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    Ebay tat

    The Triumph 1300 is a very early one. It would be worth a punt to me if the chassis number was low enough and by that I mean sub-500. I still dream of finding a C-reg one
  2. Mash

    Ebay tat

    Not normally into Vauxhalls but these two caught my eye: HC Viva unusual cos it's the swoopy estate: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/VAUXHALL-VIVA-SL- ... 0200965959 And this Astra doesn't look like it would take much to make mint: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/1982-VAUXHALL-AST ... 0200060691
  3. Mash


    Or fit a Mad Max type booby trap to your tank. They won't do it again in a hurry. Or anything else... Zero tolerance Mind, it'd have to be a crappy car you didn't mind losing!
  4. Mash


    Don't shoot the messenger! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7082630.stm
  5. Not as cool as this! Thought you all might like to see my HUGE Citroen GS. I've had it years and found it stuffed at the back of a cupboard today when I was digging out boxes for my eBay wares. It's plastic and by a company called Mont Blanc. Some were motorised and remote control but I don't think this one ever has been as the front wheels don't steer. I've put a 1/43rd scale one next to it so can see the scale.
  6. More info here:http://austin-rover.co.uk/lm10chinaf.htmI personally think it looks a bit naff with the Montego front though someone has created an MG version which works a bit better.
  7. Mash


    Actually, petrol is cheaper than it was 40 years ago in relation to the cost of living, but because we travel more now, we have to fill up more often and it looks dearer than it is. Granted, it would be nice if they knocked some of that duty off but consider this (hopefully I've done my sums right...):In the mid 60s petrol was about 4/11 a gallon, almost 5 shillings and a good weekly wage before tax might be about £17 10s. That means that you could buy about 75 gallons of petrol with that amount of money.If the average weekly wage before tax now is £450 and petrol is £4.60 a gallon then you can buy almost 100 gallons.Course, nowadays we buy a lot more other stuff than we did forty years ago, more food, luxury items, go out more so our money is spread thinner.Someone do the same exercise with beer now!
  8. Three oddballs in a row: One of the best in Tomica's Limited Vintage range is this early 70s Galant. I had to get both colours of this one: And here it is with one that arrived this morning, a Late 70s Corolla: There are also some 80s cars in their Neo range such as this Mazda 929 variant: And this amazingly detailed JDM spec Corolla. Check out the 16-valve badge on the rear window!!
  9. I've had my camera out to photograph a load of stuff for eBay so I thought I'd do some pics of my latest craze which are these 1/64th scale J-tin models by Tomica. The level of detail has to be seen to be believed on a model that is barely 2 inches long! Some unusual subjects too which are seldom seen in 1/43rd which is my normal thing. The copper Gloria is beautiful as are these two Skyline saloons from the days when a dump valve had yet to see the light of day! Isuzu Bellett which is more normally seen in Coupe form as a model: Same can be said for the Hino Contessa - this one is a beauty: One of my faves is this C30 Nissan Laurel: The Hillman Minx built under license by Isuzu: This Mazda Carol is so tiny!! Toypot Corona has a look of Super Minx about it: These two are by Konami, 710 Violet SSS: RWD DRIFT OLD SKOOL NOT AE86 You can tell I'm not doing a lot these hols! More to follow.
  10. Not car related but I thought some of you might like this cool site of stuff to remind you of those heady childhood days running down to the corner shop with 10p in your sweaty little hand past all those Cortinas, Solaras and Itals and coming back with a bag of sweeties or a couple of Mr. Freezes in summer!http://www.sevenagain.co.uk/
  11. Apart from the sills it looks quite solid. They're all jumping on the "ransom" bandwagon these days. Probably thinks it's worth a fortune.
  12. Mash

    Spots from Mash

    Thought I'd better get in on this spotting lark as all the cool kids are doing it. Trouble is, I've either seen bugger all, or not had a camera with me Well here's a few to start off with. I'm trying to get a snap of a tidy Peugeot 505 saloon in Hull which is nice because it's quite a basic one. Here's a very faded Mk2 Transit that looks to be still giving sterling service A particularly shitey Carina, most of the ones I see are tidy, old people transport Down-at-heel 323 Not shite this, but a nice DS outside a tyre fitting spot in France. We'd just had a blow-out on the Autoroute and gone limping to the nearest town trying to find correct size tyres. I got to the airport 20 minutes before my flight but this was some consolation! And I was particularly taken with this gorgeus Dutch R18 I saw at Harrogate earlier this year and had to be dragged away from it in the end!! Rather nice Laurel Not sure if this counts as it was at a show but worth seeing anyway. It was for sale and really tidy with lovely squashy looking seats
  13. Mash

    Endangered species

    If anyone knows the whereabouts of one of these in the UK, I would be extremely interested to know about it. Having said that though, it would probably be cheaper to import one from sunnier climes than attempt to resurrect a British car should there be one languishing somewhere... Whilst I was browsing for these, I came across a Japanese rotary website which has some ace photos of Africa in the early 70s. Here's a taster: And here's the link. I just did some random clicking on the menu at the side and it produced all sorts of delights! http://www.okura-auto.co.jp/rw/album/ol ... rica1.html
  14. Not a saloon but a diddy estate, the K11 Micra Box: Aww, bless
  15. Mash

    Also Known As...

    This one is a bit of an oddball, the VW Pointer which is a cross between a Polo and an Escort but kind of neither really And this one is quite familiar I think, the VW Apollo which was also sold as the Ford Verona (2-dr Orion): Another VW/Ford tie-up, the Ford Versailles which is a VW Santana but a 2-door......and a 2-dr estate And staying in Brazil, I really want one of these, a Chevrolet Monza SR
  16. Mash

    Also Known As...

    One from Mazda/Ford's long history together, the Ford Courier, but not as we know it Jim: A B1800 circa 1978 methinks
  17. Ford Brazil do a good line in strange Fiestas:
  18. Looking at the Indian websites for dodgy saloons has thrown up a few designs given a new lease of life in developing countries. This is the Mitsubishi India website which is linked to Hindustan. Have a look at the Lancer and Cedia and see what you make of them. To me the Lancer is an old version with the current Lancer back end on it and the Cedia is the current Lancer with only one choice of engine:http://www.mitsubishi-motors.co.in/lanc ... erview.aspAnd this blurb for the facelifted Ambassador made me chuckle!http://www.hmambassador.com/avigo/index.asp
  19. Some sort of Hyundai with a miniscule boot - Getz meets Riley Elf??? And think of the depreciation on this if it was sold in the UK, a Cityrover with a backside:
  20. Right I'm on a roll now I've been checking out some the manufacturers' Indian websites. Here's Honda's warmed over previous generation Civic with a boot and badged up as City (though we got the saloon here too in small numbers didn't we?)
  21. Just done some more digging, and Ford India do indeed have some oddball Fiestas in their range. This one based on the Mk4 facelift is called the Ford Ikon:
  22. Is it this one?? Seems to be one of those Brazilian specials and I think may also be made in India too. Hmm, just noticed these two seem to be slightly different body pressigns at the rear
  23. Mash

    Another one

    I really like that early one Ed, gonna keep it as a nice pair with the B11 estate or do it up and pass it on??I know where there's one in Hull but I can't remember if it's 3- or 5-door. I'll have a look over the hols and maybe stick a note on the window if it's a decent looking shell.
  24. Fair comment, it is a bit galling to know that is probably the case with a lot of these cars. Unfortunately I can't devote my time to trawling the free ads or driving around the country rescuing these cars from their original owners much as I'd like to.There are numerous examples like this. I could have had a mint 4000 mile Rover SD1 earlier this year for £2500 but I hadn't the money, space or desire for it truthfully, but it recently sold through a dealer for at least three times that price. There was also a Wolseley 4/44 on offer at £12500 which I know for a fact was bought at auction for around £4500.There's making a living and there's just being plain greedy.I still think values should be increasing a bit on these types of cars to stop them being run as cheap bangers and not lasting much longer though.
  25. Yes, hearty felicitations to one and all (despite what my current signature might say - I'm not really a fan of all this yuletide bo11ox ) but I wish everyone a happy new year and I promise to buy another fine example of J-tin during 2008!
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