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  1. Looks like a good day out! I've unfortunately been recovering from Covid so was unable to attend.
  2. I’ll be going to this on Saturday if anyone wants to join us we’re convoying down from Billingham: Might head along to one of these also:
  3. Kia also made a similarly horrible abomination 🤢
  4. Was it perhaps a Lybra that you saw? Almost as ugly:
  5. jmsguzzi

    FOTU 2023

    Yup, seems like it was set up for competition use, full cage, cut off switch, racing seats etc.
  6. jmsguzzi

    FOTU 2023

    Festival of the exceptional moaners again, same every year, not enough of this, to much of that, not so much on here but definitely on other platforms. Personally absolutely loved it again this year, there’s so much to see that I found it very easy to just walk past the stuff that I didn’t want to look at or that ‘shouldn’t of been there’. I didn’t have much of a problem with the que but did get there relatively early, think it took about 20/30 mins to get in. Tatra V8!
  7. jmsguzzi

    FOTU 2023

    Gonna be bringing the Forester, think it’s more suitable than the Merc and it’ll be nice to give it one final run out before part exing it against my mates SAAB 9-5 next week.
  8. jmsguzzi

    FOTU 2023

    Unsure which one to come in, the Subaru is definitely unexceptional but maybe a bit modern, though they are quite rare now? Mercs obviously not unexceptional especially being a 6 cylinder, but is old enough at least.
  9. Saw this 04 plate Passat working in Gateshead last week.
  10. Wow, looks like another GTX, a lot shinier than mine though!
  11. There’s one local to me in Tyne & Wear.
  12. He has something like 7 classic cars and is a regular at all the local shows, has had the plate since the 60s/70s from what I recall.
  13. My contribution, doubt I’ll ever own anything as rare as this again. Fiat Croma I.E. Super
  14. Been using this quite a bit since I got the new driveshafts on, it’s almost perfect although it’ll occasionally jump out of gear whilst slowing down, what’s the likely cause for this? Met up with some non 205 mates the other day, something for everyone here….
  15. I popped in for a little while, wasn’t planning on it but the auto jumble at Washington was crap so thought I’d give the 205 a run up.
  16. The label on my Dexy's Midnight Runners - There, There, My Dear 7" single.
  17. Had blue and tweed in my old 205: Striped velour in the Croma livened up the grey a bit:
  18. 7 looks great with the M Parras, they look better on the E38 than E39 imo. Is it a V8 or S6?
  19. Need some orange indicators for my 205 if they have one there, can get new repros off ebay easily enough but would prefer originals.
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