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  1. Was it either pale metallic blue or red? If so I might have an idea who.
  2. Can't believe Andy's selling the S1 Beta! I couldn't bear to part with it if I had it. Lovely car and I'd love it. GLWTS etc etc, if it was cheaper/nearer/I had less cars blah
  3. Nice little motor and an early one too. Beware though - as a 1.3 it will still have the chocolate head gasket. Other than that they're great practical runabouts.
  4. I think I'm too lazy these days to run anything older than 90s on a daily basis. When I first started driving in the mid-90s I only had my Triumph 1300 and then a Vauxhall Victor. I did relent after a while because I wanted my cake and eat it - mint condition but use it all the time - and I couldn't keep it up. In summer it's fine but if you want to use something from the 60s in winter I think you need to accept it'll be a bit rough aroud the edges so maybe having a nice highdays and holidays one and another one that you don't care about toooo much as a daily. It's not the mechanicals, it's the frickin' body work. That said, I would love to drive my Triumph all the time, I might even do that this summer, it's about time it had a bit more use and it would keep the miles down on the Alfa.
  5. Panini Farina - that's the guy who did the MeGFari
  6. I absolutely love those Studebakers, one of Loewy's finest designs. Don't think I've ever seen one at a show in the UK.
  7. Wow that Mk1 Golf is a honey, haven't seen one offered like that since the mid 90s.
  8. WTF were you looking for on eBay Trigg???!!!! The one on the left is alright though
  9. I thought maybe they'd found a couple of Nexias stashed away and were flogging them off cheap when I read the thread title...
  10. The Mini looks like one used in Minder!!
  11. That's a good long list, yeah I'm sure I can do this again: 1)Cavette 2)Dollywobbler 3)Mr _Bollox 4)Whitevanman 5)Hillman Imp 6)Peter 7)Skattrd Lankytim 9) Rean 10)Cms206 11)Skizzer (probably) 12)Eddyramrod (probably) 13)Mr Lobster 14)Retrogeezer 15)mk14dr and probably Morrisoxide 16) Sporty-shite 16) Minimad5 17) Catsinthewelder (probably) 18) Garycox (& probably Barrett) 19) Pete M. 20) davidfowler2000 (mibbies aye, mibbies naw) 21) splatthefat (possibly) 22) M'coli 23)MetBlackmk5 (in a beige cortina avec fucked carb) 24) warren t claim 25) Samba 26) davidb/station 27) Benno 28) 109landys3 29) Mash
  12. Only one issue, gawd knows what happened to the others. This is issue 5. First come first served, free to a good home. Reply here and then PM postage details if you're the winner lol etc.
  13. Have you seen the P100 that Purple Donkey has got? He wants 6 fuggin grand for it!!!
  14. Mash

    Then and Now

    Love it!! Nice one
  15. Excellent. Put an old roofrack on it and paint one of the wings in black primer for that 1993 look.
  16. Wow, that Monty estate is friggin' awesome. How is it still in that condition with those miles? Must be the best one left easily.
  17. Well done, somebody has to do it!! That dealer image above is brilliant!
  18. I switched to Bilthamber products too. I got sick of trying to warm Waxoyl up to a temperature where you could actually do something with it. Dynax is great because you can spray it on thick or thread the long nozzle into box sections. It stinks a bit though and tends to end up all over but it's worth being able to use it in cold weather.
  19. Hmm, that's a bit debatable really. Why should you have to declare that? I know a lot of people wouldn't want the association but surely it's caveat emptor?
  20. Presumably with the current new sensibly* thought out regs, one could literally roll that as is and also sell the number plate straight on with no messing.
  21. Indeed it is. I can't lay my hands on the pics right now but the chap I spoke to who has one was at Chumley one year, lovely low mileage example. He let me have a sit in it and explained all about it.
  22. He's prepped that bloody nicely, it looks stunning.
  23. I'm with a60rod, I've seen this in a Renault 10. The transmission has some sort of prehistoric solenoid wizardry in a box under the bonnet.
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