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  1. A good friend of mine has a Mazda Bongo as his daily and tried E10, fuel consumption dropped and now he’s having starting issues. I’m not putting this shit fuel in any of mine, it might be a bit cheaper than super but if MPG goes down there is no benefit.

  2. I’ve no plans to replace any of these, Zodiac sits in the garage from October to March but always starts first time and proceeds without issue after it’s winter lay up as it always has in my 18 year ownership, Mercedes has full history and only 82,000 miles and drives like it’s new and is used sparingly at weekends, Volvo has been my daily donkey for 8 years and being an old Volvo will continue to be.




  3. 7 hours ago, sutty2006 said:

    Fridays are all about the easy start. Driver brimmed his tank with adblue (about 30/40L) and conveniently broke down. Drained and cleared the fuel system. She lives again! 


    I remember some years ago an agency driver filling the adblue tank with diesel, he did wonder why the nozzle wouldn’t fit in the hole and it took an age to fill, it was a rental unit to the company at the time just to make matters worse!

  4. My wife’s boss has just acquired this delightful vehicle, it’s been in storage for 30 odd years and doesn’t currently run but I’m sure it won’t take much to get it up and running! It has a straight 6 Petrol engine which I assume is a Daimler unit and the overall condition of the vehicle is excellent, BS6 the younger approves and hopes to have a drive when it’s running….



  5. 52 minutes ago, sutty2006 said:

    Does the Stralis still struggle in the rain? 

    i started my apprenticeship in 2004 at an Iveco/Ford dealer. Every time it rained the breakdown guy slid down his fireman’s pole straight into his van and off out he went to the rescue of a dead stralis. 

    I had a mission impossible job, I started as a salesman at an Iveco dealer when these hopeless heaps were introduced. After barely a year of selling mostly Daily vans and pickups (that are also total shite) I left. If I’d been doing the same job 20 years previous I’d have been selling bucket loads of Ford D series!

  6. 8 hours ago, martc said:

    That'll be a Commer VA, VB or VC I think the actual designation depends upon the carrying capacity and/or engine type..


    I think these Commer’s with the single headlights had the Perkins 6354 engines mainly, the two stroke TS3 was in the heavier models with the same cab but with twin headlights.

  7. 12 hours ago, KitKat said:

    Nail on the head. I say it’s better for the planet to keep plodding on with an old Volvo than it is to get PCP on some plastic and lithium stuffed electric apparition that’ll probably be in landfill in eight years. 

    Indeed, my daily is an 18 year old Volvo S60 D5 which owes me nothing after 8 years of trouble free motoring and I’m sure it will continue to do so for many years to come as it’s only on 165,000 miles, it recently went straight through it’s MOT with no issues or advisories. 
    The wife’s 14 year old Merc SLK and my weekend 20 year old CLK are also in very good order and I’m hoping I won’t have to buy another vehicle in my remaining years of motoring, as the most of a vehicles ‘carbon footprint’ is in the initial manufacturing process, of which Volvo have just ironically conceded is worse for their current EV range compared with ICE models, it’s the sensible choice to keep older vehicles on the road.

  8. My old faithful daily driver Volvo seems to be living a charmed existence currently, it developed an engine oil leak between the engine and gearbox after I stupidly over filled it (albeit slightly)  when I did the annual oil/filter change  recently so I feared the main crank seal had failed which is a serious job to replace on one of these, the prognosis became even more desperate when I removed the oil filler cap and a fairly loud popping noise was apparent leading me to think something within the engine had failed and maybe caused excess crankcase pressure.

    After a bit of online research the source of the popping noise turned out to be nothing more serious than failed vacuum engine mounts, in the true spirit of this place I effected a bodge and disconnected the vacuum supply to the engine mounts and wrapped some insulating tape around a small valve, and hey presto the popping noise stopped as has the engine oil leak! The euphoria was complete when the car went through the MOT last week needing no more than a few bulbs and handbrake adjustment, it even flew through its emissions test after I removed a completely shot EGR valve and fitted a blanking plate in its place earlier this year.

    From thinking the worse that might well have been the end of the road for the car after only 8 years of trouble free service,  I’m happy now!



  9. I certainly was today as my very good friend from school days let me drive one of his cars to a local show. I’ve wanted a ‘57 Chevy since the very early 1980’s when I built a Monogram model kit of one of these and had my head turned by examples in Street machine magazine at the time. It’s some car, stunning to look at and drives lovely with loads of power and great brakes. My Ford Zodiac MK3 is seven years newer but not in the same league!




  10. I worked in a parts department of a Leyland DAF dealer back in the late 80’s early 90’s and the workshop always seemed to be filled with DAF’s with serious engine oil leaks or needing a rebuild, albeit the 825 engine as opposed to the 1160. It was a rare occurrence to see a Leyland TL11 engine in for anything other than servicing, we also had a customer who was still running a number of Scammell Routeman tippers and they were very robust and engine issues were unheard of.

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