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  1. Loving the Hunter GLS, Mazda 1300 and Crowns above I've just realised I've only ever owned British or Japanese cars This is order of purchase:1967 Triumph 1300 (still got after 14 years)1963 Vauxhall Victor FB (regret having to sell that beauty)1974 Triumph Toledo (full of filler)1988 Nissan Bluebird 1.6 (big and black)1983 Toyota Corolla 1.3 Auto (grandad's low mileage car)1990 Honda Civic GL Auto saloon (beautiful car, but dodgy engine and box on mine, would love a minter one day)1996 Rover 414 (my only foray into proper modern cars)1970 Triumph Toledo (very, very early one but rotten as a pear)1979 Triumph Dolomite 1300 (nice car but not at 70mph!)1968 Datsun 1000 (Nissan press car, current)1985 Nissan Sunny 1.3 (current daily drive)1974 Datsun 140J (gorgeous, current)
  2. At least everyone on here can sleep soundly in their beds with the knowledge that keeping older cars running and not buying a branny every couple of years does less harm to the planet.The hardest part is trying to convince all the other numpties who believe everything the manufacturers and government tell them
  3. True, Sunny's are extremely reliable and easy to pilot but definitely a contender for the most boring car made. The earlier cars have a bit more charm though and I run a C-reg B11 as my everyday motor.I remember the first time I took my 1300 out after passing my test. I got halfway down the street and my dad had to bring it back - I just couldn't get on with it at all! Soon learnt to master the 60s way though and I'd never part with it. Such a fab little car.
  4. Hi folks, this is my first posts so a big hello to you all - though some of you will know me from the Austin-Rover and Datman forums too. I passed my test in Nove 1994 in a K-reg Sunny 5-door which although it was bigger than most learner-mobiles was so smooth and easy to drive I went straight through first time.I actually bought my first car, a 1967 Triumph 1300 FWD earlier that year before I even started my lessons and I still have it now!
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