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  1. So the "fleet" currently looks like this - tad frosty! Two of Sweden's finest!
  2. I seem to check in every year or two to update this. I need to post on this forum more, I visit regularly but never post!! So, according to my last post in 2019 I had my Saab 9-5 and a Rover 800. Let's see what's changed... I had the 800 for a while, but sadly made no progress on it. A friend of a friend agreed to take it on, paid me for it and sent a truck to pick it up. Not heard anything of it since. I'd imagine it went to a breakers as it's not been taxed or MOTd since. Ah well. So, fast forward to March 2020. Start of the pandemic and the world going to shit. I'm down to th
  3. Another advocate for Saabs. Been driving this 2008 9-5 for 4 years now. Not a popular one, being a 1.9 Diesel Dame Edna version, but by far the nicest car I've ever owned and with it not being a popular one just makes it more endearing in my opinion. Taken it from 31k to 93k miles and I intend on doing another 62k in it. Have had thoughts of replacing it, but I honestly can't think of what I'd replace it with! It's beginning to look tatty these days with a few car park dings and the wheels need a refurb, but as a daily it's been dependable and has never left me stranded. Plus
  4. Thanks, I have always preferred a cream interior over grey or black in my cars. Oddly enough, this is the first 800 I've had with a cream interior - the photos flatter it, the seats and trim are in need of a bloody good scrub! Howdy Mo! Yes indeed, beards are a requirement for driving anything old and British it seems! Although I have to say mine is a side-effect of not having time to shave, Uni is taking much of my time up at the moment (two performances, a portfolio of written work and an essay due in the next month) plus spending anywhere from 30 hours plus at work a week (with two hou
  5. The reason for my update. Story time, this is going to be rather pic-heavy. Around two years ago, I still had intentions of getting another Rover 800. In Swindon there was an older chap who drove a 1999 Rover 820 and he became somewhat of a celebrity in our house. Nicknamed "Rover Man", our family would tell each other if we saw Rover Man driving around. We all admired his car from a distance, remembering fondly those days of old when I had my 800s and my father and grandfather had theirs. I had one set of criteria - if I were to buy another 800, it would have to be a two litre T-series w
  6. Holy thread resurrection, Batman! I don't post here often. In fact, barely. I do follow this forum regularly though, but don't often feel like I have much to contribute... ...until now! This update will be coming to you in two parts. One to bring you up to speed, the next to talk about future plans. So to recap, when I last posted (nearly three years ago) I had two cars - my write-off Rover 45 and my Rover 75 Tourer: At the time (March 2016), I was working in an office and decided I only needed one car. I put both cars up for sale with the plan of seeing which car went first
  7. So I haven't used the 45 since it was MOTd in February. A combination of changes to plans and high insurance prices have meant that I've put off insuring it and using it. Rather than leaving it sat on the drive waiting for the 75 to go wrong, I thought I would offer it up here and see if anyone was interested. Car in question is my 2004 Rover 45. It has MOT until 10th February 2017 and passed with no advisories. Mileage is just under 34,600. 1.6 K series engine. Unfortunately the car was written off in November last year. There was no structural damage, but the car needed a new nearside he
  8. Thank you for your kind words everyone! Does make it seem worthwhile now. Although over a month on from the MOT I have not been able to make use of the 45 and this leaves me with a dilemma. Would it be worth selling it? I am having trouble trying to find a reasonable insurance quote for it as my no claims are currently on my 75's policy. The cheapest I can come up with is £97 a month and I just cannot justify spending that sort of cash when I need to be focusing on other things at present. I did toy with the idea of selling the 75 and driving this again, but when I advertised it I was messed
  9. 45 update! Headlight purchased. Sadly the seller sent me one with an orange indicator lens from an MG ZS. Not to worry, the correct one was sent the following day at no extra cost. Excellent news. Unfortunately this one was damaged in the same places mine was, but didn't realise this until the car looked like this: So I decided to use the unit with the orange lens. This was on Tuesday of this week and I didn't want to put it off any longer as I start a new job next week. So I put the lot back together and I booked the car in for an MOT on Thursday. I couldn't think of anything immediate
  10. To be perfectly honest I am not sure if it would pass like that or not. The corners on the front weren't flush with the wings, so I assumed that they may have been an issue. It did lock fine, but needed some force to make it so. At least now it opens and closes with ease and it is slightly more presentable*. In 45-related news I have purchased a headlight to replace the cracked one on the passenger side. Sadly weather has prevented me from cracking on with it, but I am in-between jobs for a week now so I am hoping I can get it fitted and then MOTd by the end of the week. I'll have to remove
  11. So at the beginning of last week I found myself with a couple of days off work. To take my mind off things I decided to be productive and make a start on the 45. A bonnet was procured for £40 from a breaker in Bristol: After consulting the Haynes manual, it was clear that I would need a second pair of hands to help me remove the bonnet. Naturally, being a man I decided this was a lie and I could do it on my own. The challenge was set and in 10 minutes the car looked like this: Nice and simple. The bonnet is attached to the car with 8 bolts. Easy peasy for a simpleton such as myself.
  12. Mo, that's exactly why I've done it now. I don't see myself ever owning another 800, unless you sell the 820E or the chap in Wales sells my grandad's old one. I had to scratch this itch and I'm so glad I have. It's a lot of money for a car (but I didn't pay the asking price!) but it is in such good condition I think it's worth it. Once I've had my fun with this I can move on to something else knowing I've scratched the Rover itch. I think that was the same bloke! Some sort of property developer who used to be a teacher, he was telling me he invested in the LPG kit and swaps it from car to ca
  13. Ah, the insurance fiasco. I am still waiting for the payout even though it's effectively just waiting for a manager's signature. I didn't go through my insurers and insisted I went through the other driver's. I had similar concerns as my insurers wanted to take it away. Instead by going through theirs they were due to send an assessor employed by an external company to my home address so the car would never be handed over. The bloke never showed and I drove to this company's "centre" in Reading. I think they have to offer you the chance to buy back as salvage, I'd imagine they'd prefer it
  14. EssDeeWon - not bought from a dealer, the gent was selling it privately. He was a property developer and had another 75 tourer which had recently been away to have work done. He used this one while it was away and hadn't owned it long, I understand that he kept the other one over this one as it had lower miles. But 84,000 still seems to be quite low for one of these now! It wouldn't surprise me if the ad was just a straight ctrl+c/ctrl+v from when he purchased it. He also had a Daimler in the garage, so it came from a good home and the seller was a helpful gent.
  15. Also, I should show you the 45's replacement. I originally wanted something non-Rover, possibly Volvo or Saab. However there is a Rover I've not owned yet - the 75. As my plans for returning to University are up in the air at present, I decided now was the time to spend a little more and find the best example I could for my budget. The week before Christmas saw me on a train to Bath on a drizzly Saturday morning to pick up THIS beauty: It's a 2003 Rover 75 Connoisseur Tourer. 2 litre diesel automatic with a funky green personal line interior. Quite possibly the nicest (and most expensive)
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