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  1. The Imps are behind a house in Leighton Buzzard.
  2. A35 estate conversion, not for sale as its used for storage However this is for sale, owners looking for offers between £400 and £900
  3. This 2 door mk1 Escort lark is affecting the small scales too http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/DINKY-TOYS-NUMBER ... .m20.l1116
  4. Daniel H

    Ebay tat

    Best part is that in his other items the numberplate has a starting bid of a grand
  5. Got these from a local market this morning, the 124 is from an Italian brand called EG cars, the Vitesse Fiat 500 sport was a steal at £3 including box, the mk1 Consul is from the 'Classix' railway layout scale diecast range and the Vanguards Imp will be getting a makeover into a driving school car
  6. The others are a 1971 Mustang, Ford Maverick and an AMC Matador, all in 1:60 scale. I traded them for some playworn Matchbox and Majorette models
  7. Arrived in the post this morning, from the Motormax Fresh Cherries range
  8. Saved my Very Posh Allegro from the front garden of a holiday bungalow, was originally for sale at £300 but I left it until a few weeks before the owner was emigrating to Greece, by then he was looking for £100 but let it go for £70, I'm sure he would have got more if he weighed it in!
  9. Daniel H

    Ebay tat

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/1980-AUSTIN-ALLEG ... dZViewItem
  10. Austin 3 litre manual in blackWolseley 6/110 in 2 tone blueearly 80s Toyota Crownearly 60s Humber Super Snipe in grey with black side panels1966 Oldsmobile ToronadoToyota Centurymk2 Zephyr Austrailian utecustom built 70s style Vanden Plas 1500 limo!and finally the 60s ecuirie ecosse Commer racing car transporter
  11. Got these off Bassman77 yesterday
  12. I'll watch the pilot episode and decide whether to watch the rest of the series, although I highly doubt it to be the most tat filled show ever, for authentic 80s London just watch an episode of Minder or three :DTBH the street scenes will all consist of an over restored aircooled VW, rubber bumper MGB and a mk1 Sierra on a 1978 T plate. Rant Over
  13. Daniel H

    Ebay tat

    PLATE RAPE VICTIMhttp://cgi.ebay.co.uk/1978-AUSTIN-ALLEG ... dZViewItem
  14. Heard from a nearby resident that the Marina is actually owned by someone who has/had loads of old cars, most of which are kept in nearby lockups, and there is a possibility it could be for sale
  15. Spent £16 on all these at a toyfair this morning!
  17. Unbuilt one currently on egay....http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/DAPOL-OO-MODEL-RA ... dZViewItem
  18. Pretty sure its a kit, did you notice the 2 Zephyrs in the other pics (police mk3 or 2 tone mk1)?
  19. 1960s themed layout using a mixture of 1:76 diecasts which I'm helping to build Modern Single decker has now been replaced by an older bus, will post updates when more progress is made
  20. Most of those fittings were carried over to the Allegro too...
  21. Marina with its engine under blue tarp, probably getting transplanted into an MGB/Minor/Kit Car
  22. Daniel H

    Stretched Shite

    And they are the types who shop at ARSEDA and their shopping always includes 3 carrier bags worth of Fartprice orange squash/cats piss?
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