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  1. No mk2 fiesta had electric windows. Console had 2 blanks that looked like they would, but used for either heated seats in scandinavia or electric boot release (actually deleted on later cars..)
  2. Our K reg was scrap by 1981 so I doubt that survives....not enough metal left for 1 bean can...
  3. My IS200 had that to, along with the wiper heater in the windscreen.
  4. Is it possible to replace the 2 large vertical rear subframe bushes without removing the entire frame? failed the mot on these (£400 to fix - personally they don't seem that bad to me..) must be a cheaper solution. I've noticed some ebay tools for doing bushes in situ but not sure they're suitable for this
  5. Had a few old Mercs, over the years. I was quite tempted by one of these once but then my cunt chav neighbour bought an 03 model, so think I'll be giving them a miss...lol
  6. much quicker if you apply over the phone - 5 days. takes upto 6 weeks by post.
  7. used to run loads of these things, back in the day. Infact I refused drive anything else. Sadly extremely hard to find now...Combi's ceased production in 1979, and most rotted due to saab experimenting with water based paints..(mainly the 77-80 models...)
  8. To be fair these aren't bad for a budget, the wet grip is a good as some premium brands
  9. for some reason I painted my old grifter in red hammerite, looked fing awful....
  10. Having come from a saab 900 turbo, I looked at a 240 volvo when I needed some wheels. It was just a total barge to drive, same with the 740. Also you got lots of irritating clicking seatbelt warnings....lol Never warmed to them though certainly well made.
  11. lexus is200 auto, 300000 miles no problems. Never had a fluid change either AFAIK. Still it was only a 4-speed and economy wasn't the best...was doing around 17mpg round town but did have a slightly dragging caliper. Not very quick either, I now have a manual E36 316i and it feels almost as fast...
  12. my next door neighbour has one. it broke doen 22 years ago and has remained in the garage ever since - with piles of ever increasing junk on top .lol
  13. Strong cars - my dads 1.8 auto was scrapped with 325K on the clock. Didn't need that much for MOT but got another car.
  14. 318ti wasn't bad really , It went quicker than my MX5... Picked up a tidy 316i a while back as a runaround - drives pretty nicely really. Cheap e30 style dash is rather retro with the plunger light switch. Even has stability control - a real requirement with 103bhp... no problem with OMG e30 rear suspension then. lol
  15. yes but non thermostatically controlled- small engines festers and 1.1 escort had electric fans that ran constantly!
  16. Mk1 mx5's are one of most reliable and simple to work on mechnically I've owned. sadly the sills and arches just dissolve if you use them in winter. Also the MPG was only just OK.. Great fun though the suspension is pretty tired by now on most examples.
  17. I do like these, I know the car used to see it's elderly owner driving round for many years down in Yorkshire. When he was thinking of selling I test drove it back in 2009. But never heard anything back. but £4500??!! Really? I imagine after standing for 8 years it will need some recommissioning.. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SAAB-99-GL-/272555592424?hash=item3f75944ae8:g:E0wAAOSw-0xYh2P-
  18. My '99 IS200, now gone and replaced with a bmw e36 316i. abs light on but I reset code with a wire for the MOT, the rollers don't go faster than 5mph...
  19. Really? try a half decent one next time. Apart from the usual rusty sills I've found them mechanically faultless and a nice drive. Also feel im sitting on the car not in it with the mg. Last TF I was behind had steam spewing from the engine, one before that was dead side of road
  20. with the v6 the only waterpump problems were the black vaned mk1 type, later white ones were ok. when mine went it was the alloy housing that failed, due to a metal piece inside that came loose and chewed through it. the pump was fine.
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