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  1. Indeed, you would need nuts the size of a space hopper to take one of the few remaining examples on...
  2. Spotted this lovely little 1994 Scania tipper in Redruth today, looks too nice to be still working but it had a full load of gravel on the back..
  3. One of my all time favourite films that had a great cast, before some of them became well known. It’s this film that inspired me to be a lorry driver, not ‘Convoy’ or ‘Smokey and the Bandit’.
  4. Are old drum brakes easier? The last I did was on the Zodiac a couple of years ago and it was easy in a simple 1960’s way, but I still have nightmares about Fiat 128 and Ford Sierra drum brake overhaul’s....
  5. I agree, it’s a very sad outcome for what was a lovely car. A 50’s Chevy is something I’d love too own before my time is up.
  6. Was speaking to a neighbour a few weeks ago and inquired where her pride and joy VW day camper was, “Oh I’ve been driving it for the last 7 months with no MOT”
  7. What a shocking waste of time, reminds me of years ago when I drove from Plymouth to Bracknell in horrendous holiday traffic on the A303 to look at an ‘immaculate’ BMW E36 325TD only to be confronted with rusty heap that looked like it had been polished with a brillo pad.
  8. Here’s the Scania I drive, she’s no show queen as the wheels only stop turning on a Sunday but I keep it as nice as I can. It’s superb to drive...
  9. The original DAF 95 first appeared in 1987 and became truck of the year in 1988, the new DAF’s look a bit Scania like both outside and inside...
  10. Looks a nice old tool, and I like the DR number plate as that’s an old Plymouth number!
  11. I agree, that exhaust bodge in place of the missing cat is shocking but some unfortunate clueless type might not Notice and end up buying the thing.
  12. And maybe you could put your handbag away. Back to topic and as already mentioned the later D5 engines are not as bullet proof as the earlier versions.
  13. Yes, it will only be used as a weekend car during spring and summer months and definitely not when there is even a hint of the highly corrosive winter mixture about..
  14. It’s a cracker! Would I be right in thinking it was the early W208’s that dissolved and later ones like this are better made?
  15. Thanks, I already am! The only thing that lets it down are the tatty alloys so I’m looking out for a set of AMG wheels that I’m planning on getting done in a gunmetal colour which I think would look good against the silver.
  16. I wasn’t looking for another car but my good friend and garage owner was asked by a customer to sell his car as he’s had to stop driving due to health issues, it’s a lovely example with full history including the original bill of sale from what was Plymouth’s Mercedes dealer at the time. It’s completely rot free and has done 80,000 miles, everything works, it drives perfectly and it was bagged for a very attractive price.....
  17. I hope not, This glorious old Saab would not look good with a beardy Ned hipster behind the wheel.
  18. Superb, I think those wheels really suit the car.
  19. Yes that first pic is a Guy Big J, I don’t think the Leyland Marathon had to suffer the 500 series ‘fixed head’ engines, they had the TL12 Leyland engine or Rolls Royce and I’m sure Cummins options like the superb Roadtrain that followed.
  20. It’s made me laugh and cringe reading through this thread, the best way to sell a car is to someone on here...
  21. Love this car, I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw a MK3 Escort estate, what a survivor!
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