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  1. That 740 had none of those faults and it came to me with a perfect black leather headliner! The R25 was metallic gold as I recall. Dunno why it was listed as being beige.
  2. Moving onto 2005, the fleet consisted of these: Rover 214SLi (£400), Mitsubishi Space Wagon (£150) and a Ford Mondeo 1.8 Verona (£120). My favourite of that year though was my old Volvo 740 GLE for which I paid £250 and came with a box of paperwork heavier than a set of encyclopaedias!.
  3. I heard from someone that it had been put back on the road, never bothered to check on that though.
  4. Loved this car, we had it as a standby when our Granada was being sorted. Paid £260 for it but I think we let the local car collection service have it for nowt when the heater matrix disintegrated. Behold our old Renault 25 C747 HNY. You can also see our Pug 505 estate parked in the background.
  5. How would that affect the service brake efficiency?
  6. Yes it's 2.49 in the morning.
  7. Lah di Dah Oh aye, the right one for the job then 99% of people can't spell properly then! Muppet.
  8. That is indeed grim and not the sort of thing I'd expect to hear from your neck of the woods.
  9. Now I love the old Estelles, and yours look fab and wonderfully shite. Does the gear stick rattle like a thing possessed? My ex and I shared one many ones ago, a white 120LSE. Sadly constant problems with the kingpins saw it go in part-x for an XR2.
  10. You said it. Bit immature to resort to insults really. I was interested up to the point you did that.
  11. This made me smile. Yahoo's most reliable sub £1000 cars! http://uk.cars.yahoo.com/24112010/36/po ... -po-0.html As it happens, we are on the lookout for a good Audi 80.
  12. Thanks wat! My family had an Ekco A22 when I was but a nipper. I'm pretty sure that when I was around 3 or 4, I tore it apart to see what was inside it!
  13. Not so much a grin, more a broad smile. My little boy (he's 18!) is training to be a Police Officer.
  14. Today I managed to replace the shonky offside wishbone on my Astra. Piece of piss, don't know why I put it off for so long. Our Saab 900NG on the other hand is being quite the shit. Still can't find the reason for its unstable idle and constant stalling when slowing down.
  15. Argh I hate T-Cut, it's the devil's semen. As for those Colour Tragic products, well they are, in my opinion, shit. Farecla G3 and G10 for that perfect finish - first time every time. Costs a little more but is well worth it in the long run. Follow that with some Autoglym SRP and you're cooking!
  16. That is a fantastic save and I am extremely jealous. It is ever so slightly better than the black Dulux hand painted one I had back in 1980.
  17. I like that a lot. And to think that just 15 short years ago, I was mocking my father in law's one which the same colour. I'm so glad I eventually grew up and saw the light! I just hope you don't do as he did and use an old velour curtain to redo the headliner!
  18. That's nice but at the moment it's £500 more than my available cash!
  19. That sounds terrible! How much fuel did it use at that speed?! Boom boom! lol
  20. Great story, thanks for sharing! As an aside, me and the wife spent some time in Chiddingfold back in 91/92. We used to sit outside the Chiddingfold working man's club where Genesis were rehearsing for their We Can't Dance tour.
  21. I've asked my tailor if he is happy to have this loaded on him but he say no. Good luck with the sale, it's a good project.
  22. Didn't Douglas Bader drive one of these?
  23. My local council have done this to us as well. Now the few spaces we can use are being filled by commuters the minute you leave the damn things empty. My neighbour is having a whale of a time letting the air out of their tyres.
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