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  1. Good luck with the 126 chap, it'll be a great save if you can pull off the resto.
  2. Well there are some on 'greedbay' if you get desperate! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/VOLVO-V70-CLASSIC ... 0622920549 Feeling that, you could try http://www.volvobreakers.co.uk/
  3. I still not sure about the Datsun. I quite like what they did with this Trabant estate jobby though.
  4. 137 views and two comments! What is the world coming to when my fellow autoshiters let such an atrocious act go by without a word. I think I may go to my room and cry. All is lost I fear.
  5. Click the link above the socket set that says program.
  6. That looks proper good. I had feared that exposure to salty sea air on the ferry crossing home might see it reduced to a pile of rust.
  7. Crikey, I never realised my post would stir up such a mass of comments. I thought at least one person would be outraged at the treatment of such a classic piece of shite.
  8. Well done mate. I suppose now you'll be looking to get a mortgage on a year's insurance?
  9. Yeah thanks for that o botty one. After 33 of driving, I was wondering if perhaps I should learn how to do this myself.
  10. Watch a Datsun 310 Cherry being 'pimped'. Not sure what I think of the outcome. http://comps.mtv.pl/pimp/flash/site.jhtml
  11. AXrescuer


    Bet you have kidney stones you poor sod. Worse feeling ever, so bad that you can't understand why you can be in so much pain without dying at the end of it. Been there many times myself and I really feel for you! Ask them to give you some Pethidine, that really hits the spot!
  12. Bit highly strung these North American types aren't they.
  13. AXrescuer


    Welcome young man. I too reside in Hertfordshire. Nice Allegro.
  14. The Heinkel He111s that featured in the film were Spanish built too. They were known as the CASA 211
  15. The bloke who uploaded these originally got the films from me via a mutual trade a while back. Wasn't expecting to see them on Youtube given that COI and BTF own the respective copyright and I bought them legit like! Anyways: L for Logic http://www.youtube.com/user/55brianb?gl=GB&hl=en-GB#p/u/9/MNRzfnxRUcA Overhaul http://www.youtube.com/user/55brianb?gl=GB&hl=en-GB#p/u/4/2PRYl5yFNeU
  16. I can't imagine Jewsons being a cash business, even back then. Morons. You'd be wrong in your assumption. When I worked for Digital Computers back in 92-94 I used to service Jewson's electronic tills and local stock control systems and the till drawers were always full of cash and cheques.
  17. AXrescuer


    Hope you all had a cracking Christmas!! I shall be celebrate the New Year by way of fitting a new oxygen sensor to our Saab 900.
  18. AXrescuer


    I got given a bar of Marmite chocolate. Now I love Marmite but there is no way one mouthful of that thing is going anywhere near me!
  19. Get my son's Astra Mk3 welded up and back on the road and then find a cheap but decent Saab 93/95 auto estate for the wife.
  20. I love your 126, one of my all time favourite car types. Sadly though, given my bulk I fear that any attempt to drive one myself would result in me looking like a was wearing a metal body warmer.
  21. I have to say that my Halfords trade card has been probably one of the best things I've ever had. I can't believe how much dosh I've saved on service items.
  22. Back in 2005, we also invested £190 in this, our 3rd Pug 505GR.
  23. I think he means the one that's obscured by the Volvo.
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