languishing in a field a few miles down the road from us
  8. I had no idea that they had ever done an Alfasud Giardinetta 5 door
  9. Very nice. On matters Renault, our local village has these two gems lying around. One of the R6 does occasionally make it onto the road but the R12 is definitely 'going home'
  10. Lovliness all round Attached images of my forays into Lancia choddage. I still have the Beta Spyder (owned since 1989) butbthe Gamma and Fulvia have moved on. I fear the Fulvia is now garnered unto God but if anyone happens to have it lurking under a bush, do let me know.
  11. Buick Rover 3500 in lower tune than the one used in the saloon cars, so turning out about 145bhp (when new)
  12. 13mpg?! I am stunned of SW4! What wizardry did you work?!
  13. I don't disagree and, after Christmas,mi will get my shit together and advertise it there. I thought I'd stick it here though as I love the genuine enthusiast sentiment that exists here. For that same reason, it won't be going anywhere near the self-pleasurists on PenisHeads....
  14. It's a shame but it's just not getting used enough. Anyone interested in my 1983 Range Rover 4-door auto? MOT'd yesterday. Looking for something around the £15k mark Blurb below; I bought this car in 2012 as a scruffy but solid and honest car and have upgraded its condition since. The car is a silver 4 door auto, originally supplied with the factory 'A pack' options - metallic paint, wood door caps, rear head restraints, luggage bay carpeting and a blaupunkt radio cassette - but with standard Rostyle style wheels and no airconditioning. At some point prior to my ownership, the car has been fitted with a replacement engine. Although I do not know for certain, the fact that it is painted in green hammerite suggests that it was an new surplus MOD unit. Talking to an owner previous to the one from whom I bought the car, the Chrysler Torqueflite gearbox has also been overhauled, although I have no documentation to support this. Since buying the car, I have had the following work carried out; Fitment of a new power steering rack Full suspension re-build Replacement of outer cills Replacement of both rear door-shuts/wheel arches Fitment of a new replacement headlining Fitment of a good quality replacement roof panel (replacing the original butchered by a 1980s after-market pop-up sunroof) Fabrication and fitment of new quarterlight frames Full inspection of the chassis and body tub with any remedial work undertaken Full cleaning, painting and waxoyling of the chassis and body tub Fitment of a new OEM towing kit Restoration of all bodywork including a full re-paint in the original colour All work, except the power steering rack, has been carried out by Churchill 4x4, who have recently fully serviced the car and undertaken a number of minor maintenance tasks. The car is MOt'd until December of next year. The interior of the car is complete, original and in good overall condition. The 'teddy bear' interior is complete and clean. There is a small 2 sq cm patch of carpet missing in the rear off side foot well and the timber door cappings would benefit from revarnishing The body work remains in very good condition, having been refurbished three years ago, although there are a small number of localised blemishes here and there, this being a car that is neat, tidy and useable rather than a show-car. For what it is worth, the current odometer reading is 23,948. The reason why I am selling is because, with a busy life and other classic cars, I am simply not finding the time to use it.
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