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  1. COR! That old Seddon coach is a beast Reminds me of childhood hol's to the channel Islands in the early 70's when there were some ancient Albion single decker's still plodding about
  2. Dodge ex fire engine Very This could have a lovely sounding Perkins V8 diesel
  3. Lovely old Standard Looking at that picture I Had a Streetmachine moment and saw a lowered, chopped lead sled
  4. This is indeed what the humble Sherpa was based on
  5. Blimey, a grunter on a Y Love the Commer PB, surely the shitest commercial
  6. Welcome Samage, that K70 is just great Vin is right, it is an NSU design which VW acquired when they took over NSU after the RO80 problems The very first water cooled VW, any idea how many left in this country
  7. Blimey, thats a real old skool scrapper's Spottedlaurel
  8. Love the Heraldry 13/60 ragged top Seth
  9. Great spottage ajcherry Great to see some mk3 Zephyr's, I acquired my Zodiac from your area (Lancing) just over 2 years ago. That R5 is great, and must be a rare auto survivor
  10. That white Farina 'state custom must've been culled from a copy of Street machine circa '79/'80 I Had a distinct feeling of dejevu when I Saw it Am I Right Spottedlaurel
  11. Nice one Seth, that Farina 'state is just soooo class single big spot lamp and a Somerset reg number, great The Saab 96 is just top
  12. Welcome maltelec, that Drott of yours is a nice bit of gear what type of diesel engine has it got
  13. Top spottage Seth, I just lurve those Citreon H vans I've always fancied a classic camping device, and one of them is right up there with a Bedford CA
  14. Blimey! Spottage overload, I'm going to have a lie down in a dark room for half an hour Those wheels on the S type look slightly odd, just like the X300 Jag with chrome wire wheels I Clocked earlier this week I Am already in that home for the confused and bewildered
  15. Great variety there Spottedlaurel! Those Leyland Constructors are now a rare sight as "working wagons". The eight legger is a Leyland Factory built Lightweight model, fitted with the T45 narrow cab, hence the single headlamps. The majority of Constructor 8's were the heavy model with the wider cab as fitted to Roadtrain tractor units with the twin headlamps and were built at the former Scammell factory in Watford. When these were in production I was working at a Leyland/DAF dealer in the parts department, hence the knowledge :wink:The little Peugeot 104 is a massive spot!
  16. You have been busy Spottedlaurel! That Mustang does it for me, but nice to see an R9 "lemon" as well!
  17. Nice selection Seth, in particular the A50 and Wolseley 1500. Also seriously liking the A50 Suntor camper in the the background, one of your fleet I presume!Mentioning your motors, I recall reading an article on A55/60 Farina's in one of the classic car mags sometime ago and one of the featured cars was yours I think (a very smart A60 custom.) I went up in the attic last night to try and find said mag with no luck, but sure it will turn up over the next few weeks as have the delight of moving house!
  18. Top spots indeed! That Wartburg has to be the best, is i still in use? My mother used to have an identical Midget to that one (perhaps not quite so much rust though!) But I do remember it being a fairly dreadful device.
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